Jandy Pool Heater Won’t Ignite – Troubleshooting Tips!

If you notice any leakage, loud noises, or sudden shutdown in the pool heater, it can be the faulty ignition system.

Such issues can appear for various reasons. You have to check what things you’re doing wrong here.

Jandy’s incredible innovation and developing technology has brought reliable pool heaters to the market. Additionally, they are now more responsive and supportive of their system.

However, the Jandy pool heater won’t ignite if you’ve got any defects in the gas line/ tank/ supply valve.

It’s pretty quick to check on. If you can detect the issue, quickly give it a professional check. If the damage or fault is minor, you can troubleshoot it in no time.

How Does the Jandy Pool Heater Ignition System Work?

Jandy pool heaters have developed a digital pool temperature control system. So, they use a high-quality ignition system in their heaters.

This ignition system makes it easier to maintain pool water temperature. It would help if you turned your heater on and set a balanced temperature to keep the swimming comfortable. If your pool water crosses the temperature limit, it will shut off the system automatically. It minimizes the overheating risks and potential damages.

Jandy uses a high-quality ignition system to maintain balanced pool heat. This is super easy to maintain and makes the pool heater more user-friendly.

Why Does My Jandy Pool Heater Won’t Ignite?

There are several reasons that can cause a flawed pool heater ignition system. Improper ignition can damage your pool heater. You’ll notice it making loud noises, suddenly shut-off issues, etc. However, checking over the ignition system doesn’t take a lot. If you’re not happy with the Jandy pool heater, give it a quick check here.

Learn here the most common reasons that can cause improper Jandy pool heater ignition systems:

Wrong Temperature Set

If you’re not professional and making pool heater temperature settings, make sure to do this right. If you set the pool heater in the wrong temp, the ignition system will be interrupted. The Jandy heater ignition system will supply electricity from the power source.

Ideally, the pool heater temperature should be higher than the pool water temperature. If the temperature is set wrong, the igniter won’t be able to work correctly.

You can check on the Jandy pool heater temp through the thermostat.

Even when your pool heater is set to cool mode, the igniter won’t work. Check over all these thoroughly for adequate heating. 

Dirty Pump and Filter

You must be cleaning your pool heater pump and filter regularly. Especially after rain and watering the garden, you must check if there is any water stuck or not.

Any kind of internal moisture will hamper the heater ignition system. Extra particles can make clogs in the system.

As a result, your heat pump won’t supply adequate heat. 

Closed Valves

Your Jandy pool heater pump, filter and gas valves should always be on point. The valves should always be open and keep the water flow running.

A closed gas valve won’t allow the heater to generate heat.

If your pool heater ignition system isn’t working, check on the positions of the positions. 

Improper venting

Improper venting in the Jandy pool heater will interrupt adequate air supply. Besides, it can make clogs in the long run.

Try to check on your pool heater to ensure proper air supply.

Any clog in the vents will damage your pool heater igniter. 

Heater pilot

Your Jandy pool heater should always be lit. The improper pilot will hamper the heater venting and air supply. As a result, your heater won’t get any adequate heat supply.

The pilot tube or orifices can get clogged with debris easily. If you’re not concerned about the maintenance, it will hamper the heater system. 

Troubleshoot Jandy Pool Heater Ignition System: 

If your pool heater ignition system isn’t working, you must repair it as soon as possible. In the long run, it can cause electric shocks and major accidents.

If any part of the pool heater is damaged, you better change it right now. If you’re not aware of the machines and electrical components, hire a professional.

If the problem is minor and you’re sure about safety, try this idea for troubleshooting the Jandy pool heater ignition system: 

  • Try to clean your Jandy pool heater filter adequately. Make sure there is no extra moisture or particles. Now turn on the heater once more. If it was the clog issue, your filter ignition would start to work.
  • If your Jandy pool water is connected through an electric system, check on them. Make sure the connection and wire are tight and well connected. If your wire or connection system has corrosion, you better get a new one.
  • Make sure your Jandy electric heater ignition system is getting a rough electric supply. You should check on the transformer. If the voltage is 20 to 28, there is no issue. Anything lower than that will indicate that your electric heating system is messy, and you need a professional to fix this. 
  • You can give your Jandy pool heater a restart. Sometimes, only shutting off and on solves a malfunctioning ignition system. If the electric circuit is malfunctioning, they will get a readjustment here. By then, your pool heater ignition should start working.

If your pool heater igniter has got no major defects, it will start working by then. Make sure you’re not taking any risk while trying these out. Stay safe and troubleshoot your Jandy pool igniter quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my pool heater stop igniting when it rains?

Well, if you’re in an outdoor pool, you might notice your heater igniter doesn’t work after every decent rain. If you don’t clean the pool pump and filter after rain, they will collect extra moisture and debris inside them. And this can impact your pool igniter and its working system.

Why is my Jandy pool heater not turning on?

There could be several reasons behind it. It could be overheating the machine, wrong timer settings, damaged and corrosion electrical connection, etc.


Jandy pool heaters generally don’t cause any major issues.

But there are some basic things you must consider while using any pool heaters. If your heater valves, temp, vents, wires are wrongly set, the Jandy pool heater won’t ignite.

The only solution here is learning more about the machine and keeping it well set always. If any major issues arrive, you have to contact Jandy customer service.

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