How to Remove Residue from Laminate Floors?

Cleaning laminate floors is very easy because of the Aluminum Oxide coating on the top of the floor that prevents staining and stubborn chemicals. This cleaning factor makes it require regular maintenance. Also, care has to be taken during cleaning laminated floors. Some chemicals are known for destroying the laminated floors like ammonia.

If there are stubborn stains and chemicals on the floor, it is advisable to contact a flooring expert near you. The expert will help you get a good solution to remove the stains and spots. By reading this article, you will have the knowledge to handle dirt, stains, and chemicals on your floor.

How to Remove Residue from Laminate Floors

How to Remove Residue from Laminate Floors

  1. Regular Cleaning

If you leave the floor not cleaned regularly, then a build-up may occur. Debris will have a good chance to destroy your floor. It is good to clean the floor regularly. Use a broom or a fiber mop, especially if your pet has dropped hairs on the floor. Debris causes scratching on the floor if carried to the floor by shoes or intentionally when kids are playing. A dry vacuum is the best for cleaning laminate floors.

  1. Using flooring cleaner

Using flooring cleaner to clean your floor makes it look new for a long period. It can look new even for years. These solutions are well known for killing mold, fungi, and bacterial hence encouraged rather than using water only. They can be sprayed or mopped together with cleaning pads (disposable). This can be done on a daily or weekly bases. Water or vinegar can be used, but vinegar is the better choice because its acidity will kill bacterial and prevent fungi. It removes stains easily, does not build up, and it has no harsh chemicals.

  1. Using a dry Cloth

In arid areas where water is not readily available, or the cost is quite a high, thane dry piece of cloth may be used. For waterproof laminates, dry material is not necessary. In-case the laminate is not waterproof, then the only option to keep the floor laminated properly is the use of a dry piece of cloth. Using dry steel wool under any circumstance can destroy the laminate. If water isn’t available, then use vinegar and not polishes. Polishes kills laminates if used to laminate them. Any fluid containing ammonia should not be used on laminates also.

  1. Removing Stains

When kids spend their day indoors playing and holding the pets, then a spill is likely to occur. A room with a carpet is advantaged. Laminated floors have a top layer than cannot be easily penetrated by the dirt and spilled liquids. Paper towels may be used to drain or soak wine, juice, tea, or coffee on the floor. Use vinegar, water, and a paper towel to remove the rest of the spilled fluid. Also, water and vinegar can be used to clean dry spots on the floor.

  1. Cleaning Quick Spills on the Floor

Your cleaning schedule may be interrupted by an unexpected spill done by the kids, pets, or you. When liquid spills accidentally use a paper towel to dry it, some liquids act stubborn, especially if they are sticky. Sticky liquids are sprayed vinegar three times the amount of the former. Always have a spray of vinegar in the house so that it can be easy to handle emergency spills. Drying any excess liquid on the floor is better. Places, where spills occur regularly like a kitchen, should seal the edges with glue on the edges is recommended to prevent joints and locks systems.

Final Words

The following items should not be used to clean laminated floors polishes, wax, sand, orange glow, Ammonia chemicals, abrasives, steel wool, scouring powder, and steam cleaners. Observing cleanliness is good, but also maintaining a good condition of the floor is better. When doubts occur

Then you should consult a cleaning pro to help you clean and maintain the floor’s nice appearance. Sand brought to the floor by any means should be cleaned immediately because it destroys the floor easily. Training the pets and kids to play at one point in the room may be challenging but may also help in maintaining a good looking laminated floor.

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