7 Best Wet Vacuum Cleaners for Carpet in 2021 for Sparkling Clean

Carpet is a delicate item. We use it to adorn the floor or keep the surface warm, less slippery. Even if we have the costliest of flooring in our house, we tend to take the elegance a notch higher by placing a carpet or two. Then some distinct-minded people have their whole house with carpet flooring all over.

Be it just a specific portion of a room or the whole house covered with the carpet; it’s the place that gets dirty pretty easily and quite often. Dirt and dust are trapped in it profusely compared to other floor types.

Broom and dustpan are not what we use to clean a carpet. Also, just vacuuming is not enough. One needs something that can provide a thorough cleaning of every fiber of the carpet. Thus, you are going to require the best wet vacuum cleaners for carpet.

Wet Vacuum Cleaners for Carpet

What is the Best Wet Vacuum Cleaners for Carpet?

  • Best Overall: BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution
    “It is the most efficient and quick-dry vacuum with patented technologies like CleanShot Pretreater and Express Clean Mode.”
  • Professional Carpet Cleaner: Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner
    “A heavy-duty pro wet vacuum cleaner that ensures a deep clean and dries the carpet fast.”
  • Best Budget Carpet Cleaner: Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact
    “PowerDash easily cleans the pet messes and allergens just with water. Its powerful suction and HeatForce works the best on these, and with the liquid solution mixed in the water, even the intense odor will be gone with just one sweep of the vacuum.”
  • Best Wet Dry Vacuum: BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner
    “The dual-action brush roll picks dirt and washes at the same time. It hits the carpet with the correct combo of firmness and leniency.”
  • Best for Upholstery: Hoover Power Scrub Elite Wet Cleaner
    “The auto mix of the water and liquid solution helps you to use the right combo on the carpet. Not overusing the chemicals ensure longer shelf-life of the carpet.”
  • Best Cleaner and Shampooer: BISSELL Proheat Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer
    “The 3-inch tough stain tool is small, thus helping you to reach the stain with better force. Cleaning a small section is easy with this tiny tool rather than the big vacuum head.”
  • Best for Pet Stains: Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner
    “It is indeed smart as pushing it forward is going to wash the carpet, and just a backward pulling will auto dry the carpet.”

Top 7 Best Wet Vacuum Cleaners for Carpet 2021

1. Best Overall: BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution

A vacuum when claims to remove the skunk odor, you know that is one powerful machine. This is the BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution for deep cleaning your carpet. It is lightweight and has a low foot design. Thus easy to carry and move from one place to another, even around the furniture.


The vacuum introduces the New Max Clean mode. Twelve rows of rotating Dual DirtLifter PowerBrushes synergistically work to remove the stubborn stains and strong odors.

If you thought a wet vacuum cleaner would compel a carpet to take days or at least hours to dry, then you are wrong. With this one, the carpet dries within half an hour. It is their fastest dry time. The New and improved Express Clean Mode has curtailed the time and how!

Fill the water tank and run the vacuum all over your carpet to have a thorough cleaning. And if you have accidentally spilled tea or any drink that has stained your precious carpet, then add a high-quality solution of the same brand and mix a specific amount into the water.

Press the button and activate the CleanShot Pretreater. The nozzle will spray the right amount of solution on the specific spot. Run the wet dry vacuum over it, and the stain will disappear.


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Max clean mode for cleaning stubborn stains and allergens
  • Take 30 minutes to dry
  • Comes with a pet upholstery tool
  • Brush roll cover for quick cleaning of the machine


  • Small dirty water tank


2. Professional Carpet Cleaner: Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner

This one is a professional wet carpet cleaner machine. So, you know it will work. Though professional, it is easy to use. Thus skip the thought of you not being able to use it on your carpet at home.


It includes a 6-inch tough stain tool, to go hard on the messy, sticky stains. You can work on specific spots with it. It also includes a 9 feet hose, so if you need to go upstairs or further around the corner of the room, you do not need to carry this bulky giant.

The machine has a tank capacity like no other. You get two tanks, so the dirty water and clean water will always remain separate.

The machine has a powerful suction. It has the ability to work harder on the tough stains due to that. And the same works on a carpet’s quick-drying too. It suctions well, so there is hardly any water left on the carpet. Result, not even an hour to get a dry carpet.

Add the extra-large DirtLifter PowerBrush and attack the embedded, ground-in dirt with ease. Every single fiber of the carpet will be cleaned without a miss.


