How Fast Does a Solar Cover Heat a Pool

Having a pool is great. It helps you relax at home with a level of convenience that’s often indescribable. Yet, even the best swimming pools will quickly lose their appeal if they’re always cold and chilling. This is why it’s so important that you know just how fast does a solar cover heat a pool.

A solar cover will typically increase the temperature of your pool by about 5℃ every 10 to 12 hours. However, this isn’t always a given. Rather, it’s dependent on factors like how well you covered the pool and the number of hours you get direct sunlight for each day.

All of that said, using a solar cover to warm your pool remains one of the best and most-efficient ways to get your pool to the desired temperature.  As such, we’ll be breaking down all that goes into carrying out this process like a pro!

How Fast Does a Solar Cover Heat a Pool

What is a Pool Solar Cover?

Simply put, this is a large sheet (usually made of different materials) that often resembles a bubble wrap.

The most common and abundant type of material that is used to make the average solar cover is polymer or resin. These materials are often preferred thanks to their ability to capture, conduct and retain the heat of a swimming pool.

What’s more, these resources are often readily available in various shapes and sizes. This is to easily compensate for the different shapes and sizes that pools usually come in.

That being said, using a pool solar cover is infinitely more convenient when you have a rectangular pool. This is because the cover reels they come with make them easy to put in place and remove at will.

Major types of Solar Pool Covers

As we’ve established, there are a wide variety of solar pool cover types out there. What’s more, each of these products tends to offer a slightly higher level of efficacy, depending on the extenuating conditions in which they are used.

So here, we’ll be briefly looking at three of the most popular types of covers you’ll find out there.

The Solar Ring Cover

These types of covers come with two different layers. Each of these layers is also made with UV-resistant vinyl. The purpose of the first, upper layer is to direct the rays of the sundown towards the bottom layer.

The role of the second layer is to trap this heat and from here, heat the pool.

The Solar Blanket Cover

These are the most common types of covers you’ll find out there today. They look like large bubble wraps and when they are heated by the rays of the sun, trap this heat effectively before slowly transferring it to your pool water body.

The Liquid Solar Cover

Alternatively, you can use liquid solar covers. Unlike the other two mentions, these don’t require large wrappers or sheets. Rather, they come in the form of a pill.

You drop this pill into the water and it’ll form a sort of layer over the pool that’ll heat it slowly when the sun falls on that surface. However, as this layer disappears for a month, you will have to repeat the process a couple of times a year.

How Fast Does It Take for a Solar Cover to Heat a Pool?

Various factors influence just how long it’ll take for your swimming pool to get heated with a solar cover.

First, there is your choice of solar pool cover itself. You can also make your own DIY solar cover. On average, a liquid solar cover will heat your pool much faster than a solar ring or a typical solar blanket.

Another thing worth noting here is the length of time you get sunlight for each day. It stands to reason that if you get sunlight earlier and for longer, your pool will be heated a lot faster.

Lastly, how well you covered the pool also matters a lot. If you cover your pool surface thoroughly, the water is likely to be heated much faster. But if not, it might take much longer.

But on the whole, it takes between 10 – 12 hours for your pool to get properly heated by most pool covers.

How Do You Heat a Pool with a Solar Cover?

Using a solar cover to heat your pool is a relatively uncomplicated affair. What’s more, the process by which you do so barely differs, regardless of what type of cover you’re using.

As an example, if you’re using a good liquid solar cover, all you need to do is take the capsule out of its container, place it in your pool and then wait for it to create a heating layer over your pool.

The added benefit of this type of cover is that, while it’s still in place, it actively prevents evaporation and loss of heat as well.

For the other types of solar pool covers, you’re required to put in a bit more effort. You need to ensure that you spread the cover in a way that it covers the entire surface of the pool. To ensure that it works as intended, it’s always advisable that you get a cover that’s slightly larger than your pool.

How Much Warmer is a Pool with a Solar Cover?

The answer to this typically depends on two major variables.

The first is how well you were able to cover the pool surface. The second determinant is how much time has passed since you put the solar cover in place.

However, all things being equal, you can expect a change in temperature of about 5℃ per 12 hours of sunlight exposure.

Benefits of a Solar Cover

Some of the many perks of using this resource to heat your pool include but isn’t limited to;

  1. It helps you increase your water temperature with ease. Because all you have to do is cover your pool’s surface and wait, you don’t have to constantly monitor the heating process.
  2. It helps you save on costs. With a solar pool cover, the only thing you have to worry about is the cost of the cover itself. Unlike with other heating systems, you won’t have to accrue any energy costs.
  3. It helps you minimize the rate at which evaporation occurs in your pool. This is because your pool is actively covered, for the most part, helping you save on water in the process.


Does a Pool Heat Faster with the Solar Cover On or Off?

It’s no secret that you can actually heat your pool without a solar cover or anything at all for that matter. However, your pool will heat faster with a cover because this material actively traps and retains the heat from the sun for you.

Should I Leave My Solar Pool Cover on During the Day?

Yes, you should.

Not only should you do this, but it is also important you know that doing so is actually the only way that you can increase the temperature of the water. This is because there’s no heat to warm your pool at night.

Does Solar Cover Heat Pool During the Day?

Yes, it does.

Regardless of what material it’s made of, it absorbs the heat from the rays of the sun, retains it, and then transfers that heat to the pool for as long as it possibly can.

For emphasis, much of this activity is only able to take place when there is sufficient sunlight.

Bottom Line

Using a solar cover heats you easily and affordably raises the temperature of your pool by up to 5℃ over a 10 to 12hour period. It’s a great way to heat your pool too as it requires minimal maintenance and doesn’t require any technical skill. So long as you clean them at the right time and follow their use and storage instructions, you can use many of these covers for a very long time!

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