7 DIY Pool Party Decoration Ideas

Are you throwing a pool party to celebrate the scorching summer? It is undoubtedly an exotic idea. Like any other party, decoration is always the center of attraction. So, you must put some extra effort over your pool party decoration.

After all, your guest will click a lot of photos and post on Instagram to share the joy with others. Don’t you think that will somehow determine your impression too?

Well, don’t panic! It’s nothing like you have to spend many bucks on decorating the pool for a party. Some DIY ideas and your little effort can do the job easily.

But for that, you must know some unique DIY pool party decoration ideas. No matter if it’s a birthday party or a homecoming one, these ideas will stand as your ultimate savior.

DIY Pool Party Decoration Ideas

Things to consider while choosing any DIY ideas for pool party decoration

There are thousands of DIY decoration ideas for a pool party. You can invent some with your creativity too. But not each of them is affordable and easy to make.

But you can’t also ignore the decoration part just because you’re running on a budget. The budget-friendly DIY pool party decoration ideas can do some magic as well. 

There are a few things to consider while choosing any decorating ideas for your pool party. Let’s give a quick check on them:


Just because you’re doing DIY party decoration, that doesn’t mean all elements and ingredients will be cheap.

No matter which decoration idea you’re going with, make sure they are not including anything more than your budget.

Besides, don’t choose any decorating ideas that will need any professional to fix it. Else, you might have to spend some bucks behind servicing costs. 


On which occasion you’re throwing the party plays a vital role. If you choose the decoration ideas according to the event, things will be way more relatable.

Besides, you can even add your creativity to enhance the occasion. If you choose some birthday party ideas for a regular summer party, things might appear weird.

So, it would help if you considered the party occasion. 


Your party is meant to satisfy the guests. While decorating you must consider who your guests are, what they will like and what things they are going to ask for.

Only then will the decoration be successful as well as attractive. Suppose you’re following some adult party decoration ideas for your child’s birthday party.

You won’t intentionally do that. So, Make sure all the decoration ideas are suitable for satisfying your guests. 


When you’re throwing the pool party means a lot while decorating the pool. The weather should be friendly with your DIY decoration ideas.

If it seems that the rain can happen at any time, it’s better to avoid any paper-made decoration elements without protection.

So, consider the weather forecast before throwing and decorating your pool party.

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SEVEN Most Popular DIY Pool Party Decoration Ideas

Among all these ideas, give a check on the seven most popular DIY decoration ideas for pool parties:

Balloon Rainbow

Balloons are the most basic and affordable product for DIY decoration. Balloons can bring colors, fun and creativity instantly. It would be the basic but beautiful element for decorating your pool.

Either it’s a birthday or other regular parties, grab some good and nice colored balloons to create an exotic balloon arch. You can pick seven different colors to create the shape of the rainbow over your pool.

Building the watches is also super easy. You need to select colorful balloons and tie them over strips. Place the arches over the pool, and it will bring a joyful vibe to your party. 

Balloon Palm Trees

Balloons bring unique additions to your pool party. You can make different shapes with balloons.

Try making some palm trees with orange and green colored balloons. It’s easy to make and takes minimum energy.

Fill the balloon with air and connect them using some same colored ribbons. You can use long green balloons as leaves. Place these balloon palm trees on the pool patio for decoration.

Drink Umbrella Wreath

The umbrella wreath is quite soothing and suitable for a pool party. You just need some grapevine wreath and colorful drinking umbrellas.

You can also purchase some readymade foam wreaths for $5 and a pack of drinking umbrellas. You don’t have to use any extra glue to create the structure. 

Just place those umbrellas one after one all over the foam wreath. You better not leave any gap over the wreath. So, you can go with a couple of umbrella layers depending on the weather.  

Floating Paper Jellyfish

Floating jellyfish look adorable on a pool party decoration. If you know some crafting, they will be quicker to make.

Use some paper lanterns, ribbons, blue and transparent colored thread to complete the decoration. Make an oval-shaped fish structure by using paper. Now, take some fabric ribbons to connect them with glue.

The ribbons should have a ruffle look to grab the attraction. Now, you can simply hang these with transparent/ white color threads around your pool. 

Floating Beverage counter

A beverage counter is a must for any pool party. But you can make this more fun with the touch of your creativity.

These days floating beverages counters are super popular. The good news is. You can make floating bars by yourself.

Just get some colorful pool noodles and cut them in whatever shape you will need. Or else, you can use the floating beverage containers and fill them with drinks, ices.

This will be helpful to pass drinks to your guests as well as look interesting. 

Funky picture board

A picture corner can grab some extra attention on your pool party decoration. If you make some funky picture boards, people can use them as their picture background.

These types of boards are pretty demanding and cost a lot of money to purchase.

You can show your creativity and make some funky picture boards with stickers, notes, flowers, alphabets, etc.

Summer- Beach themed Lights

Without proper lighting, no party is complete. For pool party decoration, you can go for some warm, and light color summer beach themed party lights on your poolside.

For bringing different colors to your pool party, use other color papers to make DIY lamps. You can hang them all-around your pool to make this look nicer.

Frequently Asked questions

How long should a pool party last?

A pool party should last around 2 to 3 hours max. This is good as a pre-dinner party, evening party or cake cutting one. 

How can I make my pool party more fun?

Some good decoration, exciting games, snacks, and music make the pool party more fun.


Pool parties are always refreshing and special. If you fail to decorate it correctly, the party can seem incomplete.

But pool party decoration mostly requires a high budget. If you just apply DIY pool party decoration ideas, things might get more accessible for you.

With these ideas, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Save some time before your party and throw the most amazing pool party with all the unique decorations.

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