7 Best Pool Finish For Salt Water Pool

Saltwater pools have become super popular over the past few years. Saltwater is good for fighting infections, bacteria, and skin problems. It holds up good moisture for your skin and takes care of your hair condition. This holds magnesium, potassium, calcium and other beneficial minerals that one can expect.

However, you should be concerned about the pool finish if you have a saltwater pool. Saltwater is five times more abrasive than regular chlorine water. You better resurface the pool as soon as possible to save it from chlorine side effects. Saltwater can reduce chlorine output and damage the pool surface cells.

You must choose the best pool finish for the saltwater pool. Make sure the pool surface you’re using is suitable for saltwater elements.

Best Pool Finish For Salt Water Pool

Why Salt Water Pool Finishing Needs Attention?

A Saltwater pool has all the required minerals to maintain safety for your skin and hair. Many people don’t prefer swimming in a chlorine water pool because of all the side effects.

But with a saltwater pool, you’ll get a balanced ratio of all the minerals. Even it reduces acne issues, helps to keep your skin moisturized. After all day of swimming in the saltwater pool, you can still expect glowing skin. 

With all these facilities, modern homes are more likely to include saltwater pools. But if you’re not choosing the right pool finish and surroundings, salt water can damage them over time. 

Well, saltwater usually produces chlorine with a chlorine generator. It includes titanium plates to turn salt into chlorine. Regarding the chlorine production level and the elements, it might seem a little challenging to control. The irregular humidity, crystallization, cracks can damage your pool surroundings. 

Salts are known for their abrasive nature. They can cause discoloration, damaged cells to your pool surface. Not all types of finishing are adaptive with saltwater. You better be concerned while choosing pool finishing for your saltwater pool. Choose the pool surroundings that suit the saltwater elements. 

7 Best Pool Finish For Salt Water Pool

You must be looking for some pool finish that can serve durability and an attractive appearance at the same time. Although swimming pool technology has been developed noticeably, still choosing a saltwater pool surface seems pretty hard. What if you get some well-reviewed and safe pool finishing for a saltwater pool?

Follow here and learn about the seven best pool finish for your saltwater pool:

1. Sandstone Pool Finish

However, there are some suggestions that stones are too sensitive to use as pool surroundings. But if you use natural sandstone as your saltwater pool finishing, things won’t be that threatening. You can expect beautiful finishing along with a shiny and durable surface. It’s true that stone is not always suitable over every surface. But sandstone is a type of sedimentary rock. They are good with salt stain resistance power. 

2. Flagstone Pool Finish

Flagstone pool finishing is another reliable and durable option for using as a saltwater pool surface. It looks pretty attractive as a classy pool surface. They are even able to resist saltwater stains. Even if the surface gets any stain, it can get removed by scrubbing quickly. Moreover, flagstone is a pretty low-maintenance option and not at all slippery. It holds higher density, higher moisture resistance. If you’re worried about cracked and damaged saltwater pool finish, go for flagstone material. 

3. Granite Pool Finish

It’s absolutely safe if you’ve installed a Granite surface around a saltwater pool. With proper maintenance and cleansing, they can go longer with their lifespan. These pools’ surface looks good as well as hides salt stains nicely. They are rough in texture and at the same time non-slippery. It owns a popularity crown for its stylish appearance. People who are looking for some long-term finishes can go for a Granite pool finish. 

4. Slate Pool Finish

Slate pool finishing is the perfect choice for your saltwater pool. You can compare slate flooring with granite. It also requires proper maintenance and regular cleanliness to hold up the shine. The rough and non slippery texture of the slate surface is another attraction. They come in primarily dark black and gray colors. Even if any stains or scratches appear, they won’t be that visible. Moreover, Slate finishing has modern and trendy designs to decorate your saltwater pool. If you want some balanced combination between safety and modernity, go for slate flooring for your saltwater pool. 

5. Concrete Pool Finish

If you follow the proper maintenance, the concrete surface is suitable for a saltwater pool. But too much chlorine can undoubtedly damage the surface. As this surface is non-porous, it can fight salt damage. But it would be best to use some high-quality concrete to build a reliable pool finishing. Also, you’ll get several designs to decorate your pool surface. But you must keep checking the salt level. The salt level should always be balanced to longer the concrete pool finish lifespan. 

6. Vinyl liner pool Finish

Your vinyl liner pool surface is safe with a saltwater pool. You don’t have to maintain any extra procedures to take care of the pool. Besides, there is no doubt that vinyl liner floors are attractive to look at. Vinyl pool finishes are reliable and even last for 15 years. 

7. Fiberglass pool Finish

Fiberglass pool finishes are suitable for saltwater pools. Their exotic appearance and non-porous structure help to fight stubborn salt stains. You can consider fiberglass as a safe choice for your saltwater pool finish. Fiberglass material is not at all threatened by salt chlorinators. The saltwater doesn’t create any abrasive reaction over the fiberglass surface. So, you can expect durability, reliability and an attractive appearance over your saltwater pool with it.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the most durable swimming pool finish?

Since 1960, Granite pools have been holding the durability crown as pool surface. The white sand, cement and high-quality steel rebar material make it durable in the long run.

What is the best pool color?

Well, there are several attractive colors you can choose for your pool. But the most attractive and popular ones are blue, diamond sand, silver grey, graphite grey, crystal blue, sapphire blue and others.


Saltwater pools might be safe for your hair and skin. But, all types of materials and surfaces can lose their lifespan with it. Pool professionals suggest being a little more conscious while choosing the best pool finish for saltwater. No matter how best you’re choosing, maintaining the salt balance is another thing to consider. So, choose the best surface, take good care and keep your saltwater pool shiny forever.

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