How to Get Baking Soda Film off Tile Floor?

Are you having problems getting baking soda film off your tile floor? Are you looking for a good solution? Then it would help if you considered the following steps I have given you below. It is everyone wishes to walk around the house barefoot on a clean tile because it is hard to relax on a stained tiled floor. When they are a film of baking soda on your tile, it looks dirty. The film may be cloudy, grainy, or even sticky. It is essential to remove the film as early as possible. Below are some ways and steps on how to get baking soda film off the tile floor.


How to Get Baking Soda Film off Tile Floor?

Warm water

This method is environmentally friendly. You are required to have a sponge and warm water. Take the sponge and deep it in the warm water. Then squeeze it to remove the excess water and make sure it is wet enough to be still able to wipe the tiles. Use medium pressure to clean the tile.

How to Get Baking Soda Film off Tile Floor

This is because when you apply excess pressure, it can result in the film getting entrenched in the tiles. After wiping all films use a neat rag or soft cloth to wipe. This method is very simple but effective; however, if this method does not work for the first time on your tile, then try as many times as you can, and it will become effective.

Vinegar solution

Baking soda is a basic; hence it can react with acid, making vinegar the best product to use. It easily cut the dirt and grime. It is Eco-friendly. For one to use this product, you need to have vinegar, a clean bowl, warm water, rug hand gloves, strong brush and spray bottle, or cloth. You should use a clean bowl and take an equal amount of vinegar and warm water, mix it up well.

This is vital; it will protect your hands from itching mostly if you have a cut on your hand or sensitive skin. You have to soak the cloth in the solution or use the spray bottle on the area covered by with film and give it nine to ten minutes. Then use a strong brush to brush the baking soda film from the tilling area.

When you are done with all that, use clean water or dry rug to remove the baking soda film. It is advisable to use bottle spray when removing the film from the vertical surface than using a cloth. However, if the film does not varnish, you can use vinegar in the same process without adding warm water, but make sure you protect your hands by wearing gloves.

Chemical solution

Even if your tiles are shiny, dirt or seedy film will make it look grimy and messy. Keeping your tiles clean and cleaning it regularly, you will not be needed to use baking soda; hence they will be no baking soda film. If the above two method does not work, this shows that the film might be stubborn and has settled deep on the surface of the tiles. In this situation, you may be required to use a stronger solution.

  • Chlorine

This is the strongest chemical that acts as a bleaching agent and is the best to remove the film or grout. It can also remove all the bacteria and all other unwanted microorganisms. You are supposed to use a soft brush to get the best results.

  • Borax powder

This solution is highly alkyne. Take a bowl and put a sponge into the borax powder. Then use it to clean tiles, film. After a few minutes, rinse well using warm water.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

This can be used to whiten and also a fungicide. When using, make a thick paste of it and white flour, then apply it to the surface of the tile and cover it with a plastic wrap. Then leave it to work throughout the night and use cold water properly to clean it.


There are many solutions to choose to get baking soda film off the tile. When looking for a way, you don’t have to look for a commercial cleaner. However, you can use warm water, vinegar solution, or create your chemical solution. Through my review am positive that you will be guided on steps to follow on how to get baking soda film off the tile floor.

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