How to Buff Out Scratches on Wood Floor?

Wooden floors are very popular because they are durable, but there are certain complications in cleaning. We can’t clean it as quickly as carpet if we want to, so when we see scratches, stains and hard dirt on the floor, we decide to change it.

Scratches can also occur on the wooden floor due to the movement of children on the floor, sports, the pressure of shoe-heels, scratching of pet nails etc. In that case, there is no reason to worry, we can easily remove the scratch by buffing out the wooden floor. Like any other process, it can be useful and more successful.

Can You Buff Out Scratches On Wood Floors?

Wood floors not only provide floor security, but they also enhance the beauty and dignity of the house. So as long as it looks beautiful, it is appreciated by everyone. But water and large wounds shorten the life of the wooden floor, eventually forcing it to change.

How to Buff Out Scratches on Wood Floor

The kids play and run on the floor all day, putting pressure on the floor. Although it is forbidden to use shoes on wooden floors, children are unaware of this and get scratched easily. Not only kids but also home furniture can make scratches on the wooden floor. Too many more works and tools are used to scratch the wood floor.

The hope, however, is that such small scratches may look bad but not too deadly. You do not need to change or rebuild the floor but repair the damaged area. You can remove this small amount of scratches on the wood floor by steaming, in this case, you can take the help of a cloth and wood cleaner. Since the buffing process is called a general quality polishing process, it works very well to remove proven minor scratches.

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How to buff out scratches on the wood floor?

A wooden floor goes through its service regularly, protecting the floor from harmful tears and clothing. So the homeowner should be careful about maintaining it, installing the floor and polishing it. With care, shellac floors can remain intact for up to 40 years, but with a little detail, you can wax and make them more aesthetically pleasing. You must verify that you can simply buff the floor or even refinish it with a polyurethane finish. Such measures are durable and corrosion-resistant against scratches.

However, the scratches that fall on the protective covering of the wooden floor are not complicated to repair. These can be improved with fabric and a protective finish. The scratched area of ​​the wood floor should be marked, then cleaned with a cloth in a satyr. After rubbing the scratched area with a satin cloth, rewash the area with a wood cleaner, then rub the area again with a clean cloth. You can use shellac as the best protective finish and dry finisher on the market, experienced wood floor experts, have agreed to use it.

Things You Will Need For Buff Out Scratches On Wood Floor

To scratch out the wooden floor, we need to collect the much-needed things. Such as – Necessary commercial wooden floor cleaner, protective finish, wire wool, wax stick, wood putty, a plastic putty knife, 150 grit sandpaper as required. We will also need two types of fabrics, Sestet cloth and Clean cloth. After collecting these necessary things, you can start the process of buffing out the scratches from the wooden floor.

How to Remove Scratches from Wood Floors ?

Mark the area of ​​your wood floor that has been scratched. Then clean the damaged area with a wood cleaner, then rinse and try to dry. Now keep rubbing the crushed area in one direction with a ball of wire wool. If the scratch is removed at once by sanding, rub the area around the scratched area with a piece of wire wool. Gently rub the wax stick over the scratch to smooth and fill this area. Let the wax stick harden in that place for 10- 12 minutes if you can do the above successfully, buff the scratch area with soft quality cloth.

Deep scratches can occur on your valuable ad floor with small scratches of normal quality. Wood putty should be used to heal such deep scratch wounds, as those deep scratches cannot be buffed out. Such deep damages are repaired only with colour matching wood putty. The buffing process never works on deep scratches, as the buffing process attempts to bring the area around the scratch to the level of the scratch, which is an unfair treatment for deep scratches.

Now using your collected plastic putty knife, apply a small amount of putty to the scratch area. Once the putty is applied, the filler should be set for a few hours, and then there should be smooth sand with sandpaper. Be sure to complete the work using 150 grit fine grade sandpaper; this is tested sandpaper. Wipe the area to remove dust from there. When all the work is done, the finish should be covered with finish.

Extra tips

You need to pay attention to the textured finish of the floor during the buffing process of your wood floor. In this case, you have to apply a protective finish using a soft roller or paintbrush; the problem is more due to the foam rollers, so you have to be careful. If the wood color is right, the wax stick will not be needed, and children can use wax crayon if required.

If you’re using a knife to apply putty, don’t forget that too. Avoid using metal knives instead, as metal knives can cause damage to wooden floors. You can follow this rule to buff any wood floor. Normal wood floor or engineered hardwood floor, why not go! You can easily remove the scratches from the wooden floor by buffing out. Also, keep in mind, deep scratches may require other treatments. Buffing out all kinds of scratches will not be successful, it must be remembered. So first find out the cause of the scratch on the wood floor, then it should be buffed out.


Surely you are aware of my advice, and now you don’t have to worry about small scratches. Scratches will no longer be dangerous for your wood floor if you can work with this simple buffing process. Regular wood floor cleaning keeps the floor free from such damage, so keep your favorite wood floor clean according to a schedule. Give your child and other family members an idea about the wooden floor, which causes a wooden floor to break; it starts scratches – gives them knowledge about these. As long as you can keep your floor well, it will continue to increase your respect. So get the right idea about the wooden floor and take a good service by reducing your expenses.

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