How To Cover An Above Ground Pool With A Deck?

The swimming pool cover doesn’t look pretty like the pool. But the significance is greater than its looks. When you have an above-ground pool, it needs special care to protect itself from dirt and snow. But how to cover an above-ground pool with a deck?

You can use three types of cover: solid, mesh, and sliding deck cover. To install a solid cover, measure the area with an extra dimension to cover the whole deck by creating extra loops. To establish a mesh cover, get the fabric net and stretch across the deck tightly. You can also install an automatic or manual sliding deck to prevent algae growth and debris.

The pool cover is necessary to keep the water in your pool swimmable, especially in winter. Most people recommend using a pool cover to keep your pool safe in winter.

How To Cover An Above Ground Pool With A Deck

Why Do You Need Pool Cover?

The cover will provide a stable barrier to your pool and keep it separate from the surroundings without worrying about the dirt.

Pool maintenance is essential if you want to use it for a long time. Any dirt or debris can easily spoil the pool water, and you will need to change it every time you want to enjoy swimming. The problem gets even more annoying during winter. Wind and snowfall can make your pool dirty within a night. 

So, the solution is to use a pool cover. The above-ground pool needs some extra amount of coverage if they have any decks.

Above Ground Pool Cover

You will find many options while covering a pool with a deck. As pool covers are pretty expensive and you also have to cover the deck, you need to find the most reasonable option of covers that will serve your purpose.

There are three types of cover most prominently used by pool owners – solid cover, mesh cover, and sliding deck cover. Here’s a brief overview of how to install each type.

Solid Cover

The usage of solid cover is versatile and pretty famous because of its cost-efficiency. It protects the pool by preventing algae growth, debris, and sediments. But your challenge will be the installation of this cover. 

Steps To Follow:

  1. First, you need to measure the proper dimensions of your pool. Don’t forget to factor in the deck.
  2. Get the cover and check if any holes are present or not.
  3. Now, arrange a drill to make enough holes around the deck to conveniently place the cover over the pool.
  4. Gather all the straps and install them around your deck.
  5. Before placing the cover, you should scrutinize the pool. If you see a big chunk of dirt, you should remove it before closing the pool.
  6. Now, you need to drain the pool because it will reduce the risk of drowning.
  7. You can now install the pool cover. But the last strap is troublesome to set and needs some extra effort. So, it will be bothersome to install the cover alone.


Usually, the solid pool covers are bulky. So, you can’t install it alone without getting external help. You also need to drain the pool if you want to cover the pool.

Mesh Cover

The mesh covers are also famous alongside the solid covers because of their ease to use. This cover is made of mesh fabric which exactly looks like a net. So, you will see a net covering your pool. 

Steps To Follow:

  1. Take a proper measurement of your pool that can also cover your deck. As the mesh covers consist of ropes to stretch the cover across the deck, make sure you get a bit larger rope.
  2. Install the straps or drill holes to plug some hooks based on the number of loose rope ends. Otherwise, there’s nothing to hold on to the ropes and the mesh.
  3. Gather two or three people while installing the mesh, or you can ask for some professional help. That’s because you alone can’t measure the exact stretch for every end of the rope.
  4. Ensure that you have covered every corner evenly or that there’s no uneven side of the deck and the pool is left behind.
  5. Don’t stretch the rope too tightly, or else it can rip off. It can also tear apart when a small weight of dirt falls upon it because of extra tension.


As the mesh cover is of fabric material, it can only trap the bigger debris. The surface won’t be enough for blocking sand, small leaves, or other smaller particles. You also have to clean the mesh net more frequently than solid covers.

Sliding Deck Pool Cover

This type of pool cover is costlier than the other two options. But the sliding deck cover will be safer compared to others. That’s because the wood materials will cover the whole pool along with the deck. You can install the sliding deck on a manual setting or automatic setting. 

Steps To Follow:

  1. Sliding deck cover installation needs professional help. So, find out some reputable service that can help you to install the cover.
  2. Make sure you have some good quality wood, or the cover will get rotten in contact with water.

If you install an automatic one, you can easily control it with a switch and set a password. That way, your kids can’t open the cover by themselves and accidentally fall into the pool.


The sliding deck cover isn’t compatible with larger pools. Also, it will cost you a fortune if you want to build one for your large pool. If you install a sliding cover, your pool features will be limited. Even a water pump can hinder the sliding cover’s path.

What’s An Air Pillow For?

An air pillow under your pool cover will absorb the expanding pressure of ice during winter. It’s a good alternative to using pool covers in winter. 

Mainly, the air pillow is an ice compensator. You will understand its significance during winter. That’s because the water freezes, and the density creates pressure that will directly impact your pool wall.

So, the air pillow absorbs the expanding pressure and protects your pool wall from damage. But the buffer won’t be necessary if you are shutting down the pool rather than swimming in the winter.

Some Pro-Tips To Avoid Uncertain Damage

If you are going to install a cover to your above-ground pool, you need some tips so that you can avoid minor incidents such as frozen winch, algae growth, etc.

If you are going to shut off the pool and cover it because of winter, make sure your winch and cable are also covered. Or else, they would become unusable and damaged in the cold. And also, make sure your cover remains nice and tight.

Always use cover clips even if they don’t work correctly. It’s not wrong to use some cheap clips to add some extra layer of security.

If you are using a solid cover, you can add 1-3 inches of water over the surface so that the cover doesn’t get blown away by the wind.

Bottom Line

Maintaining a swimming pool is an arduous task. In winter, the situation gets worse as the water freezes. But if you protect your pool and keep it covered when you aren’t using it, you won’t have any extra tension in cleaning the pool. 

Keep yourself updated about how to protect a swimming pool from winter damage by using covers. That way, you can enjoy the following summer with a breeze. Happy swimming!

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