PebbleTec vs. Diamond Brite Pool Finish

You make many decisions and choices when you want to build a pool or even refinish your swimming pool’s surface. You may choose the shape of your swimming pool, the design, and materials such as the type of pool finish. There are three types of pool surfaces: gunite (this is the most popular type of pool surface), fiberglass, and vinyl-lined. Gunite pool surfaces are mainly used because of their durability.

PebbleTec and Diamond Brite are well-known examples of gunite pool surfaces, and they are commonly used pool finish and pool resurfacing materials. PebbleTec is made from mixing small and large pebbles of a prime quality, cement, and stone aggregate; because of these elements, PebbleTec’s surface is a little rough. The blend of pebbles and cement gives the pool a more natural feel; because of PebbleTec, the bottom of the pool looks more like a creek or a riverbed.

Diamond Brite is a blend of natural quartz aggregate and crushed, white Portland polymer-modified cement, and you can use it to finish your new pool or resurface old pools. These products are properly mixed to be durable while making your swimming pool look good. Quartz is well known for its durability, and it is heat-resistant–quartz also has good resistance to chemical substances so that it can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals.The polymer-modified cement is very efficient at resisting cracks and chips on its surface; modifying cement with polymer makes the plaster stronger and helps the cement resist water.

Unlike Diamond Brite, which has a smooth finish–courtesy of the mix of quartz with polymer-modified cement, PebbleTec is a mix of pebbles and cement, so ithas a rough surface. Diamond Brite is more commonly used for resurfacing older swimming pools, while PebbleTec is used primarily for new swimming pools.

PebbleTec vs Diamond Brite Pool Finish

 PebbleTecDiamond Brite
Raw MaterialsPebbleTec is made of small and large natural pebbles sourced from the earth and black sand beaches, cement, and stone aggregate.On the other hand, Diamond Brite pool finish is a blend of white Portland polymer-modified cement and natural quartz; this blend increases the bonding and solidity of your swimming pool’s structure.
CostPebbleTec is one of the more expensive pool surfaces; it is more costly than plaster and Diamond Brite. For example, PebbleTec can cost as high as $10 per square foot, compared to $4 per square foot for white plaster.Diamond Brite costs more than plaster, but it offers more durability. Diamond Brite pool finish can cost around $5 per square foot, but the price mainly depends on the color.
WaterproofPebbleTec is not waterproof; pool builders often apply plaster mix around the drain lines, return lines, etc. They usually use a waterproofing coat that extends at least 2 inches below the tile.On the other hand, Diamond Brite is waterproof; the natural quartz used in making Diamond Brite has waterproof properties that make it resistant to degradation and staining that pool chemicals may cause.

Differences Between PebbleTec and Diamond Brite Pool Finish

The differences between PebbleTec and Diamond Brite pool finishes lie in the somewhat little things: colors, usage, durability, etc. Diamond Brite and PebbleTec are two of the more favored pool surfaces at the base level.


PebbleTec and Diamond Brite pool finish are both highly durable pool surfaces, but PebbleTec is the more durable choice. PebbleTec can last between 15 to 20 years or more when properly maintained, while Diamond Brite can last between 10 to 15 years.

Intended Usage

Although PebbleTec and Diamond Brite are both high-quality pool surfaces, pool builders often recommend them for different uses; many recommend using PebbleTec for new swimming pools and Diamond Brite for resurfacing old swimming pools.

Why is Diamond Brite recommended for resurfacing old pools? The materials used in making Diamond Brite pool finish make it resistant to pool chemicals and harsh pool cleaning chemicals, and they resist stains caused by the pool chemicals. Also, you can drain, clean, and refill your pool without damaging the pool. Diamond Brite pool finish colors do not rust, fade, or rub off because the pigments are bonded to the quartz aggregate through ceramics.

Finishes and Colors

PebbleTec and Diamond Brite are available in different finishes and choices, so customers will always have a diverse range of products from which they can choose. Diamond Brite comes in many different colors while maintaining the same features; some colors include Tahoe Blue, Midnight Blue, French Gray, Onyx, Isla Verde, and Cool Blue. On the other hand, PebbleTec does not provide a catalog of colors like Diamond Brite does–but it is available in at least four finishes: PebbleTech, PebbleSheen, PebbleFina, and PebbleBrilliance.

Similarities Between PebbleTec and Diamond Brite Pool Finish

Pool Finishes

The main similarity between PebbleTec and Diamond Brite is that they are both high-quality pool finishes that can serve as substitutes for the other.


Both PebbleTec and Diamond Brite need regular maintenance to last long and give you your money’s worth. If you do not maintain them, they will not last as long as they ought to, e.g., PebbleTec may not even last up to 15 years if it is not maintained correctly. Diamond Brite requires a light acid wash every five years, at the very least.


PebbleTec offers a natural look and texture with its blend of pebbles, small rocks, and cement; it is aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable. It is pleasing to the eye, durable, and stain-resistant. PebbleTec also happens to be one of the most expensive pool surfaces. Diamond Brite is not as expensive as PebbleTec but it is a good contender.

It is impossible to declare, with absolute certainty, that either of PebbleTec or Diamond Brite is the better of the two options. Both products are great, and they would suit different people based on their individual needs and preferences. You may be looking for a pool finish based on price, color, durability, etc. Another person may not even consider price as a factor and may only consider the aesthetic nature of the pool finish. In choosing between PebbleTec and Diamond Brite, ensure that you outline and consider your preferences, and remember that both finishes require maintenance.

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