  • Powerful suction
  • Extra-large DirtLifter PowerBrush
  • 75 gallons tank capacity
  • 6-inch tough stain tool
  • Fast drying


  • Inconvenient carrying


3. Best Budget Carpet Cleaner: Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact

Hoover PowerDash cleans your carpet with two times more cleaning power. More potent than the regular carpet cleaner in the market.

It perfectly cleans the heavy traffic areas where there are more allergens and dust. Then, its low profile foot helps to clean the tight spaces where reaching and cleaning becomes tough.


The PowerSpin Pet Brush Roll scrubs the stubborn, tough stains like no other. Pet messes, allergens, or the stickiest of the spills, nothing is impossible for it to clean with its strong suction power and HeatForce. Your carpet will not stink due to pet mess anymore. HeatForce also ensures that the carpet dries real quick.

Carry it with one hand, it is too light and is compact also. So, storage takes a small space. Cleaning the dirt and grime from the brush is super easy thanks to its removable nozzle.

It has a dual tank system for keeping the clean and dirty water separate. These remain separate until the end of the cleaning session. Make sure to add the liquid solution the vacuum comes with. Though it’s a trial size, you can buy the big ones too, but separately.


  • Two times more cleaning power
  • PowerSpin Pet Brush Roll reaches deep into each fiber
  • HeatForce ensures quick-dry
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to wash components


  • Leaks a bit right after the use


4. Best Wet Dry Vacuum: BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner

When it is about a wet vacuum cleaners for carpet, none can miss the CrossWave. It is known to vacuum and wash the surface at the same time.

It is great for cleaning the carpet. Switch its function with the Smart Touch Control, and this machine will turn into an efficient carpet cleaner. The on-demand trigger allows you to spray only the right amount of solution, which is mandatory when you are washing a carpet.


So, if you have multiple surfaces at your house, you can use it to clean both hard floors, tile floors, area rugs or carpet. Cost-effective, we must admit.

Microfiber with nylon bristles dual-action brush roll works wonder. It is lenient on the carpet but tough on the stains. Thus cleans the carpet without any damage.

Bissell vacuum and mop uses the two-tank technology where the dirty water always remains separate from the clean water.


  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • Picks up dirt and washes at the same time
  • Dual-action microfiber brush
  • Smart touch control
  • Two tank system


  • Carpets drying takes longer


5. Best for Upholstery: Hoover Power Scrub Elite Wet Cleaner

Power Scrub Elite by Hoover works with its very potent patented antimicrobial spin scrub brush system. These brushes are gentle on the carpet, but don’t miss to scrub off the stubborn stain out of the carpet.

Mix the sample solution with water, and you do not need even to measure the right amount. The machine automatically cracks the correct combination and uses the right amount while washing the carpet.


The vacuum comes with a pet tool and a long hose, which helps to reach the tough spots and clean the tough stain. This pet tool is a 2-in-1 antimicrobial tool. The bristle insert scrubs the tough dirt and rubber nub removes the pet mess and stain.

This one has two cleaning modes- a Deep Clean mode and a Quick Clean mode. With the Quick Clean mode, your carpet takes just 45 minutes to dry. It absorbs well, and the time limit is pretty less when it comes to Quick Clean mode. The deep clean takes time, but the final result is impressive and satisfying.

Keep the dirty water separate from the clean water and skip rapid emptying and filling of the tank with its 25% large capacity tanks.


  • Strong suction power
  • Patented Antimicrobial SpinScrub brush system
  • Dry the carpet within 45 minutes
  • Ensure the right combo of water and solution
  • 25% larger tank


  • Lightweight, but bulky, needs space to store


6. Best Cleaner and Shampooer: BISSELL Proheat Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer

Bissell Proheat vacuum cleaner takes less time to wash and clean your carpet. The reason is its 11-inch cleaning path. It also has a 22 feet long cord, so reaching every corner of the room becomes easy without unplugging the machine from a specific socket.


Its patented 6-row DirtLifter PowerBrush and EdgeSweep brushes clean every part of the carpet thoroughly. The portions of the carpet that are almost stuck to the edges of the baseboards, the EdgeSweep brushes, do not miss even those.

Turn on the HeatWave technology by pushing the heat paddle. The tech maintains the water temperature throughout the carpet cleaning.

It is a complete package as it also includes the Bissell pro formula, a crevice tool, and a tough stain tool too. Mix the formula with the water in its large capacity 1-gallon tank and continue washing the carpet without frequent emptying of the tank.

Clean the precise tough stains with the tough stain tool. It is small but works just like the large main head. Thus easy to handle but ultra-effective on the stains.


