5 Swimming Pool Fountain Ideas You Will Love

Pool fountains change our thinking about a swimming pool located in the yard. Now, we know a pool isn’t only a place for performing recreational activities. It is also a place in our backyard that can bring back life to our outdoor space.

The soothing sound you can hear from the waterfall will give a feeling of calm & serenity. Therefore, water in motion or water streams impact our senses.

Like other elements of your home, you should also pick the right swimming pool waterfall kit that complements your home styles. Here are the top 5 swimming pool fountain ideas that push you to add one to your pool.

Swimming Pool Fountain Ideas

Benefits of Having a Pool Fountain

Here are some advantages of installing waterfalls in your pool.

Keep your pool temperature cool

If your pool gets the sun all day long or you live in hot areas, installing a pool fountain is a must. It helps to keep your pool temperature cool, refreshed, and comfortable. The pool fountain blows the water into the air and makes the water cool by aerating it. 

Generate Calming Noise

The soothing sound of waterfalls is always a great source of enjoyment. Like the natural waterfall, a pool fountain also produces a calm background noise to keep your mind refreshed. 

Awesome Look

You know what aesthetic values it will add when you install a pool fountain. Moving water looks great, and you can feel the thrill by touching and swimming in your pool.

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5 Swimming Pool Fountains & Waterfalls Ideas


Waterfalls coming out of a hidden cave gives a natural feel and complements your outdoor environment. Waterfalls add a touch of modern fashion to your pool. Therefore, you can get calm and soothing sounds from the waterfalls that turn your pool into paradise.

Therefore, waterfalls play a vital role in keeping your pool water clean. You know that moving water prevents the growth of algae. On top of this, it (waterfalls) helps to circulate your pool water and make your pool suitable for swimming. 

Aqua Blue Pools

Do you want to break the silence of your backyard and bring back life to it? Then, Aqua Blue Pools is the best. Such a pool is designed with a combination of waterfalls and a fountain. Generally, you can find the fountain on the side of the pool.

Pool Bubblers

The softer flow of water always pays our attention and satisfies our eyes with its visual beauty. Generally, you can install the pool bubbler jets at the bottom of your pool shelf, which produces a cascading column of water. You can also decorate the bubblers by attaching LED lights to give a dramatic look to your pool. 

Pool waterfalls with fire effect

You already know what aesthetic value the waterfalls add to your pool.  What if you install the fire effect LED lights around your water feature? Adding LED lights will create a romantic atmosphere in your pool area. Your pool gets its life back when the water reflects the light. 

Decorative Water Scones

You can install the water scones on your pool walls. Such water features come in different styles and finishes. A wide range of water scones can be placed on your pool wall or you can install a single scone.


Do you have any questions? Then go through the questions below.

Can you add a fountain to an existing pool?

Yes, you can. Whether you wish to impress your guest or add an awe-inspiring look to your pool, you can upgrade your existing pool with a fountain.

Is a pool waterfall worth it?

Yeah, a pool waterfall is worth it. It doesn’t only add a touch of fashion to your pool but also keeps your pool temperature cool. So, investing in a pool waterfall is worth a hundred times.

Does a fountain cool a pool?

Yes, a fountain cools a pool by aerating the water. If you run it at night, more water will move through the cold air that reduces the temperature of your pool.

Can you add a rock waterfall to an existing pool?

You can add a rock waterfall to your existing pool. But you should speak with a professional and show him your pool to check what options are available right there.


Adding a pool fountain is an excellent way to bring back aesthetics to your pool. 

Throughout this guide, we discussed different types of swimming pool fountains. 

Waterfalls, Aqua Blue Pools, or Bubblers are some examples of pool fountains. You can choose any of them and install them in your pool. 

Therefore, we also included the top 3 swimming pool waterfall kits in the market. 

Indeed, we provide you an insight into small pool fountain ideas. Now, it’s your time which one you will grab.

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