How to Install a Thru-Wall Skimmer on Intex Pool

It’s never an uncommon question to ask what could be the real essence of installing thru-wall skimmers on the Intex pools. Well, to come out straight, the main essence of doing such is to give room for cleaning and filtering the water that you have in your pool. You should know that thru-wall skimmers are a great way to have clean water in case what you have is an Intex pool. Since you’re passionate about understanding the best way to install thru-wall skimmers, we are; therefore, ready to provide you with detailed steps on the easiest way to do the installation on your Intex pool.

To install a thru-wall skimmer on the Intex pool, start by filling up the pool with water, put the faceplate right at the cutout of the skimmer, make some holes, and finally cut the excess liner off. You can add to the step the attachment of a vacuum line, which can help boost the efficiency of the skimmer.

To make the thru-wall skimmer work efficiently and effectively as wanted, you’re advised to adhere to the provided instructions on installing above ground pool skimmers in this guide. Enjoy your reading!

How to Install a Thru-Wall Skimmer on Intex Pool

What is a Thru-Wall Skimmer?

Let’s unravel a few details about a thru-wall skimmer before discussing the installation steps.

Every pool factory offers a thru-wall skimmer and return fitting with every pool bought by customers. This thru-wall skimmer is designed to be attached to the side of the above-ground pool, serving as the intake to enable the inflow of water from the pool directly into the filter system. The return jet fitting is in charge of the outtake– how the filtered water flows back into the pool. The skimmer and the return jet come with an above ground pool. And they are usually the last components of the pool saved for the final installation process.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Thru-Wall Skimmer?

Intex pool is accompanied by a thru-wall skimmer for some specific reasons characterized by several unique benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Remove debris from the pool: The thru-wall skimmer is designed to serve as the first line of defense. It functions primarily to remove debris from your pool if any is found. The skimmer basket helps catch leaves and large debris as the water flows through the skimmer and before they get to your filter system.

More so, the weir door of the skimmer pushes more water forcefully into the skimmer– this incredibly helps get rid of floating debris from the water. Besides, the weir door is made to ensure that the debris stays in the skimmer basket when you turn the pump off to prevent it from returning to the pool.

  • Regulate the flow of water: The manufacturer also designed the skimmer weir door to help regulate how water flows into the pump and prevent the pump and filtration system from getting occupied by large amounts of air. With this, your filter system can function perfectly and more efficiently during the pool season.

How to Install A Thru-Wall Skimmer On Intex Pool

After understanding perfectly how a thru-wall skimmer can be an immense benefit when attached to an Intex pool, you should be excited to know about the easy steps to follow when it comes to its installation. We’ll explore each of these steps in detail in this section.

Step 1: Occupy the pool with enough water

 Start by preparing your pool. You should do this by pumping the required amount of water (of about two feet) into the pool to make the liner stretch properly in position.

Step 2: Set the skimmer properly

The next step after pumping the required amount of water into the pool is to put the faceplate at the skimmer cutout. Place the cutout to be in the opposite direction of the faceplate and liner– you will see this outside the pool on the surface (wall).

Go to the upper part and make three holes, then tighten them well using two flathead screws. Ensure that,  as you do this, you use the screw to rightly place the system and screw them very hard.

Step 3: Create more holes in the liner

Go to the inner part of your pool after making the first three holes and make more holes on the gasket. Give the liner the holes and insert flathead screws. After that, try to tighten them.

Step 4: Cut the remaining liner off the gasket

You will see some extra liner. So, the final step will be to cut the extra liner in the inner part of your pool. This step is to ensure that everything remains completely neat. It would be best to make use of the gasket as a guide when cutting the surplus liner– this will ensure that you have a neat cut.

Step 5: Use a Vacuum hose

This step is not exclusively needed but can be engaged as an extra. Connecting a vacuum line and skimmer will help increase the skimmer’s efficiency. Also, it’s a way to minimize the suction from the skimmer. Using the vacuum with the skimmer is a way to pump in water rapidly and sift dirt out quicker. For this step, you may need to know about plumbing.

Note: The plumbing of the vacuum line may take more time and effort to attach. However, the benefit it offers makes it worth it.

Final Thought

The article has successfully provided the simple steps you can take to install a thru-wall skimmer on the Intex pool. To attach a simple wall skimmer, you should try to take the first four steps. However, if you intend to have a pool with better water filtration system, step 5 will be a great extra.

We believe that you will install your thru-wall skimmer on the index pool on time by following the guide in this article. You may also want to check the manual that comes with the pool skimmer for further details.

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