  • 11-inch cleaning path with a long cord
  • HeatWave technology
  • 3-inch tough stain tool
  • 8-ounce Bissell Pro formula
  • Large capacity tanks


  • Heavy


7. Best for Pet Stains: Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

This is what you need to have a delicate yet thorough cleaning of your carpet. Its FlexForce PowerBrushes gently but firmly removes the dirt, even the pet messes, deep from every fiber of the carpet.

It allows optimal cleaning where you can be sure of a precise, auto mix of the water and solution. It dispenses the right amount of the mixture too. Not too little nor too much. Just the precise amount that is needed for breaking a tough stain into particles.


Push the vacuum forward to wash the carpet and pull it back to dry. Use the HeatForce to extract all the remaining wet substance from the carpet and dry it fully within minutes.

It senses what it has cleaned, thanks to its auto cleaning motion sensing design. So, you know the area you have just cleaned. There is no chance of cleaning the same area twice.

With it, you also get an antimicrobial pet tool, a hose, a sample of the solution, and a storage bag.


  • Push and pull ensure auto wash and dry
  • HeatForce warrant fast dry
  • Motion sensing design
  • Effective Flexforce PowerBrushes
  • Auto-mix of the water and solution


  • Cheap plastic retaining clip

Can you use a wet vac to clean carpet?

A wet vac, also known as shop vac is not just for cleaning the garage or basement. One can use it to clean the carpet too. A rug or carpet is the most fragile item that traps soil, dirt, bacteria, and spills more than any other surface. Then it is expensive too. So, one has to be too careful while cleaning it. A wet vac though not explicitly made to clean carpet but can be the most effective tool for doing the same. Mixing the solution with the water, scrubbing and suctioning all the soap water from the carpet, all these you can do with a wet vac pretty easily and with a lot less effort. Because whatever effort is required to have a clean carpet is done by the wet vac itself.

Can you use your regular vacuum cleaner on wet carpet?

That is a No. One should not use a regular vacuum on a wet carpet. First of all, that is going to damage the machine. Secondly, a vacuum cleaner is generally for dry cleaning. It is for dusting. Anything damp or wet near it is too dangerous. You can, but only if it is made and allowed to use on a wet surface. But, almost all the regular vacuums are for dry use. So, no, you cannot and should not use a regular vacuum on a wet carpet.

What is the best way to dry a wet carpet?

The choicest way to dry a carpet is by using the best wet carpet vacuum cleaner. It will be the best because it will have the feature of fast drying. So, when the vacuum itself soaks all the water from the carpet and dries it then and there, one doesn’t need to do extra work to dry it. To be a little more cautious, you can keep the fan on and have the windows open. That will suffice to do the extra bit if needed.

Buying Guide

Buy a wet vacuum cleaner for your carpet with the below features.

Powerful Cleaning

Dirt gets on the carpet pretty easily. Whatever falls and gets trapped in, goes deep into the fiber. So, a potent cleaning is very much needed to make the carpet free of dirt, allergen, and bacteria. The vacuum cleaner has to have a high-quality roller brush to scrub and a super high suction power to absorb it all.

Quick Dry

We are talking about wet carpet cleaning. So, there will be the use of water and solution. Water, if stayed in the carpet, will turn it to an abode of germs and bacterias. It will cause a bad odor too. The very delicate carpet will be ruined. Then if you are using liquid solutions and not having a vigorous absorbing of all of it, even the little bit of chemical in that will make the carpet shred and lose its original beauty. So, the only option you have is quick-dry. Get a wet vacuum that has the feature of fast drying.

Separate Tanks

A wet vacuum cleaner will have separate tanks for clean water and dirty water. Otherwise, that cannot be called a wet vacuum. Keeping the dirty water separate from the clean water mixed with a solution is too crucial to make sure a thorough cleaning of the carpet. It will make sure all the foul goes into a tank and remains there and doesn’t get on the carpet again.

Final Words

We think you have observed that when it comes to the best wet vacuum cleaners for carpet, we have put our bet on just two brands the most. It is either Bissell or Hoover for us. There might be other brands and other carpet cleaners from the said brands, which are great. But these seven were our top choices. Considering the feature, tech, look, and price, they are hard to beat. Not only are these some high-quality machines, but also using these on the carpet keeps the carpet safe from getting damaged.

And that is what you need the most for a long-lasting carpet flooring. Our suggestion to you will always be to use it to experience it. If it has worked the best for you, only then it’s the best. However, each of these is among those products that seldom fails. We hope you will have a great experience with these if bought.

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