How To Clean Pool Tiles With Vinegar?

You might have noticed that filthy pool tile can affect the entire appearance of your poolside. Especially when you’ve got any guest in the house, a dirty and unclean pool tile will harm your impression.

Moreover, cleanliness is essential if you want to keep your poolside away from bacteria, germs, and an unhealthy atmosphere.

For holding great-looking fresh pool tiles, you must clean them regularly.

For regular use, you don’t have to waste money on some expensive tile cleaners. Vinegar is known as a super-effective alternative option to clean the filthiness out of your tile.

If you also want to try this option, give a quick check here. Before you start, you must know how to clean a pool tile with Vinegar properly.

How To Clean Pool Tiles With Vinegar

Is it safe enough to clean pool tiles with Vinegar? 

Well, we all know Vinegar is quite an effective ingredient to remove filthy appearance from any surface. But this ingredient is not safe for all types of surfaces as it consists of chemicals. This thing leaves a vital question like is it safe on pool tile or not. 

The answer is yes, and Vinegar is quite safe and effective for fighting stubborn stains on your poolside. If you don’t know, Vinegar includes around 5 percent acetic acid. This acid works incredibly to clean and dissolve calcium deposits on your pool tile. 

If you use Vinegar correctly in the right amount, this won’t create any toxic effects on your pool tile. And surprisingly, this vinegar solution will work as a commercial tile cleanser. Also, this doesn’t require a lot of bucks. And the easy availability made it super famous.

How To Clean Pool Tiles With Vinegar?

If you want effective cleaning with white vinegar, it’s essential that you’re maintaining the proper steps. Here you’ll receive detailed instructions to complete the entire process in no time. Make sure you’re following the instructions step by step for better and effective results. 

Tools & Materials:

Before you start with the cleansing steps, make sure you’ve gathered all the required tools and material. Using the right tools will be a must for getting effective cleansing. Things you need to figure:

  • Nylon pool brush/ stainless steel brush/ pumice stone
  • White Vinegar
  • Lukewarm Water
  • Pool pumice stone
  • Gloves
  • Eye protector
  • Spray bottle (optional) 

Step 1: Prepare your surface

First, of the entire process, you need to prepare your swimming pool tile. If your tile perimeter is not exposed enough, you might have to drain down the water.

For getting the water level down, you can use a pool pump filter. But make sure you’re not making the water level go too low as it can cause obstacles while cleansing.

So, try to keep the water level close to the pool tiles. 

Step 2: Remove Stains 

Now, it’s time to remove all stubborn stains. But make sure you’ve worn the hand gloves and eye protector to avoid potential damages. 

Here you have to use some hard stainless steel brush/ nylon brush to clean out all the uneven stains. Initially, you can try this step process with lukewarm water.

Well, which tool you should use in the step will only depend on your pool tile type. For vinyl pools, you can go with a nylon brush. If your pool is made of cement, you should choose a stainless steel brush. 

For removing the stains, you should take a pool pumice stone. Pumice stones work effectively on hard calcium buildup. But for avoiding scratches, you should use the stones in the back and forth motion.

 Initially, you can try a test by using the stone on a less exposed tile area. If it’s working well, use the stones all over the pool tiles area. 

Step 3: Apply the solution and clean the Tiles

Now, it’s time to turn the entire game super easy. Vinegar will do a quick magical job if you give it a little time to set.

Well, you can pour the 100% vinegar into a spray bottle for better application. You can spray the vinegar directly over the tile and let it sit for five minutes. 

Then, you can use the right kind of brush to sweep the tiles. You can clean several tiles at once. The process is quite simple. You need to apply the white vinegar, let it sit, and start brushing the tiles properly. You should repeat the process until the pool is cleaned entirely. 

So, the steps are pretty quick and easy. Using Vinegar to clean pool tile is the ultimate solution and alternative to commercial cleaners. If you follow the steps correctly, things will stand super effective for sure. 

Frequently Asked Question

Do you have any questions? Then go through the questions below.

How do you keep pool tiles shiny all the time?

If you want to keep the pool tiles shiner all the time, you must follow good maintenance. For more effective shine, you can apply waxes too.

How long should pool tiles last?

If you take care of the pool tiles regularly, these are likely to last around five to ten years. Well, the pool tiles’ quality will also play a vital role here.

How much will it cost to clean the pool tile?

If you want professional pool tile cleansing, this will take around $700 to $1,200. The cost might also vary depending on the pool size and products you chose.


Maintaining your pool tile not only keeps your pool look attractive but also it’s a healthy practice. Regular cleanliness will keep the tiles more durable and attractive. You’ve already got to know how to clean tile with vinegar. Try to use these tips and suggestions while cleaning your pool tiles. This will certainly bring you a more satisfying result.

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