How Can I Heat My Inflatable Pool?

In a pool with normal water, the growing bacteria can cause some serious health issues. Though adding chlorine or increasing the pH can help, your skin may develop an allergic reaction to them. If I were you, I would ask, “How can I heat my inflatable pool and bypass all these problems?”

Heating pool water is a grand solution as it sterilizes the water while being gentle to the skin. Besides, warm pool water relaxes muscle tension, improves blood circulation, and improves breathing. Then again, heating the pool water is your only option where the temperature is below freezing.

Today, we are going to give you some pool water heating ideas and hopefully make your life a little better. Stay with us.

How Can I Heat My Inflatable Pool

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Tips to heat inflatable pool

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, and a bigger pool takes longer to heat up. Other factors like temperature and humidity can influence it too, but they aren’t as rigid. You can bypass this problem easily using a more powerful water heater.

Anyways here are the steps you can follow to heat up any inflatable pool.

Natural Process

Heating your pool water naturally is the least expensive process among them all. There are some drawbacks like you need a shining sun, a huge yard, and so on. Anyways, the steps are

  • First, set up your pool in an open sunny area. 
  • Wait for the day to expand and the sun to shine bright. 
  • Leave your pool under the scorching heat for a couple of hours, or just wait for it to warm up. 
  • A solar heater can also help get better results. However, with this price, you can just follow the steps below.

Using a heater

If you don’t have all the necessary options for the natural process, you can just use a water heater instead. Water heaters will help you warm up your pool water, even below freezing temperature. Check out the steps below

  • Find out the volume of water in the pool, or just guess it. 
  • Buy an electric water heater according to the volume and hung it up in the pool. 
  • Make sure the water heater doesn’t touch the walls, or your pool may get damaged. 
  • If you have an inflatable family pool, you need to use a big water heater in its place.
  • Finally, leave the heater for a few minutes, and you are all done.

How do you heat an inflatable pool fast?

Heating up an inflatable pool is quite easy, and you either need a sunny area or an electric heater. If you come to see the sun shining outside, then just leave your pool on an open field, and you are done after a few hours.

However, in all cold temperatures, you can heat your pool with a simple electric heater. Just place the heater in the middle of the pool hanging. Wait for a couple of minutes, and wallah. You have yourself a warm pool to swim on.

How do you heat up a portable pool?

If you have a portable pool, heating it up will take a couple of minutes with an electric heater. Anyone having a large backward with tons of sunshine can place it over there for a couple of hours too. However, an electric heater churns out the best results and saves both time and effort.

How do you heat an above ground pool for the winter?

In the cold winters, swimming in an above-ground pool can bring out the chills, indeed. But don’t worry. An electric heater is a universal pool warmer that can work in both summers and the cold winters. Read the instructions above to know more.

Should you cover a pool at night?

Covering your pool at night will prevent foreign particles from contaminating your pool water. If unchecked, bacteria buildup can cause some serious health problems. You can add some bleach to the pool water for extra protection from germs.

Will garbage bags heat the pool?

No. Who gave you this bright idea? Garbage bags aren’t a heat-generating machine. Heating your pool water with it is also out of the question.

How often should you change the water in a kiddie pool?

You should change your kiddie pool water every week. If you fail to do so, germ buildup can contaminate the pool, causing some serious health problems. Adding some bleach can prevent this problem, but bleach is kinda rough on the skin.

How can I heat my pool for free?

Trying to find a free way to heat up your pool? Well, the easy answer is, place the pool in an open field where there is tons of sunlight. Wait for a few hours for the water to heat up. If you don’t have an open field full of sunlight, use a water heater.

Final thoughts

So, have you found the best choice for your pool water heating? If you ask us, the heater method works best, and it takes just about a few minutes.

But don’t touch the water while the heater is still active. You can get shocked due to some water heaters having direct water to electrode connection.

Other than this, you don’t have to worry about anything else. The trick is easy and effective in any season.

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