How to Increase Suction in Pool Skimmer

Maintaining a swimming pool is a tough job in everyday life. Passing the time with the swimming pool is your favorite moment. But whenever you find your pool is not well even though giving much effort. It makes you annoyed.

It means your pool’s functions are not working correctly. The pool vacuum, pump, Skimmer, and so many things you need to keep your pool sound. 

So that pool skimmer is crucial because it resolves the dirty water, and it is able to suck in the water and filter out the dirt. That’s why you install a high emphasis on suction power.

How to Increase Suction in Pool Skimmer

When your pool skimmer vacuum is so weak to take in all of the dirt from your pool, you need to increase suction in your pool skimmer. But most of the pool owners don’t know, and they are not concerned about increasing pool skimmer suction.

There are lots of ways to boost suction in a pool skimmer if you find it too weak.

What are Pool Skimmers

Pool skimmers are installed in every pool and include essential features. Built-in skimmers look rectangular in an opening located on the side of the in-ground-pool. Those who have an above ground pool use robotic skimmers or automatic skimmers that hung from the pool’s sides. Pool owners may have one or more skimmers depend on the size of the pool.

Pool skimmers are planned to suck water from the surface through the pool’s filtration system. The skimmers take away contaminants, water, and rubble such as debris, leaves, sunscreen, and hair from the pool before they go down to the bottom. Most of the pool’s skimmers are drawn about the top 1/8 inch into the water. So that skimmers can remove debris and chemicals properly from the pool. If your skimmers don’t work properly, it will increase the chances of a cloudy pool and algae growth. Besides, your pool pump will be flat to wear and tear. As a result, you will likely need to replace all the pool settings before the manufacturer’s recommended date. It will be costly to implement to replace a pool pump and other things, so you need to maintain your pool Skimmer its the right time.

How skimmers help your pool

When you run the pool pump, the Skimmer pulls the water and floating debris from the pool surface through a pivoting flap, which is called a weir, after passing the debris through the weir, and collected through the skimmer basket. The circulation system continues this process until the pool pump is turned off. After turning off the pool pump, the pivoting flap proceeds to its original position, where it avoids the debris from coming back into the pool. At this point, the skimmer baskets control the debris from the pool surface and routinely make sure free water flow and maximum filtering ability.

How to develop suction in the pool skimmer

After describing the reason for the low suction cause, now we’ll talk about its solution. We’ve found out a couple of solutions for increase suction in pool skimmer. So, let’s start one by one.

Clean out the Impeller

First, you have to find out the root cause by checking the pump impeller because its fault might be the main cause of low pump suction. To check the pump impeller, you have to switch off the pump and the lid and remove the basket. Then you’ll able to see a small hole in the impeller. If you notice a lot of debris stuck on there, use an air compressor to blow the dirt. Thus you’ll able to clean the impeller and increase suction in your pool pump.

Check the Piping

When you didn’t find any problem in the impeller, then notice on the piping. Sometimes there has a big chance to clog up piping. It may cause a weak suction problem, too. So what you need to do is use an air compressor that may force the clogged pipe. Thus, it can bring the suction back to its regular flowing.

What causes Low Suction on Pool Skimmer?

This is very important to know the reasons for low suction on the pool pump. When you have a pool pump for your swimming pool, you need to maintain your pool as well as a pool pump. And my experiences of the same problem with your pump, you must need to come for the exact solution.

Here we’re talking about where the exact problem lies on the low suction pump.

Clogging in the pump

Clogged up the pump area might be a strong reason for low suction on the pool skimmer. After a certain period, the pump skimmer clogged up dirt and debris somewhere in the suction area. The clogging might be in the pump, pipe, impeller, or valve. So it would be best if you found out where the exact clog is.

Clogged in the skimmer valve

If you haven’t found any clogging in the suction and pump areas, you must check the skimmer valve. Because, most of the time, the problem lies in the skimmer valve. So there has a chance of clogging in these areas. You need to open the skimmer valve and find out the clogging.

The Skimmer in winter

Whether you lock your in-ground-pool or above-ground pool spatially in winter, you cannot skip the skimmer prep, or you could open your pool to a bit of a mess next time of year.

For an in-ground pool, when you’ve driven out the lines, you must insert a rubber plug or an ice compensator like a Gizzmo into your Skimmer so that you can keep it clogged and prevent anything from sneaking into your filtration system throughout the winter.

If you have an above ground pool, you need to just install a cover over it. But it depends on the type of Skimmer you have.

If you ensure that you can take care of your Skimmer, it will keep taking care of your pool when you open it back up.

How to adjust pool skimmer suction?

You must adjust the skimmer suction nicely for effective cleansing. You don’t have to be any professional for doing this. Remove the basket from the skimmer gently and analyze if it has a flow control valve in there. Make sure the valve is working well and not blocked. Make sure it has got no fault over there.

How much suction should a pool skimmer have?

Ideally, skimmers should have more water pulling power than receiving. However, a single-speed skimmer should take only a few minutes to prepare the surface. If you notice air in the skimmer for more than half an hour, give it a quick check.


However, there are more other ways to damage your pool skimmer, and you need to repair low suction power in pool skimmers. These are the best and standard solutions. Besides all the problems, the pool owner will be uncounted for some other problem, but these three tips seem to be the most useful. As long as you try to increase suction in the pool skimmer, you should maintain your pool suction as much as needed.

When you see that your pool skimmer’s suction power is too weak to suck up the pool water, whip out this guide and try out some of that we’ve mentioned above. One of them must work, and your pool will be excellent for health swimming.

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