How to Remove Sticky Residue from Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl material offers attractive and low maintenance on floors. Most people always prefer vinyl floors are they are easy to clean and provides a practical floor surface where you can work your craft projects on.

Sticky residue can seem like an impossible task to get it off from the floor, but with the aid from household items, you can easily get it out from the floor.

Sometimes the sticky residue can be cleaned out using a simpler cleaner, and at times it requires drying the sticky substance first. Below are some of the steps to follow to get the sticky residue off the floor.

Steps on How to Remove Sticky Residue from Vinyl Flooring

how to remove sticky residue from vinyl flooring

Wear gloves: Always start by ensuring that you put on latex gloves or rubber. This is because some cleaning substances contain harsh chemicals. Always protect your hands because your safety also comes first.

Begin by applying the cleaning agent on the cloth or directly to the sticky residue on the floor. When you are applying the cleaning agent on the cloth, ensure that the cloth is wet enough with the detergent. Always ensure that the cloth is clean as a dirty cloth can scratch the vinyl flooring or leave it with dirty sneaks.

Wipe the affected area: After dipping the cloth in the cleaning detergent, you can proceed to wipe the area thoroughly to remove the sticky residue. Do this in circular motions to make sure that the area is clean. In most instances, use warm water as it works effectively. It tends to lift up the dark stains on the vinyl flooring.

After wiping the sticky residue off, scrub the area gently. This is a step to consider if there is a need for scrubbing. The gentleness in scrubbing is to ensure that the finish on the vinyl floor does not get damaged. Rubbing is done if the residue tends to stick on the floor.

Clean away any remaining residue with soap and water. Always ensure that you use stringy cloths that will drag the dirt behind. A sponge type of a mop can be the ideal mop for cleaning sticky residue vinyl floors. During cleaning, push the mop in and back and in forth motions.

Then rinse thoroughly with clean water. It is advisable to wash all the soap away because soap can also be one of the substances that form sticky residues on vinyl floors. Put in mind that warm water is the best option to go. This is because it leaves the vinyl floors shiny and looking fresh. At this stage, ensure that all the sticky residue is cleaned from the floor.

Finally, dry the floor with a clean towel. Ragged towels can work best at this point. Leaving a sticky residue on the floor can be avoided by using rags. You will probably see well through a rag and notice if some residue is left on the floor. Always wipe all the water off until dry to make sure that no water is left on the floor.

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What you will need

When you are preparing to remove sticky residue on vinyl floors, you probably need a list of items. The list contains cleaning items and what is ideal for making a detergent that will help in cleaning. Here is a list of items that you should always put in mind:

  • Warm water
  • Liquid cleaning soap
  • Baking soda
  • Ammonia but this is optional depending on the kind of sticky residue
  • Cleaning bucket
  • Latex gloves
  • Ragged towels
  • Piece of clean cloth

What You Should Know

Vinyl floors can tolerate a lot of cleaners, but if you are worried that the surface might discolor during the cleaning process, especially when using detergents that bleach, then start by trying it on a small area first.

Always ensure that you remove all the cleaning products thoroughly while cleaning as the residue can make another sticky situation. You are probably trying to get rid of sticky substances, do not give room for more.

In some instances, it is recommended to make the sticky residue fresh before cleaning it. In such situations, oil can play a vital role here. Apply some little amount of oil to the residue to smoothen it and follow the cleaning procedures.

Final Words

Vinyl floors get sticky when food or other drinks spills. They also get some residues when you are walking with dirty or wet feet. Cleaning residues on vinyl floor should not be complicated. If you know how to do it right, then you can be sure of better cleaning. I have given you a detailed guide on how you can get rid of residues on your vinyl floors and leave the floors sparkly clean. Follow the above tips and it will be easier for you to maintain vinyl floors clean.

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