Raypak vs. Pentair Pool Heater: Choose The Best One

What could be your best friend in the vacations of the cold winters? A pool heater, of course. With it, you take a dip in the pool without jumping into freezing cold water. Now, 

Raypak vs. Pentair pool heaters, which one should you choose? 

Well, the answer will vary from person to person. For starters, both of them offer service life, efficient power saving, and cost-effectiveness. To make something a winner, first, we should consider its overall performance and efficiency.

Raypak vs. Pentair Pool Heater

Today, we will see who is king between Raypak and Pentair in terms of performance, time of heating, etc. Stay till the end to know who wins the battle. Let us see who wins.

Raypak vs Pentair Pool Heater

Raypak vs Pentair: Comparison chart

ProductsPre-installedHeat-Exchange systemWeight Service life Price
Raypak 266,000 BTU Natural Gas Pool HeaterYesCupro-Nickel and Titanium 210lbs 7-10 yearsCheck on Amazon
Raypak 336,000 BTU Electronic Propane Pool HeaterYesCopper Fin Tube232lbs 7-10 years Check on Amazon
Pentair 125,000 BTU Pool Natural Gas HeaterNoCopper and Gas100lbs 5-10 years Check on Amazon

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Raypak pool heaters: Reasons to pick it

Raypak pool heaters offer a full water heating system without breaking the bank. The heater heat exchanger on Raypak is indirect, which protects the boiler from corrosive pool water. Turns out, the whole system comes pre-installed, and you don’t have to assemble it. 

When it comes to heat exchangers, it uses Cupro-Nickel, which you can upgrade to Titanium as well. The heater allows easy-to-use cascade control of up to 8 units. 

All you have to do is, fill and flip the switch. Enjoy your personal hot spring as much as you want. 


Putting together a pool heater isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. First, you have to read the manual, attach everything part by part, then use it. Sometimes a single mismatch makes everything go belugas. Raypak water heaters are pre-installed out-of-the-box. All you have to do is fill it up and turn on the heater. 

Heat-exchange system

In the Raypak pool heater, a normal Cupro-Nickel heat-exchange system generates heat for the water. Though such systems cost less, it is still corrosion-resistant and has good tensile strength. If you want to spend a few hundred dollars more, the company can replace it with a titanium one. 

A Titanium system will last longer and will make more heat compared to the cupro-nickel ones. 


When you want a good performance boost with low power consumption, a Raypak pool heater is just for you. The only drawback is, you may have to adjust the settings a little every month. 

However, when you use a Raypak titanium heat exchanger, your energy bill may go up. 


  • Efficient and long-lasting.
  • It is installable anywhere. 
  • Temperature indicator is available.
  • Easy tweaking the heater settings. 


  • Low-NOx settings aren’t available.
  • Titanium heat exchanger is only for premium versions. 

Pentair Pool Heater: Reasons to pick it

Pentair pool heaters, with their cozy water heating settings, make the perfect temperature balance for pools. Having both electric and gas heater settings, you can choose the best for your needs. If you live in the countryside, its gas heater settings will churn out best for you. 

The pool heater comes with a seamless interface with an automation solution. Feel like water hugging you every time you step into the water. How great is that?

Affordable heater

Won’t it be nice to find a pool heater with a lower price tag? Turns out, Pentair is the solution. The best part is, you will get ultra-fast heat up, low NOx emissions, and more, all without breaking the bank. 

Indoor and outdoor installation

Sometimes we don’t have enough space indoors to install a water heater. Pentair offers a certified outdoor and indoor installation for every household. Now you don’t have to worry about the pool heater taking too much space in the basement. 

Quick water heating

Slow healing time, often a problem with traditional water heaters. However, with a Pentair heater, you will have a pre-mixed setting, which wars the water quickly. Additionally, you will get an efficiency level of up to 82%. 

Now, you don’t have to wait for hours, just to make a din in the warm pool water. 


  • Highly eco-friendly and cost-effective.
  • Pre-mixed technology for faster water heating. 
  • It can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
  • Corrosion and UV-resistant enclosure feature available.
  • Easy on the pocket.


  • Low price ones aren’t that effective. 

Raypak vs. Pentair pool heater: Head to head

When you talk about features, your top choice is Raypak. Don’t just take our word for granted. Raypak exceeds Pentair in almost all functions and also the user experience. Let’s know why.

Ease of Installation

Installation can be tough, especially when you don’t have a clue about what you are doing. Raypak comes pre-installed, whereas you have to construct the Pentair one. It would take a lot of time to install a heater. 

Heat Exchange system

Raypak comes in both cupro-nickel and Titanium heater exchangers. On the other hand, Pentair has both a coper and a gas heat exchanger. When it comes to efficiency, it is hard to beat Raypak. Wanna know why? Gas and copper both produce a lot of heat, but it is kinda hard for the pock. Raypak’s cupro-nickel consumes less power while delivering a good amount of heat. 

If you want quick warm water, the Pentair is king. However, Raypak is more reliable. 


Here too Raypak leads the game. Turns out, the price of Raypak is a couple hundred less than Pentair. As Pentair has both copper and gas heat exchange systems, it is only logical to pitch at a higher price. 

Then again, Raypack charges double for their premium Titanium version. 

Thermal regulation

Pentair has a sleek automated feature, which provides a warm feel to the skin. Whereas, Raypack has an indicator for temperature and how long the water will take to warm up. Both of them have equal user-friendly support. 


What is the best pool heater on the market?

The market is full of pool heaters, which have similar features. We have the overall best, best budget, the best electricity, and so on. 

Hayward, Raypak, SmartPool etc., are some of the best pool heater manufacturers. 

Are Pentair pool heaters good?

Yes. Pentair has a unique design, which makes a perfect warm blend for your skin. The best part is, you can use both gas and copper heat exchange settings. It lasts long and will give you a good experience. You can also install it outdoors if you want. 

What is the life expectancy of a pool heater?

Generally speaking, a pool heater will last for about 7-20 years. However, the life expectancy depends solely on how it is made and the heating system. If the heating system is indirect, you can expect the heater to last more than 10-15 years. A Direct heating system gets easily damaged.

What is the most energy-efficient pool heater?

To be frank, solar pool heaters offer the best energy efficiency. But not everyone has tons of sunlight and a big space. For them, try out Ecosmart 27 Electric Tankless, SmartPool S601P, and Hayward HeatPro. Don’t worry. They consume way less electricity than their competitors. 

Are pool heaters worth the money?

Yes. Pool heaters give you a warm welcome every time you step into the pool. The best part is, you can enjoy a full hot spring-like experience even in the cold winters. So, yeah, pool heaters are worth every penny. 


So, what do you think? Who is better for you? After we used both the products, the Raypak stool was better for the urban lifestyle. In cities, you will have a regular supply of electricity, and power cuts are hardly an issue. 

On the other hand, Pentair pool heaters are good for areas where there is a scarcity of electricity. Its gas electric-heat exchange will give a steady pool heating with just compressed natural gas. 

So, no more today. Have a good day.

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