How to Change a Pool Light?

Whether it is love or having fun with family, there is no other option than swimming. Not just for fun, swimming is very popular to find some peace from the intense stream of hot days.

What can be done at night even if you are rescued by jumping in the cold water to escape from the heat during the day. You can also see all of the pool during the day during the summer, but what fun is there at night! Not at all, because the pool water’s coolness can fade in the heat of the sun during the day. At the end of the daylight, the pool water starts to cool; it stays even more relaxed at night.

Also, the sun will not be able to act on the face of your beloved. You must be able to enjoy the night sky floating in the pool with your beloved. You can enjoy the light of the moon with your family. What a beautiful this enjoyable night, just illuminated for this pool.

How to Change a Pool Light

Once the daylight is gone, you will find all of these. But I don’t think you can get into the dark pool. Neither your loved one nor your child will want to swim in a terrible dark pool. So there must be light in the pool to allay the kids’ fears and have fun swimming. If you can’t arrange a lot of lighting, there should be at least one lighting pool. Then no one will be afraid that there is a hidden monster under the dark pool’s water. Just as it is not challenging to install pool lights, it is not difficult to change pool lights. If you have a pool, you should learn about this. Whether you have lights in your pool or not, it’s good to know this for the future. Let’s get started.

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Importance of change a pool light

The fun of swimming in the pool at night is ruining if the pool light is burned-out. But if you can replace it, the beautiful bright environment will come back again. The process of replacing this bulb is a straightforward one, and you have to leave the pool area to change it. You need to decide if you want to keep the pool lights on or upgrade with high power bulbs.

Lighting a pool, like other things in the pool, expresses your tastes. Many use traditional incandescent lights in their pool, while others use modern, efficient LED lights. However, according to the needs of the age, LED light technology is efficient to give more light, which a traditional bulb can not provide. There are many modern bulbs available for the pool specially designed for use at the pool party. These bulbs can change their color every moment, enhancing the pool’s beauty with different colored lights. Which will make your night swimming more enjoyable, will charm your pool night guests. So these issues should be considered when changing pool lights.

How to change a pool light?

If the pool bulb is damaged, there is no alternative to replace it. You have to choose the bulb according to the importance of the pool and according to your choice. You can do it yourself, so you don’t have to be a certificate holder. However, it should always be taking care of electrical work. Collect all the things that will be needed to change the pool lights. You will need to provide replaceable pool light bulbs and lens gaskets. You will also need to collect a multimeter, a Philips, and a flathead screwdriver. Along with several dry towels to keep.

The advice given to change the pool light should appropriately be followed; any action is likely to fail if avoided. Hopefully, if you follow the rules, you will be able to change the pool lights successfully.

  1. Drain Some Pool Water & Turn off Electric Power

It is not essential to remove some water from the pool, but it will be beneficial. When some water is reduced, the light will easily reach the workplace, making the work easier. So drain some water from the pool. But then you have to refill the pool with the same amount of water and adjust it to the previous water.

For working with electricity, the first thing that should be given importance is safety. Since there is a risk of dying with electric shock, it needs to be checked because the swimming pool’s lights run with this electrical energy. When you go to change this pool light, its wires will touch you. And standing in the pool water and feeling the electric wire is a dangerous job. So before upgrading or changing the pool lights, you will turn off the pool’s power connection. Then check once more before entering the pool water to see if the pool has electrical Power off. In the interest of security, you can fit a few times. Remember, your life is worth more than swimming in the pool.

  1. Remove Pilot Screw & Pry Out fixture

The pilot screw is located at the top of the pool light. These screws can be of different sizes, so it is impossible to remove them with a specific screwdriver. For this reason, it was declared on top that you would need a flathead or Philips screwdriver. Now unscrew the screw, put it in place, and gently pull out the light to fix it. You can remove the fixture and call it due to the extra wire. Now take a towel from the collected towel, save the lenses on it. As a result of keeping it in the towel, there will be no stains on the lenses.

  1. Test the Electricity & Apart from the fixture

Need a multimeter to check the system if there is electricity in the wires at the beginning of the work. Do not touch with bare hands without checking. The multimeter will confirm whether electricity is being transmitted to the wires. If you see electricity being sent, there is a line running. Turn off that power line, then start working. Now unscrew all the screws, then separate the lens gasket, face ring with the lens, so you can smoothly go to the pool light and work.

When working on the fixture, make sure that no part falls off or spreads. If you need to clean the dirt inside, use a towel. If new lights cannot add to the system for some reason, then the whole assembly needs to be changed quickly.

  1. Replace the Pool light bulb

First, you need to remove the old bulb. Take a towel to do the job safely, then slowly unplug the old bulb. After opening the bulb, wipe the inside of the bulb fixture with a towel; it will dry even if it is wet. Now take the new bulb in hand and carefully screw it on. Do not apply too tight a patch, as it may break. If the bulb is successfully installed, set up the lens gasket, then reassemble the fixture.

  1. Finally Back on the Power

Now you have to do a test when the bulb is connected, connect it with electricity. Notice if the lights are on! If the lights are on, then you start replacing everything. However, you must turn off the power connection again.

You should now test the leaks, and you can run this test in the bubble method process. Then, when all your screws are in place, place the fixture in place and replace the screws. Re-check everything, whether all setup is OK! If it is OK, then fix the final power connection. If the light is shining properly, arrange everything—finally, a swim day to relieve work fatigue.


I have presented here how you can do this work alone. But it is also possible that you can get the job done with a professional electrician. You can also change the pool light with the help of an experienced friend. If you need to change the pool lights, I would advise you to use the bulbs of modern LED light technology. The powerful lighting system of these bulbs and the different color changes of the color will change the look of your pool. Then you will realize, is it your pool or any other world when the light shines. Then start the pool party and enjoy the moonlight with coolness. At the end of the swim, take a compliment from your friends and give them a good night’s sleep.

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