How to Clean a Shark Vacuum and its Filters

Many of us are quite fond of shark vacuum for its versatile applications and uses on various flooring such as hardwood to even tiles. But even though the shark vacuum is a great appliance to have, but many of us tend to use it without going through the hassle of cleaning the cleaner itself, which can be a pretty disastrous thing to do.  it’s performance might get down if it’s not cleaned correctly.

So if you are losing suction in your vacuum, the reason is more than certain. 99% times, it’s the clogged brush roller or dirt filter on the shark vacuum that is causing such hindrance on the performance of your Shark vacuum cleaners.

But how do you clean the vacuum and various parts like the filter? Well, if you have wondered so, we will feature right here about How to clean a shark vacuum and its Filters.

How to Clean a Shark Vacuum and its Filters

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How to Clean a Shark Vacuum and Its Filters

So there are lots of different models of shark vacuum cleaner, and there are a few different types of filters in there as well. But the general process we discussed in detail here is more or less the same.

Locate the filter first

The first and most important step for cleaning your shark vacuum filter is taking these hinges off in the middle part of this canister and locating the filter. Take this canister off, and you’ll find the filter that needs to be cleaned. It may look pretty gross and seems to be in urgent need of cleaning. But you need to keep them clean and do it quite regularly. The dirtiest part of your vacuum is responsible for keeping the vacuum in optimal working condition. A clogged filter is often the leading cause of loss of suction in the vacuum.

Clean it with water.

The actual cleaning of the shark vacuum is pretty simple. You just put it under some running water and squeeze it out. You may need to do this quite a lot until you get all the dirt out. You’ll start to notice the water that is coming out of it is less dirty and eventually getting quite clear.

Let it dry

Now squeeze it and get all the water out until it is fairly dry. Set it aside to dry further, preferably. It may require you to let it dry for up to 24 to 48 hours. Make sure to get all the water out of it as well.

How to clean this metal grate of your shark vacuum

If you haven’t cleaned your vacuum in a while, it will start to build up dirt on this metal grate. That is something we do not want to happen. So the best way to clean that off is to use a scrubber that you use for dishes. You can also use an old toothbrush will do as well. Just really scrub it hard on that metal grate until you get all that dust and debris out.

How to Clean the roller brush of your shark vacuum

If the roller brush of your shark vacuum is not cleaned in a while, it can start to affect the vacuum ability for it to pick up dirt. If it goes a long time without any cleaning or maintenance, you are going to find it hard to clean places like hardwood floors and laminate flooring as well. So here is how to clean the roller brush of your shark vacuum.

  • Take either a knife or a pair of scissors, preferably.
  • Now try to cut the hair and carpet strands stuck inside it.
  • Cut along the roller wheel, and to make it easier, pull out the hairs with your hands.

Disassemble the vacuum before you are done

Now, as you are finished with cleaning the shark vacuum filter, brush roller, and also the metal grate, there is one last thing you need to do. Now you are required to disassemble the whole vacuum. Look up the manual if you don’t know how to do it. Now look for dirt and debris that might be stuck inside. These can get caught inside there. It is not always the case, but it can happen. So you should make sure there is nothing stuck inside the body. If there is any, do clean them out thoroughly. If you can not find anything, that is even better! So assemble your Shark vacuum after you are done, and now you have completed the cleaning of Shark Vacuum and its Filters.


Do you have a better idea about how to clean a shark vacuum and its filters? So you should not slack off from giving it a regular scrubbing from now on. You might feel gross to clean those dirty internal parts of your vacuum, but keeping them clean will ensure the optimal performance of your shark vacuum.

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