Vacuum & Cleaning Tips – What to Clean With Your Vacuum

To many people, cleaning their home is a time-consuming task and an arduous chore. When using a vacuum cleaner, cleaning does not need to be a dreaded task. In addition to being easy to use, a vacuum is also convenient. Regular vacuum cleaning at home has many benefits. Vacuum cleaning your home is also essential for good health as explained here.

Vacuum cleaners significantly ease the cleaning your home. Compared to merely wiping or sweeping, whenever you use a vacuum cleaner, you remove allergens and dust as opposed to moving them around your room. Using a vacuum cleaner, you clean many items and places in your home.

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What to Clean With Your Vacuum

1. Cutlery Drawer

The kitchen tool or cutlery drawer highly attracts crumbs. When you have minimal time for thorough cleaning, remove utensils, and clean the drawer.

Vacuum Cleaning


2. Library and Books

Compared to using a cloth to wipe files, magazines and books, vacuum dusting is more efficient. Additionally, it is quicker.

3. Inside Drawers and Cabinets

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove lint, crumbs, and dust. Use it to also remove dirt from the storage drawer of your range. A vacuum cleaner works incredibly to clean forgotten areas between cabinet units and behind turntables.

4. Pillows

Vacuum clean your pillows to remove skin flakes and dust mites. Place your pillow in a plastic bag, hold it slightly closed, and gently remove air with a vacuum hose. After this, re-fluff your pillow outside or any place with clean air.

5. Closets

Vacuum clean your closet to remove gravel, sand and dust that gathers inside especially around boots and shoes.

6. Stairs

Vacuum cleaners remove debris that gravitates behind staircases and in the corners of a stair thread.

7. Mattresses

Over time, box springs and mattresses tend to accumulate dust mites, dust, hair, and dead skin. Vacuum regularly to keep the mattress clean and reduce allergens.

8. Draperies and Valances

Plenty of dust accumulates at the top of valances and curtain headers. Some vacuum cleaners feature a delicate suction that is gentle for efficiently cleaning drapes.

9. Wall and Hall Mirrors

By vacuum dusting, you eliminate all the dust that you smear when you clean with a glass cleaner. Only use a soft dusting brush on glass and mirror surfaces.

10. Walls

You should vacuum walls before painting or washing to remove loose dust that spreads when using a washing cloth. An ideal way of cleaning both wood walls and paneling is vacuum dusting especially before applying a wood polish/cleaner.

11. Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Together with ceiling fans, ornate lighting fixtures seem to attract dust. Use vacuum fan blades and a soft brush attachment to get rid of the dust.

12. Air Cleaners and Humidifiers

Because dust tends to collect in air cleaners and humidifiers, it is prudent to vacuum them periodically. Air cleaners that feature in-built ionizers accumulate dust at a faster pace.

13. Staining or Painting Projects

For fantastic finishing results, consistently vacuum wood items to remove steel wool fibers and minute sawdust before painting and staining.

14. Refrigerator Coils

Vacuuming the exposed coils in your refrigerator significantly reduces energy costs. It also makes appliances work more efficiently.

15. Runners and Area Rugs

Exercise care when vacuuming small runners and area rugs not to destroy them. Avoid vacuuming carpet corners or fringes.

16. Carpets

Before using a carpet steamer to eliminate gravel, particles, and other debris, always vacuum your carpet. Doing so lifts dirty on to the surface. Vacuum after cleaning to raise and fluff rug fibers.

17. Washing Machine Lint Filter

With the vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment, clean the lint screen of your washing machine. For a good finish, attach the crevice tool on your vacuum cleaner to remove any lint left from the washing machine’s lint cavity.

Most households value vacuum cleaners because of their significant contribution when cleaning the house. Vacuum cleaners are popular for removing dust. However, with new technology, these tools clean up plenty of things and places. Today’s machines reach even the unreachable surfaces. Without a reliable vacuum, it becomes challenging to clean some items and surfaces. A great attribute about vacuum cleaners is the fact that they are easy to handle and highly convenient. The above are just some of the many places and items you use your vacuum to clean. Home experts recommend that you vacuum your home at least two times a week. Vacuum cleaning should be more often in homes with pets and high traffic.

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