How Long Should I Run My Above Ground Pool Pump?

It is a very precious time when you are in the swimming pool. But some times it makes you so confuse that how long should you run your pool pump?

You know the pump is the heart of your pool and it circulates water out and back in your pool and filtering your water also. So the answer is simple. First, you need to know the amount of water your pool holds and what the capacity of your pool pump. The pump will make sure the chemicals distribution to keep the water clean and fresh.

If you do not run the pump in the proper way, you will increase the risk of algae growth and imbalance water stability. That can be unsafe for swimmers.

How Long Should I Run My Above Ground Pool Pump

How Do I Run My Above Ground Pool Pump?

There are several ways to understand how long your pump should run. Keep in mind that a few effective things affect maximum run-time.

So you need to know how much water your pump filters, and you should keep your eyes on the weather, temperature as well as learn the chemical balance in your pool.

It is better to make a schedule to run the above ground pool pump that makes it easy to maintain pool water constancy.

How do you figure out pool pump in-time?

You are lucky if you have the correct size pump for the volume of your pool that makes easy to the consumption of the pump. You can get the answer in your pump’s manual. But if you buy it separately, you should calculate the volume of your pool water.

It is not so tough to find out the correct solution. Firstly, you will calculate the volume of your pool.

  1. This formula is for the rectangular pool: multiply the length by width by depth by 7.5 to get the volume in gallons.
  2. For circler pool: Multiply diameter by the diameter by depth by 5.9 to get the total gallons.
  3. For oval pools, the formula is: Multiply the length by width by depth by 5.9 to get the right volume in total gallons.

There is another easy way to find a solution by using an online calculator.

Calculate GPH

When you know the volume of your pool water, you should find out the capacity of the pump or how long it will take to circulate that volume through your filter. After knowing this, you will run the pump to process the entire pool. But the easiest way to find this information is to check your owner’s manual and look for its gallons per hour (GPH) rating. Some times you could not figure out the manual. So don’t worry. Go online, search by its model, and find the pool equipment manuals.

When you are searching the answer to “how long should I run above ground pool pump,” you will get confusing information online. Some experts advised that run your pool pump twice a day. Others recommend, running it once. But the correct answer depends on how much or long you use the pool and how debris and algae accumulate in the pool. Usually, the more people in your pool, the dirtier water will become.

How Do I Calculate a Filtering Cycle?

If you know your above ground pool’s volume and the pump’s GPH capacity, it is easy to get the pump’s run-time.

Pool volume divided by GPH = turnover time.

Let’s see how to find the pumps running time. If the above ground pool holds 15,000 gallons of water, and your pump’s GPH is 2,500, then you need to run your pump for 6 hours to do complete filtration of all the water in the pool.

So, the answer for how long should I run my above ground pool pump depends on the capacity of your pool volume and the capacity of your pump.

When to Run Your Pump

You remember that you need to run your pump when you add chemicals, so that you may depart from the schedule now and then. If you choose to attach with a speed pump, it is usually best to run it overnight. This way, you can keep your energy consumption low. Before doing this, you should know the electricity consumption system in your region because it differs from area to area.

So you know the answer to the question “How long should I run above ground pool pump,” and you can set your pump timer. It is best to check the pump manufacturer’s manual that will help you more. And most importantly, stay on top of your test and conditioning schedule. So don’t worry, enjoy your above ground pool in sunny day.

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