Is it Okay to Pee in the Pool?

Peeing in the pool is absolutely inappropriate as many problems and health issues may arise due to such practice.

For instance, it can spread many diseases, contaminate the pool water, and many more. These are the reasons why most pool owners are pretty strict before letting anyone dive into the pool. 

So, in this article, we’ll talk about why it’s not alright to pee in the pool and why it’s a bad habit.

Is it Okay to Pee in the Pool

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Is it Alright to Pee in the Pool? 

As mentioned earlier, peeing in the pool is never a good decision because it may cause severe health-related issues. Here in this section, we’ll understand why it’s not an ideal action to proceed with.

Pool Water Has Chlorine 

Pool water consists of chlorine, and it’s bad for chlorine and urine to come into contact. The reason is urine contains urea which is a nitrogen-rich substance. So, when urea and chlorine come together, they react to form trichloramine. And this trichloramine is a severe health hazard. 

Eye and Skin Irritation

Our eyes and skin are susceptible. As a result, these issues are the first to react to the acidic outcomes of trichloramine. People’s most common symptoms are skin rashes, red, watery eyes, sore nose and throat.

Respiratory Issues

Trichloramine is responsible for respiratory issues like breathing problems. People who have respiratory conditions like asthma experience this issue the most. If people with asthma inhale trichloramine gas, they will experience an asthma attack. In some cases, the intensity of the attack may also be fatal. 

Bacteria-Friendly Conditions

Not only does dangerous trichloramine form when urine and chlorine come together, but it also creates a suitable environment for bacteria to grow. When chlorine reacts with urine, the level of chlorine decreases. So as the chlorine level reduces, the bacteria will have more room to grow and spread diseases like dysentery.  

Stomach Problems

Our urine contains many harmful toxins, and when these toxins mix with pool water, they can be responsible for severe health hazards. Moreover, these toxins are responsible for causing Diarrhoea. That’s not all; inside our stomach, we have necessary bacteria that aid in digesting food, but when these harmful bacteria get inside, it kills the essential bacteria, resulting in severe issues. 

How To Prevent People From Peeing in the Pool? 

Now that you know the possible consequences of peeing in the pool. Below are some of the ways you can implement to prevent people from peeing in the pool. 

Communicate and Education 

Communication is the key. Many people know that peeing in the pool isn’t a proper activity to do. However, people still do it. So, you should talk about these problems to people and let them know what issues they may face due to this. Proper explanation and education will resist people from doing any such actions.

Put up a Funny Sign

Putting a funny sign with some funny notes or quotes will prevent people from peeing in the pool. This is the same strategy that’s used for toilets too. These funny and creative notes can be a punch for many people, and they would not even dare to pee in the pool.

Schedule Swimming Break

Swimming is quite a fun activity to do. While swimming, people tend to forget about time and other factors. And it is also quite relaxing to stay in the pool, so many don’t want to leave the pool until it’s time to leave.

So, you can add a swimming break to remind them to take a bathroom break or get a breather out of the pool. Moreover, muscles can sometimes ache due to excessive swimming, so it’s a good habit to take breaks for like 10-15 minutes after every 45 minutes of swimming.


What happens when you pee in the pool?

We already know that when chlorine and urine come into contact, a dangerous substance known as chloramines forms. When you pee in the pool, you will notice an odour that comes due to the formation of chloramines. Also, your eyes will burn while swimming in the pool, which isn’t a good sign. The toxic chemical will cause your eyes to burn. Another symptom you might face is that your skin will start to irritate.

What will you do if someone pees in the pool?

First, measure the chlorine level of your pool. Then add the proper amount of chlorine to balance up the level. Moreover, it’s a good practice to clean your pool regularly. Many people tend to sanitise their pool every 2-3 days. Although it can indeed be tiring, you must carry out this task to keep yourself and others safe.

Why do people pee in the pool?

Well, there is no specific answer to this question. 20% of people admit peeing in the pool. It is a gross fact, but there is nothing anyone can do except take strong measures. Every 1 out of 5 people pees in the pool. So before going into the pool, get clarification on whether the pool is clean.  

Bottom Line

Peeing in the pool is never an appropriate action. Moreover, you are not only putting others’ health to hazard but also risking yourself from this habit. So, always remember to take short breaks of 10 to 15 minutes after each swimming session. During this break, you can go to the bathroom to lighten up or even rest for a while to energize your tired muscles.

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