How to Remove Iron from Pool Water?

If you are a pool owner and notice discoloration or stained hair, nails, and other body parts, it is probably for the high iron concentration of the pool water. Water naturally contains iron, which won’t create any issue. But, when the pool equipment corrodes and releases extra iron into the water, it affects the quality of the water. Over time, the chlorine concentration will be high and the pH will be low. Now you may wonder how to remove iron from pool water initially to avoid further issues. 

The presence of excess iron and other metals in the pool can be identified by the rusty brown color of the water. Here you will find some guidelines to get rid of this problem.

How to Remove Iron from Pool Water

Removing iron from the pool water: Easy way

As iron is one of the natural minerals of water, firstly you will need to check whether the iron concentration in water is high or not. You can determine it with an iron test kit, or by the cloudy brown color of the water. 0.2ppm iron concentration is enough for clouding and staining.

Step 1

Add chlorine and non-chlorine type of shock to the pool and a clarifier treatment to reduce iron buildup. Vinyl and gunite pools require different shocks, so if you can not decide which type of shock you need, seek a pool expert. Check the manufacturer’s direction and run the pool for 6-8 hours while shocking, it will destroy contaminants of the pool water.

Step 2

The shocking method will oxidize the iron and other metals and precipitate them. Once the rust is separated, you can remove it from the water. Backwash the pool filter and then add flocculent, it is a more effective way to remove rust from water.

Step 3

Change the filter direction and allow backward water flow. Determine the quantity of product you need for the task. Usually, ¼ th of one-gallon flocculent is enough for 6500 gallons of pool water. Now add flocculant in the pool, it will mix with water, collect iron and drag it to the bottom of the pool.

Step 4

Do not forget to scrub the pool wall to loosen the stuck iron. Vacuum the pool so that the iron will be removed from the bottom. Keep the pH level between 7.2-7.6 to prevent iron stains. You can conduct partial water change if the iron concentration exceeds 0.5ppm.

Step 5

Prevent the iron from oxidizing by adding a chelating agent that forms a compound component with iron. You can also use iron remover method, this will require the pump filter on. ¼ the iron remover should work for 5000 gallons of water. Leave it overnight and the pool water will be normal again.

These are some effective ways you can follow to remove the rust from your pool water and convert the dirty, unattractive pool back to normal. If you can not get the normal water even after following the steps, you must consult with an expert.

Can sand filters remove iron from my pool?

Yes, sand filters can remove iron but in this case, you will need to do some more work. You can try using Cartridge filters, but sand filters and FerriTab are a more effective combo. If you use a sand filter, you’ll be able to backwash the iron from the filter.

What type of filter is good for removing iron from my pool water?

Katalox system or any chemical-free filter is good for your pool. It will remove the hydrogen sulfide and manganese, too as it is designed to dispel the contaminants effectively and safely.

Can magnets remove iron from the pool?

A device known as a magnetic separation device has been developed to dispel iron and other heavy metals from the pool water. Synthetically prepared Ferrite or mineral magnetite is typically used for this purpose.

How can I understand iron is present in the pool water?

The most common sign of the presence of iron is the rusty brown pool water. Sometimes you may not notice the color change of the water while the iron level is normal, therefore, you will need to take a water sample to a pool store and analyze the water. Over time, your pool may change the rusty brown color to black, and then back to green again. This indicates your pool water contains copper.


Once you have removed iron from your pool water you will be confident about swimming in clean and safe water without having any staining issue. Also, you will feel swimming in the iron-free water is pleasurable. As soon as you suspect a high concentration of iron in the pool water, take the water sample to your nearest pool store so the experts can guide you in the most effective way, or you can follow the steps mentioned above to get rid of iron from your pool water.

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