How to Use Shop Vac for Water Pump?

At times you may need to clean large volumes of water spills around your house. Using traditional ways might be ineffective. For this reason, you can use a water pump or use your shop vacuum to pump out water.

Like many other people, you are also reading this article to deal with water spillage problems. If you are looking to use your shop vac as a water pump, then you are in the right place! I will guide you through the process in this article, so be sure to read till the end.

Why Do You Need A Water Pump?

From time to time, there may be small water spills around your house or the lawn. This can happen while carrying water or maybe using water for some purpose. Water may spill on your precious carpet or maybe your leather sofa. At that moment, you need to deal with that water spill instantly, before it can damage any of your things.

How to Use Shop Vac for Water Pump

How you choose to deal with the water spill depends on two things. Firstly, how much of water has spilled, and secondly, where did it spill. Based on this information, you need to decide your mode of action.

For dealing with small amounts of water, there are various ways. The easiest way is to suck up the water is to use some tissues or a piece of cloth to absorb it. However, when there are large amounts of water, this method is not as effective. What you need instead is a water pump to properly clean up the mess.

Why Use A Shop Vac To Pump Water?

Pumping water is not as easy as it sounds. There are some things to consider before you buy a water pump, such as water capacity, mobility, and other functionalities. Although a pump can easily clean water, there are reasons why you should not buy one.

A water pump is an expensive product. Considering that you may hardly need it once or twice a month, it is not a very good option to invest. In the end, you will not use the pump often and find that it is not worth the money.

This is where your vac comes in. As an essential day to day household commodity, a good wet dry vacuum is a must-have for any house. A shop vac is easily accessible and is a better product to invest in, rather than having a separate pump to clean water.

When there is a large volume of water you need to get rid of, it is best to use a water pump. It is important to remember that everyone does not have a water pump at their home. So what you can use instead is a shop vacuum.

Shop vacuums are readily available and can be used for both dry cleaning and a large volume of wet cleaning. Therefore, instead of purchasing a separate vacuum and water pump, it is more effective to use a shop vac for both purposes.

A shop vac may not have been built for the specific purpose of cleaning water, but many vacs come with water support, which has the ability to pump water out. There are other things to consider before using your shop vac as a pump, but we will get to that later.

How To Use Your Shop Vac For Pumping Water?

There are several things to check before pumping water with your shop vac. Some of these are listed down below.

Purchase A Wet-Dry Vac

Shop-Vac is a brand responsible for making various categories of Vacuums for households. Before you use your shop vac as a water pump, you need to ensure that your vac is wet-dry capable. This information will be available in the product description when you purchase a shop vac.

A wet-dry vac can be used to clean regular dust and dirt as well as any liquid spills. Liquids include water, wine, soda, urine, and much more. Keep in mind that the liquid must be non-flammable as any sparks in your vac can cause explosions.

A wet-dry capable vac has built-in liquid protection to keep the motor unharmed from water damage. It also has a liquid-proof container in the back where the liquids get stored after getting pumped. The liquids may then be safely removed along with the container.

Removing The Filter

A filter is usually attached in your vacs for pumping in dust and dirt. As the motor sucks in at high speed, the filter separates the dust and allows the air to come out. The filter prevents dust from getting into your eyes and lungs to prevent irritation and any possible health issues.

However, remove the filter before you use it for sucking up water. This is because water can damage the filter and you may end up needing to replace it. Even if your manual says your filter is waterproof, it is better to stay on the safe side.

Sucking Up The Water

Before starting to clean the water, attach the hose of your choice. Every wet-dry compatible vac comes with a standard circular hose. Although it can be used, an angled hose is much easier to pick up water, so you may opt for that one.

Remember to use the sucking end and not the blowing end. When you pick up water, keep a watch on the water container. Remove the water before it fills up, otherwise, the tank may leak or burst.

Pros :

  1. Cheaper than buying two separate products
  2. Easy to use
  3. Much more comfortable than moping
  4. Easy to clean big spills

Cons :

  1. Can slowly damage your vac
  2. Not all shop vacs can be used
  3. Difficult to maintain


It is important to be a bit careful around spills as the vac is an electrical device. It is also important to check the details of your shop vac before rushing in to clean water. Hopefully, this guide will clarify how to use a shop vac for pumping water.

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