How Much Does it Cost for a Pool Guy?

One unhidden truth known to every pool owner is that there is more to just installing a water reservoir. These individuals understand that to ensure that the pools are in good condition, they have to be given standard maintenance. On average, maintenance should be about $1,400 annually. This cost usually includes cleaning it regularly, balancing the chemical, repairing it when damaged, etc.

For a standard swimming pool, the service of a pool guy may be required due to their professional expertise to ensure a monthly cleaning of the pool. If you’re wondering how much this may cost you if you’re opting for one, you should budget around $132 monthly. Nonetheless, if you’re not hiring for a regular service but an occasional event, you may be spending about $235 per one service call.

How Much Does it Cost for a Pool Guy

What to Know About a Pool Guy?

Pool guys are primarily hired to clean pools and ensure that their nice appearance is maintained. Besides, the duties of a pool guy could include fixing some minor issues that may occur on the pool structure. To become a pool guy doesn’t require a degree. It’s a job that anyone with a sound mind can take up and do perfectly well because most of the time, it’s not mentally or physically tasking. Notwithstanding, a pool guy is expected to have endurance, be strong, honest, smart, industrious, not climate-sensitive, and have healthy lungs.

What are the Responsibilities of a Pool Guy?

Pool guys are hired for regular service or a single service call to handle some crucial responsibilities. If you’re ready to pay for the required hiring cost, then you will expect them to work diligently in some specific areas. These include:

  1. Ensuring the pool and its area are clean: To prevent your pool from turning green and getting infected by bacteria after several weeks, you will need the service of a pool guy to clean it from time to time (winter or summer). A pool guy also has to ensure that any dirt that can contaminate the pool is cleaned.
  2. Maintaining correct chemical balance: Every pool guy should have undergone professional training on knowing the proper chemical balance for a pool. With a pool guy, a healthy amount of chlorine that won’t affect the skin or eyes of swimmers will go into the pool. Besides, a pool guy will ensure that the right water pH is maintained.
  3. Ensuring that all lighting is fixed: You may not know your way around the lighting in your pool, but a pool guy is trained to fix all lighting where they are meant to be.
  4. Taking care of all the servicing: When your pool needs servicing (on the heating system or the fountain), it’s the responsibility of a pool guy to get it done. To ensure that the pool is in its best state, a pool guy helps handle the dehumidifying system well. In addition, a pool guy can easily notice any holes or cracks in the walls or floors of the pool and repair them on time.
  5. Conducting pool repairs: When repairing pools is necessary, a pool guy has to take action. A pool guy can repair minor damage to the pool or handle water pH imbalance. Also, a pool guy can help repair fountain issues or fix electrical-related problems (with the water pump and generator).
  6. Maintaining pool equipment and storing hazardous chemicals: Equipment such as fountains, filters, and pool pumps will be under the supervision of the pool guy–ensuring that they are cleaned with the appropriate chemicals via the correct procedures. Since the chemicals affect people if they are exposed to them, what a pool guy does is label them correctly and store them safely.
  7. Maintaining pool records manually: A pool guy will help keep records such as the amount of fuel and chemicals used and the number of water gallons pumped daily. Besides, activities in the pool should be recorded as well.
  8. Saving lives: Every pool guy must be a good swimmer. No one can tell when an unfortunate incident may occur that the help of an experienced swimmer will be needed. Here, a pool guy should be able to fill the gap by preventing swimmers from drowning. Besides, the pool guy should have the basic knowledge of administering first aid to any victim.

Should you Hire a Pool Guy?

The best way to know if you should hire a pool guy is to check if you have the relevant training and skills to perform the basic responsibilities of a pool guy. If you can’t perform these duties efficiently, then hiring a pool guy is a smart move. At first, you may think it’s an easy job you can manage yourself, but getting into it, you may find it tasking. However, with the help of a trained pool guy, the maintenance of the swimming pool will be done most professionally.

What is the Cost for a Pool Guy?

The quote for a pool guy usually depends on the kind of service you want. You may require a monthly service, one-time service, or regular service.

For the monthly cost to hire a pool guy, you should plan toward paying up to $132 on average, but most times, people spend between the range of $80 and $283.Some people would prefer a one-time cleaning service for a special occasion such as a pool party. Here, the cost that would be required would be about $235 per one service call on average, or the price may range from $137 to $333.

Some people would rather go for a regular professional pool cleaning service. Here, you can budget for an annual cost of $1,432 on average or work towards paying within the range of $1064 and 1080.

Does a Pool Guy Worth the Cost?

Considering the cost of hiring a pool guy to take care of the pool, several people usually ask if it is a good idea to make such a decision. The answer to this question will be based on your needs. If you can handle the maintenance yourself, there will be no need to hire the service of a pool guy. But if you don’t really have what it takes to maintain it properly yourself, perhaps, due to busy schedules, lack of experience, or inconvenience, you may hire a pool guy. And looking at the responsibilities that a pool guy is expected to handle, it could be said that a pool guy is worth the cost.


The adequate maintenance of swimming pools is a way to ensure that they are in good condition. If you want to enjoy a healthy water reservoir, you have to provide enough time to take care of it. But if the time is not available, you can hire the service of a pool guy, which obviously will cost you some amount of cash.

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