How To Get Floc Out Of Pool

A pool is a fantastic place to chill out and relax during the hot summer days. But the pool tends to become cloudy after some use. So, you can’t plan a proper swimming session while your pool is in that condition. The best solution is to use a flocculant.

The particles that get formed after using the floc are so large that they fall to the bottom of the pool. So, the only way you can take the floc out is by using a vacuum. This process is crucial as you need to be careful not to stir up the remains sitting down in the pool.

Using flocculants is very efficient in getting rid of the cloudiness of the water. But it’s only advisable if you can make sure to remove the floc. So, here’s all you need to know!

What is Floc?

Flocculant, or floc for short, is a chemical substance you can add to your pool when various other cleaning methods aren’t working. This chemical solidifies particles when added to the water and dumps the remains to the bottom of the pool. From there, you can vacuum the remaining substance.

How To Get Floc Out Of Pool

After mixing the floc with the pool water now, it’s time to get the floc out of your pool. If you’re having trouble getting regarding this, then follow these steps, and you’ll get to know how to do it.

First, set the filter to the “waste” setting and connect it to the manual vacuum. The automatic cleaner will be of no use in this particular process. So, you’ll need to put in some hard work. 

After running the pump for so long, you’ll see the sediments at the bottom of the pool in a ring-like shape. You’ve to turn the pump on so that you can filter them out.

The trick to removing the floc from the pool is to use the vacuum at a very slow speed so you don’t stir up the coagulated substances on the bottom of the pool. If you use it at a faster speed, the currents inside the pool will dissolve all the stuff sitting at the bottom. The filter and pump will work together to get the junk out.

But, if you’ve already ended up disturbing the debris, take a break for some time. It will allow the debris to settle down nicely on the bottom. Come back in about thirty to sixty minutes and try doing it again.

During cleaning, you’ll definitely end up losing a lot of water. So if you want to return to the normal water levels, refill the pool as much as you need. And don’t forget to backwash your filters too. These filters tend to collect all the substances and leftover chemicals in them.

Is Pool Floc Really Necessary?

Flocs aren’t the only way to clean the cloudy pool water. Another useful method of cleaning a dirty pool is regularly cleaning or backwashing the filter and keeping it clean. The reason is that dirty filters can cause the water to get clouded. 

If you have sand or DE filters, you must backwash them. And if you have a cartridge filter, you’ve to get rid of the cartridge and soak it in a container that’s filled with filter cleaning solution. 

You can buy these filter cleaners from any pool accessory supplier. Then you just have to dilute it according to the given instructions.

Problems with Pool Floc

It can happen that pool flocculant sometimes just won’t sink. These could be a few reasons for this:

  • You didn’t wait for the required amount of time. Wait for about 48 hours so that the floc can nicely sink to the bottom.
  • You left the pump on. For which the water didn’t get the chance to settle down and let the floc work.
  • You might have left algae residing in your pool. You have to eradicate the algae before you use the floc.
  • You forgot to add the required amount of floc to the water.

Pool Flocculant Tips

These are some of the tips that will help you when you clean your pool:

  • Set the filter to “Recirculate” mode when you add floc for the first time.
  • Be sure to calculate the exact amount of chemical that needs to go in the water.
  • Give the floc enough time to work.


Pool floc is a great way to make sure that your pool stays neat and clean. However, you’ve to put in some work to vacuum the remains of the floc out of the pool. And now, as you’ve got a better idea of how to get floc out of pool, you can be sure to throw a pool party next weekend. Your pool will be as good as new and ready to serve your guests. So, keep your pool clean and enjoy partying!

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