How to Vacuum Intex Pool Without Skimmer

When we think about a dream house, several additional things start adding to the wish list. Perhaps rooms full of furniture, a serene garden in front, a sleek-looking rooftop, and a pool at the backward.

If you ever thought of having a pool in the backyard and couldn’t have one due to the reasons of inconvenience, now is the best time to have one. Because now is the time where you have different options for pools. You can construct an in-ground pool. You can have semi-buried or fully buried above ground pools. Then there are the traditional above ground pools. And if all these are not convenient for you to have, you can simply try the Intex above ground pools.

How to Vacuum Intex Pool Without Skimmer

Intex Above Ground Pool

Intex pools are basically pools with a surface made of Intex material. They can have a metal frame, oval frame, or patented Ultra and Prism frame as well. In the case of Intex pools, there is nothing to construct for days. If you have no space or narrow space in the yard, invest in an Intex pool. It is inexpensive and takes less space than, let’s say a traditional pool.

A traditional pool needs days to construct and requires a substantial space too. You will need to spend a lot to build it. And if it’s an inground pool or even semi-buried, no way you can relocate it. So, if it is not your house and you are living on rent, you, having a pool in the backyard, will be too much to expect. So, for you, the best option is an Intex pool. It is an excellent option for you and your kids to have a gala time enjoying the hot summer.

It is simple. Buy it, select a space, throw it there, inflate or set it, and fill it with water. And you are ready to dive into the water. The only downside of Intex pools is that these are not long-lasting. They are not sturdy and can be a bit tough to clean. However, if you follow the proper steps, then maintenance can be easy. And when correctly maintained, everything is bound to last. An Intex pool for sure is no exception.


One easy way to keep the Intex above ground pool clean is to set a skimmer in it. Skimmers are of different types. They can be made of precast concrete or high-quality PVC material. You can also invest in robotic skimmers available in the market. Or have the most basic, a skimmer net.

Having a skimmer in the pool means that it will catch all the dirt, leaves, twigs, dead insects, oil, and all other floating debris before they sink in the pool. If it gets into the bottom, the cleaning process turns much harder. So, having a skimmer is crucial in keeping the pool clean. For an Intex above ground pool, you can simply get a skimmer and hang it at the edge.

As the Intex pools are not too massive or deep enough, a skimmer alone can do a lot to keep it clean. Depending on the usage of the Intex pool, always try to clean the pool water. If you are using it every day, clean the skimmer basket daily.

Other Options

But what if you do not have a skimmer! Is there any way to clean the Intex pool without a skimmer, and the answer is yes. So, how to vacuum intex pool without skimmer- let us have a detailed discussion. There are a few tools to do that.

Use An Automatic Vacuum

The best way to keep an Intex pool, be it of any size clean, is to have an automatic vacuum. These vacuums can be a robotic vacuum, a pressure-side vacuum, and a suction-side vacuum. The robotic ones work all by themselves through technology and algorithms. Then you have the pressure-side vacuum that works due to the water pressure pumped back into the pool. And there are suction-side vacuums that will have a debris basket that is going to collect the dirt sucked by the vacuum through the hose.

These are all automatic, so you can put them in the pool and let them work all by themselves. These are good for cleaning the walls, steps, and drains as well. They are designed in such a way that they move at a random pattern. And within a couple of hours ensures thorough cleaning of the pool. Not even a corner gets missed with these. These are great in removing tough dirt too. From large leaves to 0.2 microns particles, nothing is spared by these automatic vacuums. In our opinion, if you do not have a skimmer, you need one automatic above ground vacuum at once.

Handheld Vacuum

If you do not prefer an automatic vacuum and want to have a vacuum to do it all by yourself even then, you have such vacuums available in the market. These are just like regular vacuums but for Intex above ground pools. The vacuum sucks the dirt and debris and goes right inside the debris bag. You just need to clean the bag often. Reaching the corners, narrow spaces of the walls becomes easier with these as you are controlling the vacuum by holding the handle.

Pool Vacuum Head

The pool vacuum head is another tool to clean your Intex pool. Get your telescoping pole and attach one side of the vacuum head with it. Throw it in the pool and get it to the bottom. Connect the garden hose to the other end of the pole. After that, just attach the garden hose with a jet to push the air out. And that is enough to have a clean Intex pool.


Always use a brush to clean the stubborn dirt. Vacuums and other tools might not be that effective in cleaning the tough stain or algae on liners, walls, or bottom. Scrub them well to clean the surface.

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Do I need Skimmer to Clean Intex Above Ground Pool

The answer is yes! Skimmers help remove the debris that accumulates on top of your pool’s surface and in the water. So if you want your pool to be clean, healthy, and inviting, then skimming is a must-have accessory!

Intex does not offer its own type of skimmer but there are many brands available on Amazon such as Pentair or Hayward that will work well with their pools.

Only skim when necessary – If you notice that dirt has started accumulating near the walls at the bottom of your pool (beyond what would normally accumulate), it may be time for some more intense cleaning which might include removing leaves from under rocks.

Final Words

You can try several other tools or ways to clean your Intex pool. However, as we mentioned, nothing can be better than an automatic vacuum. With the maintenance of the Intex pool, you also need to take proper care of the vacuum and other cleaning tools. Make sure to clean the debris bag or basket of the vacuum after every use. Check the pH of the water in the pool. If possible, cover your Intex pool when not in use.

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