6 Homemade Pool Flocculants: Effective and Easy!

Cloudy and filthy pools are never expected. It kills the swimming atmosphere and stands as the biggest threat to the human body and skin. However, after certain times all pools get contaminated in many ways. 

It’s the best idea to filter the contaminated pool water as soon as possible. Pool flocculants are such magical chemicals to cope with all the harmful elements in the Pool. You’ll find a lot of commercial Pool flocculant available in the market. Although these are effective, they hold a quite rich price range. 

Do you know you can try the homemade pool flocculant and still expect professional results? Well, things will depend on how you’re using them and what thing you’re choosing. But such homemade flocculant can help to save you many bucks.

Homemade Pool Flocculants

Why do you need a pool flocculant?

According to the experts, flocculants are quite a necessary element for a healthy pool. You have to clean the water from time to time. And flocculant makes the entire procedure handy.

Pool flocculants are used through a pool filter. They can remove those tiny particles that can get skipped from the filter pump. That means, flocculant strengthens the filtration system. 

As such elements contain powerful yet safe chemicals, anyone can use them. If you’re using the flocculant correctly, your pool is free from all types of algae, bacteria, viruses. You’ll need this element every time you filter the pool water. It will make the filtration three times more effective and turn the pool water absolutely healthier. 

Flocculants are also known for their time-saving performance. This works immediately and yet effectively. Once you apply this chemical, you’ll eliminate all the floating and bottom extra particles from pool water. Suppose you’ve pool party in two hours. In such circumstances, you obviously won’t have a whole night to use any clarifier. Flocculants will stand as the savior here. 

Is homemade pool flocculant worth it?

Well, the answer is a surprising yes. Homemade flocculants can work as effectively as commercial ones if you use them properly.

You might find a lot of flocculant companies offering various additional facilities. These days, such companies have developed more and invented more effective and faster working flocculants. But sadly, such chemicals might crash your budget. Generally, a good quality flocculant costs a lot. If you’re running out of budget, a homemade pool flocculant will be your ultimate shot. 

With homemade flocculant, you might have to spend some more time and do a little more research. But the output of cleaning will definitely be worth it.

SIX Best homemade pool flocculant:

Try the homemade remedies if you’re not willing to spend so many bucks after cleaning the Pool. Fortunately, there are a few options that are homemade, easy, quick and effective. If you can use such ingredients properly, there will be no option to complain. 

Let’s give a quick check over these homemade pool flocculants: 

Baking soda:

Baking soda is always the traditional and easy-to-use supplement to clean surfaces. You can use this in the right amount for effective pool water filtration. Baking soda raises the water PH level and protects water health. If the pool water alkalinity is high, you can rely on baking soda as a home remedy.

Muriatic acid: 

Muriatic acid is a quite popular cleaning agent for both home and industrial use. This element can neutralize your pool water PH level. Besides, you’ll get a deep cleansing from all dirt and debris. Particles that pool filters can’t grab will be cleared thoroughly with muriatic acid. But, always maintain proper safety procedures while using such things. 

White vinegar:

White vinegar is a common element of every kitchen. You can use this for quick filtration of pool water as well. It’s super easy to use. You have to pour the vinegar directly into the water. That will clean all the existing dirt, particles and unhealthy facts of pool water. Vinegar won’t only clear out the water, but also it helps to get you a shiny pool surface


Bleach is one of the best homemade flocculant alternatives. It’s a type of hypochlorite acid and works by breaking down polyacrylamide. This element is quite strong and helps to fight all unhealthy particles existing in your pool water. Even experts use bleach to shock the pool water professionally. This can raise the chlorine level in the water and help to keep a balance of the pool water health. 


Borax is another effective supplement to clean out pool water. It will work as a PH buffer in the Pool. You can completely rely upon borax to bring the pool water in balance. It’s also handy to use. You just have to mix the small amount of borax into the according to the pool size and expect an efficient filtration. 

Rubbing alcohol: 

You can use rubbing alcohol as an amazing supplement to kill all the existing germs in your pool water. Such against are usually used for cleaning stubborn stains. However, you can make your own solution with 70% rubbing alcohol and 30% water. It balances the PH level chemically and removes all contaminants thoroughly from the pool water.

Frequently Asked questions

What’s the basic difference between a flocculant and a clarifier?

Flocculant and clarifier both are used to clean pool water, balance Ph level, and manage good water health. However, the basic difference between these two supplements is mildness and time. Flocculant is comparatively stronger than claim and works pretty faster. 

How can I make homemade cleaner with vinegar for my Pool?

It’s super simple to make foaming/ cleaning agents with baking soda. You can use 2:1:3 = White vinegar: Baking soda: Water and mix them well. Such a mixture works just like the professional cleaning agents in the market. 


It’s always essential to keep the pool water healthy. And proper filtration, cleansing and maintenance are a must for such good pool water. Pool flocculants do such efficient cleansing in no time. However, the price range seems comparatively pretty high. You can obviously try homemade pool flocculants as a fantastic alternative. Such alternatives work efficiently, save your time and save you bucks as well.

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