How to Clean Floor Grout without Scrubbing

Though grout is a beautiful, lasting, and durable effect between tiles, cleaning grout is an enormous painful job for many homeowners. It is straightforward to get moldy, dirty, or discolored by regular traffic. You always clean the grout by scrubbing; you are curious about how to clean floor grout without scrubbing. Not only you but also many homeowners ask the question, is it possible to clean grout without scrubbing. The answer is “Yes,” but you cannot ignore the minimal scrubbing.

Scrubbing isn’t the only or even the best way to get your grout bright and fresh; there are several ways to make it easier to get it looking shiny and new again. By formulating the right cleaner, you will get your grout mostly bright and clean. Follow the techniques in this article will help to get your grout 100% clean with minimal effort.

How to Clean Floor Grout without Scrubbing

Cleaning Floor Grout without Scrubbing

If you want to know the secret of how to clean floor grout without scrubbing, it is the cleaner. Besides, it depends on grout types and stains also.

You know grout is composed of the sand-like compound; it’s particularly vulnerable to stains, mold, and soap scum. We recommend cleaning your tile frequently to avoid these stains in the first place, but if you get, unfortunately, follow the best cleaning way, and choose your best option should work well for you.

The simple way to Clean Grout without scrubbing: Peroxide and Baking Soda

Grout cleaning is not so easy; instead, it takes many times and efforts to clean up. And cleaning grout with scrubbing won’t be fruitful too. So the smart ways to clean it without scrubbing would be better than anything. On the other hand, when you decided to clean your tiles grout without scrubbing, you need to follow some instructions which are given bellows:

A homemade cleaning solution makes your cleaning process earlier when you are going to clean it without scrubbing or minimal scrubbing. You need only 2/3 ingredients that magically polish away stain from the grout. Those ingredients are:

  • 1cup of baking soda
  • 1cup of hydrogen peroxide and 2tbspn dish wash.

Now it’s time to mix them well and apply onto the hard stained grout. For the best result, leave the mixture for ten to fifteen minutes. Now gently mop the area with a wiper towel. Here you can notice the stain discoloration starts to fade. This homemade cleaning solution is a potent and effective one, and it works so fast. You can also use this mixture as your kitchen and bathroom tiles cleaner.

Vinegar and citrus as a cleaner

You know from the very previous times that vinegar and baking soda is a powerful homemade cleanser. So you may also utilize it to polish stain from grout lines.

It would be best if you had vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and hot water.

  • 3tspn vinegar
  • 3half cups hot water
  • 1tbsp baking soda
  • Half cup lemon juice
  • 1 cup of white vinegar

Now mix the ingredients well and pour it into a bottle spray. Apply the solution into the dirty grout line. And let it sit for a minimum of 1hour.

Now scrub the grout line and around the floor. This is the easiest way to remove tiles mold and grout dirt. As we know that vinegar is available household cleaning products, so it’s incredibly affordable too.

The Most Powerful Grout Cleaner: Clorox Bleach

If you’re looking for a reliable cleaning agent to clean your grout, Clorox Bleach or Oxygen Bleach is the best cleaning agent for grout cleaning. We do not encourage using it often, because bleach is a harsh cleanser, both on you and your tiles. But it’s a great way to restore bathroom tiles that prevent the rebuilding of stain on the grout lines.

It would be better to use chlorine bleach, don’t mix the compound. Apply it to the grout directly, and wait. Let not leave the bleach on the tile too long; it will permanently damage your grout, but the longer you leave it, the less you will need to scrub.

While you are looking for no-scrub cleaner, bleach is the most powerful of the ones we feature here, so it’s the closest to a no scrub grout cleaner you have found. We suggest using oxygen bleach before trying chlorine bleach because it’s a bit gentler.

Before using bleach, make sure to ventilate your area well by opening windows and turning on fans of any kind. And use proper skin and eye protection so that you should wear hand gloves and eyes protracted goggles.

Store-bought Grout Cleaner

Folks usually depend on store cleaning products, which are specially made for cleaning the grout of mold. The alkaline cleaner is one of them. It is typically a cleansing solution that works on hard and heavy mold. It is sufficient enough for any type of mold cleaning purpose. As it’s a chemical cleaning product, so it’s using measurement depending on grout types and quantity. You can follow the manufacturer’s diluting as well as usage instructions attached to the bottle. We recommend maintaining proper protection while using it. You can use a scrubbing brush or bristled brush during cleaning times.

Use the steam cleaner

Though there are many ways to clean grout easily, a steam cleaner or floor buffer is the most useful tool that can do your job quickly. In that way, you need a good amount of investment. So choose the best steam cleaner from the market. There are few tools specifically made for cleaning tile grout. A general-purpose steam cleaner heats and makes into steam that heats the dirty grout.

The bottom line

Your tiles grout has a characteristic of resisting dirt, gram, and stain, so there is the only way to keep clean and fresh regular maintenance. This is a shortcut way.

So after learning the ways of grout cleaning process without scrubbing now, I hope you are able to maintain it accurately. If you feel any doubt in contact with floor manufactures and should follow the manual instruction.

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