How to Install Above Ground Pool Chlorinator?

Just as a pool cleaner is a good friend for your pool !  Also, a pool chlorinator can be your best friend. While cleaning the swimming pool, we saw which machine made our work easier and which device complicated our work. An automatic pool chlorinator is a machine that can actually claim to be part of your pool because it delivers chlorine to your pool smartly.

We know how important it is to maintain the balance of chlorine in the pool when we use a floating or liquid chlorinator, we realize that if there was an automatic chlorinator, time and labour could be saved. But many are worried about how to install an automatic chlorinator in your Above ground pool. It is not a complicated process but a matter of learning. You can easily make good use of this machine if you learn to operate it.

How to Install Above Ground Pool Chlorinator

How to Install Above Ground pool Chlorinator ?

Swimming pool owners should get out of the ordinary floating manual chlorine supply machine and learn to use the automatic pool chlorinator. You just have to install it, then put it in your favourite pool. It will continue to supply chlorine automatically, you just have to set up the rate of chlorine delivery. So we have focused on automatic machines, hopefully, after reading this article, you can easily install an automatic chlorinator.

How does Above Ground Automatic Pool Chlorinator work?

Before purchasing a chlorinator, one must make sure that it works in the Above Ground Pool. Some automatic chlorinators can work in all types of pools, while some machines can work in a single pool. So you first look at the Special Above Ground Automatic Pool Chlorinator and buy a device that meets all the needs.

Like automatic pool cleaning machines, it also works pump and filter based. This type of chlorinator is plugged directly into the filter and pump system, sanitizing only the water returning to the pool. Unlike a floating chlorinator, it does not have to be placed inside the pool, it is capable of delivering chlorine from outside the pool.

Analysis Pool Volume

You should know that pool chlorinators can work in all types of pools, big and small, the kind of machine that is designed for the type of pool should be used. Even if your pool is quite large, there is nothing to worry about; there are stocks of automatic chlorinator supplying chlorine in many large-sized pools in the market. First, you need to find out the volume of your pool, this is a calculation – you can find out the size, size and amount of water in your pool.

For example, you have a 6-foot-deep, 12-foot-by-40-foot pool that holds 40,000 gallons of water. Now you can buy an automatic pool chlorinator that can sanitize chlorine in 40,000 gallons of water. A chlorinator of this design you can easily get. You can take the help of mathematical formulas to find out the exact volume of your pool, it will give you a very good idea.

Above Ground Automatic Pool Chlorinator Types

Suppose you have the experience to purchase the necessary devices and chlorinator for the swimming pool. In that case, you must know that – there are two types of chlorinator available in the market. One is the inline chlorinator, and the other is the offline chlorinator, they both work for the same kind of supply, and the price is also in the same range. The only difference is in the installation process, so you choose the right chlorinator for your pool filtration system.

The main difference between inline and offline chlorinators is how to install them. The offline pool chlorinator is connected to a tube and installed next to the filter system. When there is no space to attach the chlorinator to the end of the filtration system, it is attached to the adjacent place. Inline chlorinator, on the other hand, is installed by plugging directly into the pipes connected to the filter and pipe system. This helps to protect the pool equipment from corrosion.

How to set the pool Chlorination rate?

In an automatic pool chlorinator- you can set the rate of chlorine supply yourself. This process of chlorine supply is called a chlorination system. Before applying any chemical to the pool, you need to know the amount of water and volume in the pool. This rule will be the same for the supply of chlorine, you need to determine this amount before deciding the rate of chlorination. If you can’t find the right volume, you can’t find a suitable chlorinator for the pool. The chlorinator you purchase is smaller than the size of your pool, but will not be wholly sanitized with that machine.

So choose a chlorinator that can control the entire volume of your pool. Some automatic pool chlorinators can chlorinate 10,000 gallons of water.  Also, some automatic pool chlorinators are designed to pool 40,000 gallons of water. Just arrange an automatic chlorinator depending on the size and quantity of your pool. Then set the automatic chlorination rate in it. You may forget about this before it comes time to add the next chlorine. At this point, the automated pool chlorinator will continue to supply chlorine to your pool water continuously.

What is an Automatic Pool Sanitizer?

The job of the pool sanitizer is to keep the pool safe by keeping it clean and disinfected. Sanitizing the pool makes the water in the pool cleaner, so swimmers do not get sick quickly from the water. After swimming in the swimming pool, many people get sick due to the harmful germs in the pool, so the pool should be sanitized regularly in advance. By doing such volume analysis, you need to be sure which one you really need.

Chlorine is the most popular sanitizer for sanitizing Above ground pools, it can be used in many ways. However, you can use an automatic pool chlorinator to successfully sanitize your pool.

Best Pool for Salt Water Chlorinator

First you need to convert the salt into chlorine, so the brine tank system works much better. However, this process is better not to put the metal wall in the pool, because salt can compress the metal, which can later cause severe damage to the structure of the pool. Also, if chlorination of salt is carried out in concrete pools, its plaster may be damaged and fall down.

However, saltwater chlorine treatment works very well in fibreglass pools, and the pool is easily cleaned and disinfected. Saltwater can do no harm to fibreglass.


I want to tell you that the level of chlorine in your pool is decreasing, there is nothing to despair about. But with the hasty decision, there is no need to buy a chlorinator feeder, it will cost unnecessarily. Automatic pool cleaning allows you to easily control the chlorine levels in your above ground pool. In contrast, chlorination filtration systems are quite expensive and troublesome to install. It requires regular maintenance of various types of equipment, including O-rings.

From the above discussion, it is clear that automatic pool chlorinator is the best and most advanced way to supply chlorine to your pool. For,  get a better service, it is imperative to choose the best automatic pool chlorinator for your pool. Properly chlorinate the pool, swim in the sterile pool and enjoy your leisure time.

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