How to Build a Pool Cover from PVC Pipe

If you are a pool owner, you cannot ignore the importance of a pool cover as it is super beneficial for the pool. However, it is an irritating task to remove the cover, but you can do it easily with the cover that is made of PVC. If you know how to build a pool cover from pvc pipe, you don’t have to let the cover bunched up at the corner of the garden.

Pool cover can keep the water warm, and clean, reduce evaporation, and prevent the destruction of sanitizer from the sunlight. It is a great investment to get all these benefits. You will always need a pool cover, even in the summer, so let’s see how you can make your DIY pool cover.

How to Build a Pool Cover from PVC Pipe

Build Your Pool Cover Using PVC Pipe

Using a PVC pool cover can minimize the maintenance effort and cost greatly. It will limit the debris formation and insects and keep the water suitable for swimming without putting much effort. Also, PVC pool cover is easy to make and use. The whole process is mentioned below:

Step 1:

Place your pool cover flat against the floor in a wide space area. Measure the height and width of the cover so you can understand how long pipe you will need for this DIY. Now you will need to buy some items that are required for the task. Most of the tools are inexpensive and common so you can get them from the nearest hardware store.

Tools and materials you will need: Firstly, you will need PVC pipe with corresponding fitting sandpaper, hack saw, marker, screwdriver, electric drill, PVC pipe end caps, 90-degree PVC elbow pieces, PVC adapter sections, self-drilling/self-tapping screws, PVC glue & spray paint.

Step 2:

You can consider this step as an optional one. In case of large pools, you may need to purchase 2 segments of pipe instead of a longer pipe. Therefore, you will need some glue and PVC primer to fix the PVC segments together.

Step 3:

Take a PVC pipe end cap, install it to one end of the pipe. It is wise to pop an end cap to the pipe length that will protect the cover reel from creating unwanted pests. On the other side, you will need to add slip coupling to add a threaded cap. The 90-degree PVC elbow pieces can help you in this step.

Attach an elbow, a short pipe, and an adapter with the both ends of the long pipe to make a hand crack for the cover reel for easy rolling up of the cover.

Step 4:

To screw the pipe to the cover, make some clips because if you screw the tarp without these, it will instantly rip the cover. Use the hacksaw and cut the PVC pipe into three sections, and make a lengthwise cut, too. Pin the pool cover end between the clips and the pips to secure it in place.

Step 5:

This is also an optional step. If the pool faces extreme sunlight, you will need to paint the pipe and clips. The paint will protect them from UV damage and make them last longer.

Step 6:

Drill screw holes to the pipe and clips. If an electric drill is not available, try with a screwdriver and elbow grease. Now attach the clips with the PVC pipe. Take the long pipe and place the cover over the pipe. Place the clips along with the pipe by aligning the holes.

Step 7:

Take the screws and screwdriver, attach the clips and cover to the long pipe with it, tighten the screws to prevent slip. Before trying this cover reel, you can add a little weight to it. You can use a large stone or brick, this will prevent the reel from moving around while rolling it.

That’s how you can make your own DIY pool cover with PVC pipe. It is recommended to use a schedule 40 PVC pipe with a diameter of 1 inch as they are water safe, sturdy, and inexpensive.

Can I use a tarp to cover my pool?

Yes, you can. The best tarp pool covers are the CCS polypropylene mesh tarps that block the sunlight and thus help to prevent algae. They are strong enough to withstand the ice and snow weight that appears in the winter. Also, tarp covers prevent the evaporation of pool water and keep the water warm and comfortable.

Can I leave my pool uncovered in winter?

You should not leave the pool uncovered in winter. It seems like an additional cost to purchase a pool cover, but it will help you to keep your pool free from debris, leaves, and other particles. You won’t need to spend much to clean the pool. Also, do not keep the pool water level too low, otherwise, the water can not support the cover if heavy snowfall builds up over the cover.

How can I remove my solar pool cover?

You will need to fold the pool cover several times to remove it from the pool. Fold back the cover about three feet. Hold the one end with one hand, lift another end and fold it three feet again. Now continue flipping the cover and folding it till you reach the end of the pool.

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This DIY pool cover of PVC pipe is inexpensive and sturdy at the same time. You can add wheels to make the cover easier to move, or, you can add any extra materials and make a custom design. This will give a stylish look to the cover and also will protect your pool from unwanted issues.

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