What Happens If You Swim in a Shocked Pool?

My friend Megan came on a trip to Dubai a few days ago. He stayed in a well-known and elite 5-star hotel there. Mail me from there and want to know the answer to a question.

He suddenly went for a swim in the swimming pool of that hotel. But he did not know that the swimming pool was shocked some time ago. He spent some time in the pool and then came up at the request of the pool staff. Then his eyes are somewhat damaged. Then he asked me what happens if I swim in a shocking pool.

I told him the details, which would later warn him before swimming in his pool or outdoor pool. I do more research on this topic, and here I am highlighting those topics.

What Happens If You Swim in a Shocked Pool

Understanding the Shock Chlorination

First, you need to know why the pool shock did. Pool shock is a chemical chlorination process, the process by which bacteria and algal underwater are reduced. Not just in swimming pools – water wells, fountains, domestic ponds, and other water sources are usually disinfected through this process. Large amounts of sodium hypochlorite mixture are used in this process. This mixture is processed into chlorine bleach or powder in water. You must know about the chloramines level because these super chlorinating processes are used at a proportional rate. Explosions often occur due to incorrect mixing of chemicals. So it would be best if you shocked your swimming pool with clear ideas about super chlorination or with someone experienced.

How Long After the Pool Shock Can You Swim?

There is a rule for every process to be completed. This condition must also apply to pool cleaning. Simply put, it will depend on the type of chemical you want to use. If you use balanced chemicals, you can swim very fast because such chemicals get mixed in water very fast. In about 1 hour or so, the chemicals become part of the pool water. So you, too, can swim in your pool in an hour or so. Because of this, the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness of most balanced chemicals take a short time to adjust to pool water quickly.

Pool shocking, on the other hand, is a long process. Fast swimming is unsafe after conducting this process. Since it is a dose based process, its dosage varies from pool to pool. So different time frames have to be followed to be compatible with the pool water. In the pool where the shock has been given, the swimmers should go down to the pool considering the swimmers.

The overall condition of the pool is analyzed before the shocking pool process is carried out. Find out how dirty the pool is or what amount of fungal bacteria there are. If there are more algal blooms in the pool, then a time frame of a few weeks is fixed in such pools. In these pools, 3 to 5 times more shock dose is used than regular shock dose. If the pool’s condition worsens, the shock dose in that pool is 5 to 10 times more than the usual amount.

The process of giving large doses is not an hour or a day. The whole process can take from a few days to a week. The purpose of the large dose is to restore the pool to a new level of chlorine-free. This pool shock is extreme, which breaks down the combined chlorine, organic waste, and other harmful germs in the pool. As a result, every chemical level in the pool changes, and new conditions are created.

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First Aid For After Adding Pool Chemicals

Since shocks are given to different pools according to their condition, caution must be exercised across the pool. Chemical compounds used, depending on the situation, are more dangerous than one another. These chemicals will damage your external organs. Your hair, eyes, and skin will be more damaged. People who wear goggles over their eyes and swimwear on their bodies are less likely to be affected than others, but they are also more likely to be severely injured in an explosion occurs.

If your eyes are damaged from swimming in a pool with shocking treatment, first aid should be taken first. Quickly get up from the pool and head to the clear water. Do not close your eyes, although you may wish to close your eyes in pain. Continue streaming slowly with tears for the first 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, rinse your eyes more slowly with cold and natural water. Thus, at least 20 minutes of initial eye treatment. Then call an ambulance or call a doctor if necessary.

For those whose skin is affected, get up from the pool and take off their clothes. Rinse the skin all over the body with clean and natural water for at least 15 to 20 minutes. However, do not apply any soap or shampoo on the skin at that moment. Because alkali is excluded, then consult a doctor immediately.

Always drink a glass of clean water. If there is an explosion, treatment should be started immediately in the burn unit. However, the Chemical Control Unit can provide suitable treatment for such treatment. They need to be notified quickly and take further action with advice.

Not only swimmers, but you can also get infected while giving pool shocks as a pool owner or shocking pusher. If you can’t handle the stunning process correctly, you may end up in a dangerous situation. Use the necessary equipment to save yourself. Avoid using chemical mixtures without gloves. Use long gloves to secure the elbows. Wear high-quality goggles for eye protection. The whole eye is covered with goggles. Use fireproof clothing. The chemical mixture can explode at any time. Your caution can help you finish the shocking pool process safely.

If there is a commercial swimming pool, prohibit access to the pool during the shocking process. If necessary, put a written warning notice at the pool gate. Pull the opening timeframe after the shocking pool process is over. Let everyone know that the swimming pool has been shocked. Also, write down the fire service’s contact number, hospital near the swimming pool to deal with unwanted hazards. Very good if you make an emergency call room.


As a swimming owner, you have to make the right decision. What kind of chemicals do you want to use to clean the pool? If you’re going to do pool cleaning very quickly without any hassle, you can use balanced modern chemicals. Then your pool will be clean in a short time, and it will be suitable for fast swimming. The less time it takes, the lower the risk.

Again, if you wish, you can finish cleaning your swimming pool by the process of pool shocking. Care must be taken in this regard, as discussed earlier. Just as it is expensive, it will take a lot of time. Having a business pool will annoy your registered swimmers, and having a private swimming pool will make your kids impatient to go swimming. So is the decision making process of pool shocking suitable for your pool? This decision is only your personal.

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