How to Keep Pool Cover from Sagging?

A new season approaches and you’re all packed with your pool cover. However, after a few days, you start seeing sagging in the middle of your pool. This essentially removes the advantages of having a pool cover to begin within the first place.

Eventually, you’ll have to sag around your entire pool, and it will collect debris. Not only does it look terrible, but it also doesn’t feel lush in itself. Your pool cover should be able to hold down the weight of you walking all over it. And if it fails to complete its duty, maybe it’s time to know better about how to tie your pool cover or get a new one.

How to Keep Pool Cover from Sagging

What are the reasons for pool cover sagging?

First off, before finding the solution, you should get to the root of your problem. There might be a few possible reasons why your pool cover is sagging. We’ll be talking about some of them in-depth below

  • Too Loose: The first and foremost reason we see most pool covers sagging is the pool covers’ loosened ropes. People tend to set up the tubes farther apart to save space, which results in lesser knots and more sagging.
  • Improper Tube Size: If you have a reasonably moderate-sized pool, you can rely on having larger tubes. They might not be appealing, but they can hold onto the water flow pressure underneath the pool cover. Bigger tubes can also ensure to tightly grip onto your pool cover from sulking in the middle due to excessive debris.
  • Snowy Season: Many times, snow piles up in the middle of the pool, and the cover loses its grip strength. Eventually, the cover will sink from not being able to bear the weight of the snow.
  • Low Water Level: When your pool cover doesn’t match your pool’s water level, it will tend not to stick to the water. Instead, whenever there’s heavy wind, your pool cover will start sagging little by little.
  • Low-Quality Pool Cover: Sometimes, low prices of pool covers available in the market may be alluring, but it’s not the best for your pool. Inexpensive pool covers may be thin and lightweight, which won’t help your cover from sagging. They might also have pierced bodies. It will cause water to seep in throughout a few days.

These are only a few of the possible explanations for your pool cover sagging. You can closely observe your pool cover to make sure of the problem.

How to keep pool cover from sagging

The real question arises, and now we have to pull out the big questions of the possible ways you can keep your pool water from sagging.

Without any further ado, let’s get into a few significant steps you need to follow through when installing a pool cover

  • Install the right sized tubes: Remember, the bigger it is, the better it will be for the long run. Install the tubes around your pool fully without leaving any space out.
  • Make sure to tie your ropes tightly: When installing a pool cover, you have to ensure the cords are tightly tied around your pool cover. If you see any sagging, that might indicate the pol cover not being installed properly. You shouldn’t be able to see any loops when you’re done tying the ropes around the tubes.
  • Level your pool water to your pool cover: After tying the cover around, if you notice the pool has lesser water than the cover level. Now immediately get your pool hose and fill the pool up to the brink. Avoiding this step might lead you into trouble later ahead.

Let’s say you followed all these steps. But over the days, your cover still sags. What could you possibly be doing wrong? The most common explanation for that is the building of debris and leaves over your pool cover.

If you notice piles of leaves all-around your pool cover within a few months, we suggest you mop the leaves off. Since your pool cover should be able to hold onto the weight of an entire human being, you should be able to walk over it without any issue.

How To Care For Your Pool Cover In Winter

You can easily take care of your pool cover in winter without the fear of snowmaking your pool cover drown. All you’ll have to do is clean out the upper layer of your pool cover manually, such as removing debris, junk, or leaves.

Then you can proceed with adjusting the water level again. It’s possible that within a few months of using the pool clever, the water from underneath has evaporated. This will make the water level decrease. Hence, make sure you level your pool water with the cover again, preparing it to face the weight of snowfall.

Don’t forget to tighten the cover while you’re at it! The tightening process can be tiring since it requires quite a bit of time. But surely, the work will be worth it when your pool cover can withstand the weight of snow throughout the winter season.

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If you’re wondering why you need a pool cover in the first place if you have to drain the water out during summer – trust us, it gets a lot easier to clean your pool up.

A maintained pool cover can make the entire feeling of owning a pool relaxing, no matter what season it might be. Your pool cover can also provide safety. Suppose you have smaller kids or animals at your residence. In that case, the pool cover can protect any sort of accident related to drowning from happening.

Therefore, by now, we hope you’re aware of everything related to the process of keeping your pool cover from sagging. Follow every mentioned process as mentioned, and hopefully, you won’t have to deal with any pool cover issues. Till the next time, have safe swimming!

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