Hayward Pool Heater Ignition Failure: Why Does It happen?

In the cold winter evening, there is nothing better than taking a dive into your pool hot spring. Ops, wait a minute. The old Hayward pool heater ignition failure happened. So what to do now?

Turns out, increasing the thermostat level may just solve the problem. If the igniter doesn’t respond, you have to go through it manually. 

Scared? Well, don’t worry. Going through the steps is easy as a pie. 

Today, your misery will go away after you follow our instructions below. Don’t miss anything, or your plan may just backfire. So, let us get started. 

Pool Heater ignition failure: Let’s start diagnosing

After you see your Hayward heater is not igniting properly, some tests can help you. Here, the gas pressures convey a water column or WC. If there is natural and propane gas, the pressure will differ and cause problems. Here are some tests which can help you.

Measure the static pressure

We have to check the static pressure. The steps for it are,

  • First, measure the baseline pressure of propane and natural gas at the inlet. 
  • Make sure that the figure stays regular all the time. 
  • Moreover, you need to keep the heater in an off position while conducting the test. 

Note: If you see that the static pressure is low, then the reasons would be-

  • Smaller meter size attached to the heater
  • Smaller gas line
  • Obstruction in the gas line
  • Damaged or incorrect gas line 

Check out the load pressure

Sometimes the supply pressure doesn’t hold up when the heater is turned on. You have to check it too.

  • First, turn the heater on. 
  • Here, just attach the nanometer with the gas valve’s inlet section.
  • The pressure will vary or remain normal.
  • If it remains normal, there is no problem with the valve. 

Note: If you see the load pressure is too low, then the possibilities would be-

  • When the meter size is smaller than the heater
  • Smaller gas line
  • When the heater is far from the gas meter
  • Damaging of the gas line regulator 

Manifold pressure Check

Sometimes, you need to check whether the pressure reaches the combustion chamber or not. Turns out, a manifold pressure check will do the trick. Let’s check out the steps below.

  • First, fix a manometer to the outlet side (Also called manifold) of the gas valve. 
  • Turn on the heater and wait for the reading to show up.
  • When the readings go down or high up, your valve adjustment isn’t proper. 

Note: If the reading goes nuts, 

  • The meter size doesn’t fit the heater.
  • Blockage in the valve or gas line.

Why does a Hayward pool heater ignition fail?

One of the most annoying situations comes when the Hayward pool heater fails to ignite. Thinking, why? The common reason you will see is insufficient gas supply. Here, the ignition failure refers to “IF.” 

So, if you see anytime that your pool heater is showing an IF sign, it means the working process is no longer available. 

Therefore, it is crucial to detect our pressure problems. Or else, it will be anything surprising if your heater fails to ignite. 

Diagnose the ignition failure problem

Maybe there is no other way except for troubleshooting your heater system. Now, the question is, what are the parts to detect? Let’s have a look below.

Heater switch 

Heater switches are an important part of heater systems. Once it stops functioning, there is a great chance of ignition failure. So, check if it’s on or not. And even though it doesn’t work after switching on, then you must give troubleshooting it. 

Use a jump start cable and make contact between the terminals of the power switch. What will happen by this, the ignition will bypass and make the heater start. But if you see that the switch is not working even after that, you just need to change the heater switch.

Plumbing valves

There is no doubt that we all want to cease the flow of water. And for that, we shut off our plumbing valves. But, that can cause ignition failure. In that situation, check the multiport, which is situated beside the filter and pump. Open each one of them. It can ensure the smooth flow of water towards the heater.

Gas supply valve

Usually, the gas supply valve makes the gas flow in the Hayward pool heater. So, make sure your supply valve is open and let the gas flow into your heater.

Gas valve

Gas can flow to the heater smoothly if you keep the gas valve of the heater open.

High switch limit

Because of the high switch limits, heaters begin to heat. You will get this switch near the outlet of your heater. So, if you have a high switch limit, then your heater ignition may lead to failure. All you need to do is a bypass test. And, if the heater jump-starts and comes on, just change the switch of your heater.

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What causes ignition failure on a Hayward pool heater?

Hayward pool heater ignition failure happens when the thermostat level drops or the gas level isn’t sufficient. Having many mechanical parts, the pool heater may face encountering a damaged gas valve, plumbing valve, heater switch, and so on. One thing is for sure, and the heater will face a low or high gas pressure as long as you don’t solve the problem. 

How do you manually ignite a pool heater?

To manually ignite a pool heater, first, you need to rotate the “Pilot” knob and press it downwards. Doing so will open the pilot diaphragm, sending the fuel gas to the pilot assembly. You may have to press it down 3-4 times to ensure proper ignition. 

Why does my pool heater keep shutting off?

Sometimes, dirt can accumulate in the pipes, causing fuel gas levels to decrease. A malfunctioning gas or plumbing valve can also cause a heater to shut down. Most of the time, the heater igniter fails. You may also face frequent shut-off while worming your pool water. 

Why is my electric pool heater not working?

If you have an electric pool heater, and it is not working, the reason is a dirty basket or filter. At some point, almost all water heaters face this problem due to sitting ideal in a single place. Try removing the mechanical parts and cleaning everything up.

How do you troubleshoot a Hayward pool heater?

Hayward pool heaters may not function if dirt clogs the valves, especially the gas and plumbing ones. To troubleshoot the problems, first, increase the thermostat level. If it doesn’t work, adjust or replace the thermostat. Reconnect the wiring and try adjusting the bypass for more flow. 

End Note

Hayward Pool heat hardly breaks down, but when it does, the causes are serious. Cleaning it may be time-consuming. Don’t worry. The cleaning steps are easy, and you need a few tools to open the heater. 

90% of the time, cleaning the valves and increasing the thermostat level will do the job. 

So, how did you feel while reading the troubleshooting process? Don’t forget to give us your valuable feedback. Bye for now. Have a good day.

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