Things You Shouldn’t Do to Your Vacuum Cleaner & Maintenance Tips

In this article, we shall look at things you should not do to your vacuum cleaner as well as give you some tips on how to maintain, clean, and store your machine to ensure it lasts for a long time. Vacuum cleaners can last for years and years when well taken care of.

Ensuring you handle your device with care is primal. How you treat and maintain your machine will undoubtedly determine how well it serves you and how long it serves you. Below are a few things you should not do to your device as well as some key maintenance tips.

Things You Shouldn’t Do to Your Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t mishandle your machine

There are a few ways you should never vacuum. You should never use your normal vacuum cleaner to vacuum-up water or wet surfaces. Instead, mop up the wet area instead or purchase a wet/dry cleaner. You should also not wait until your machine’s bag is full to the rim before emptying your bin. If you do not change your bag frequently, it will affect available airflow, which in turn affects how your device operates.


Things you Shouldn’t do to your Vacuum Cleaner

Do not ignore blockages

If you vacuum-up something huge like a sock or a scarf, immediately turn off your machine right away and remove the obstacle before it gets goggled up and block airflow. If you continue vacuuming after you have accidentally vacuumed up a huge item, your machine might break or stop working. Ignoring the problem can break its belt, which protects the motor. Also, do not turn off the brush attachment if you are vacuuming bare or laminated floors such as wood floors. This is because you might wear your floor’s finish over time.

Don’t forget to replace your attachments after some time

Vacuum cleaners do not last forever. If you use your attachments on the machine for long periods of time and frequently, it is up to you to replace them when they start wearing out. Not replacing them will cause your machine not to operate properly, which in turn can lead to your device working overtime to provide the required power to do a simple task. This will damage your machine over time. If you think your vacuum is not cleaning well, look at its belt. It might be time to change it. Do not wait until it stops working then look for a solution.

Don’t use the wrong attachments

The attachments included in the product are specially made for specific use. Use them as instructed in your manual. If you need to tackle an issue and do not have the required item for that job, it is best if you save up and buy that specific attachment instead of trying to use one that is not manufactured for that job. This way, your device plus its attachments will last for a very long time.

Do not use certain cleaning products with your machine

For example, if you are uncertain whether using powder freshener might affect your machine, then steer clear of it. If your cleaner is not strong enough, the powder might clog up its bag and airflow, which will affect its performance. Refer to your manual beforehand.

Maintenance Tips

To maintain your vacuum, remember that you need to change most of its features in due time.

  • The bag – You need to change your bag as often as you think it needs changing. You do not have to wait until its “check bag” indicator lights up. Check the bag yourself and change it when it’s more than half full. If you have pets or a fireplace, you will need to change more frequently in order to get rid of your pet’s hairs and other allergens that might trigger an allergy reaction.
  • Filter – You do not need to change your filter as often as the bag. If your filter is dirty or torn, then it is time to change it. If you are using a HEPA filter, you might need to change it after every 5 – 6 months. Follow the instructions on your manual to learn how to change it and recommendations for your model. It is up to you to check and inspect your device’s filters every couple of months.
  • Cleaning – Do not use a soggy towel to wipe your machine. Use lukewarm water, add some soap, and use a wet cloth to wide down its surface. Remember to wipe its attachments as well.
  • Storage – Store your machine in a clean, dry place. Do not leave it out as it might trip someone and cause an accident. Store it a closet and if you have a cloth, you can drape it over your vacuum to keep away dust particles.

How you maintain your vacuum cleaner will determine how long it runs for and how well it performs. Think of your device as an investment. The better you care for it, the longer it will last. Use it as often as you wish, remember to clean and store it properly after every use. Vacuum cleaners can outlast you when well maintained. Read the manual provided to learn more about the dos and don’ts of your specific model. In case of any queries, contact its manufacturers or customer care agents on the numbers provided.

2 thoughts on “Things You Shouldn’t Do to Your Vacuum Cleaner & Maintenance Tips”

  1. This is some really good information about vacuum cleaners. It is good to know that it would be smart to clean out your vacuum regularly. That does seem like a good thing to do if you want to have it work properly as well. My vacuum has a bag that I should probably change out soon.

  2. Thanks for helping me understand that the cleaner must be free from powder products since it can clog it up. I will keep that in mind now that I will be buying my own vacuum cleaner. We just need one since we will be having a dog in the near future which breed sheds a lot. This will help us maintain the equipment for long.

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