Is Solar Pool Heating Worth It: Why & How?

A solar pool heating system is a process of heating the pool water using solar energy. A solar exploiter seated near the pool absorbs pool water and the solar energy coming from the sun raises the temperature of the water according to people’s needs. Then the system returns the water to the pool. A solar pool heating system reduces a swimming pool heating cost. So it is worth it to use a solar pool heating system.

Is Solar Pool Heating Worth It

Reasons why is solar pool heating worth it

There are many reasons why you should invest in a solar pool heater. If you have doubt about the worthiness of it, here I’ve mentioned some benefits to clear your confusion:

1. Eco friendly

Solar power is the most coherent energy of all time. It doesn’t produce or increase the emission of harmful gas. Moreover it’s a reusable power unlike gas or electricity. If you use a gas or electric pool heater it will need a huge amount of gas or electricity. But with a solar heating system, the energy comes from the sun. So you need not to worry about heating costs & other stuff.

2. Cost

Solar pool heater is the most inexpensive way to warm the pool. Depending on how much it costs to use a gas or electric pool warmer, a solar system is much better. If you use a gas or electric pool heater it will cost a lot to warm the water of a whole pool. But in the solar system, the energy that comes from the sun is free. You don’t have to pay for the heating pump. Although it’ll give you free energy,  you have to pay for the filtration system.

3. Installation and maintenance

Using the solar system after it’s installed is quite easy. The maintenance also costs low. There are some factors to install the solar system perfectly, like – solar resources, safety issues and climate. After you install the system keeping these points on your mind, you can use it for almost 10 to 15 years. You won’t have to deal with short circuits, blockage from dust or rusting problems in this system. Maintain the system according to the manual and it will be working as a new pool heater for years.

4. Energy efficiency

Most of the solar heaters are energy efficient. It varies by the size of the pool. Solar energy helps you to heat your pool almost free. The thermal panel in the solar system blots the solar radiation and converts the energy to heat. As this process uses renewable calibers to warm the water, the energy is more effective than gas or heating pumps. During the summer period the solar energy coming from the sun becomes stronger. So the energy can warm pool water to its ambient temperature.

5. Long lasting & reliable power

As the solar system is propagating energy continually, we can call this a long lasting power supply. The heating energy from the sun is free. So this power can be called durable and reliable. For over forty years the solar system has been used for producing electricity and stored in batteries and thermal storage. You don’t have to have a motor or fan to generate this energy. Also if you set up the solar panel correctly, it’ll last for over 25 to 30 years.

6. Minimal inconvenience

Solar system doesn’t take much time for installation. You just have to stabilize the filtration system and digital controller. Then you can enjoy a heated pool. Unlike gas heaters you don’t have to install ground plumbing, electricity or gas, tubes and meters. You don’t have to wait for over weeks to install a solar heater.

7. Appearance

As the solar system doesn’t need meters, a lot of pipe and tubes or plumbing it also doesn’t need a lot of space. You can just set the solar panel in your roof that will provide you a leak-proof anchor. The panel has a sharp shape so that it can be unobtrusive. You can even choose the colour and type of panel according to your choice.

Just because the solar system is a heater with so many advantages doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any demerits. Let’s know about the problems you can face while using it

  • Solar pool heating needs much more time to heat the water than a gas or pump heater.
  • Even if the solar system doesn’t need space for meters, it needs space for the panel. You have to have a large roof to set a solar panel.
  • Only works well when the day is too bright.

After thinking about the merits and demerits you can realize better what type of heating system will work well for you.

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What is the temperature of a solar heated pool? 

A solar heater can warm up your pool up to 85°F. But, the time of reaching this point depends on the place. In Southern California, it takes a few days to rise to a comfortable temperature (78-85°F) in the spring. But in New York, the same sized pool may take a week to rise to a comfortable temperature.

When is the best time to turn my solar pool heater on?

The best idea is to turn on your solar pool heater in the sunniest moment of the day. When the sunlight directly hits the solar panels, it is the perfect time to run the pool heater, because this is the optimum working time of the panels. The solar panels need unobstructed sun for 5-7 hours everyday. If that’s not possible, you can install more panels for compensation.

Should you turn the solar heater off at night? 

Yes, you should turn the heater off during night time. For more efficiency, it is recommended to heat the pool during day time. You can invest in a solar blanket to retain the temperature of the pool, too. A solar blanket will last for about 5 years, depending on the condition of the pool.


So, these are the answers to a common question “do solar pool heaters work”. Based on this information you can realize that a solar heater is the best option if you are looking for an eco-friendly and space saving pool heater.

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