Can You Run Pool Pump with Solar Cover On

A solar cover on the pool comes with some questions along with so many advantages. One of the most asked questions is “Can you run pool pump with solar cover on? 

The cover will retain your heat if your pool has a heater. Also, if your pool is non-heated, the cover will keep the pool cool and protect the pool from dirt and debris. In addition, you can keep leaves and other small objects away to save your water from pollution.

But keeping the cover on and running the pool pump seems problematic. On the contrary, removing cover every time before running the pool pump is more hassle. In this article, we will talk about whether you should or can run the pool pump with a solar cover.

Can You Run Pool Pump with Solar Cover On

What Is a Solar Cover?

A solar cover is a kind of blanket made out of plastic. The blanket covers your pool fully with both the length and width. It is designed to trap and retain the heat of your pool. Also, the cover will absorb the sunray and transfer the heat to the pool to keep it warm. Since the cover retains the heat, it prevents the water from evaporation. It will save both water and heat.

Also, due to the plastic construction, the cover will float on the water of your pool. You don’t even need any fastener or tie to keep the cover floating. Also, it features a reel system that enables you to wrap the cover. Despite that, it becomes a hassle task to remove or install the cover every time you run your pool pump.

How Does a Solar Cover Work? 

The solar cover comes with a bubble side and a straight side. Its bubbles are designed with air that keeps the cover floating on the pool water. Also, these work like magnifying glasses that will enhance the sun emergency. Since the main task of the cover is to absorb solar heat and transfer it to the water, these bubbles do the task.

These bubbles absorb the sun’s heat and transfer the heat to the water to keep it warm. Also, it traps the heat generated by the pool heater from going outside from the water. You will get nice and warm water every time you swim. Besides, it works like a dirt cover on the pool to prevent debris and dust.

Benefits of Using a Solar Cover

Along with retaining heat, the solar cover offers some tremendous benefits for your pool. So let’s have a look at the benefits offered by the solar cover.

Absorb and retain heat

The main purpose of the cover is to keep your pool warmer by absorbing and retaining heat, as mentioned earlier. It absorbs the sun’s heat to transfer into the pool water to make it warm. Also, it prevents heat loss you get from the pool heater. By absorbing and retaining, it delivers comfortable and warm water.

Reduce evaporation

When the heat goes away from the water, the water gets evaporated as well. Every year you lose almost 10,000 or 20,000 gallons of water from your pool depending on the pool size. Even you can lose 2 inches of water every week that will make you replace the water quickly. You can prevent the evaporation of water with a solar cover on since it traps both the heat and evaporated water inside.

Prevent chemical loss 

Along with the water, the chemical you used on the water gets reduced or diluted. It increases the cost of chemicals for your pool. A good solar cover will not only prevent water evaporation but also prevent chemical loss. You can save up to 60% of chemicals every day with a solar cover.

Saves energy

Most of us use gas heaters or electric heaters for our pool to generate heat. However, it loses with time depending on the moisture and dryness of water. On the other hand, you can heat up the pool by using solar energy with your solar cover. Also, since it prevents heat loss, you can keep your pool warmer for a long time and save a lot of energy.

Keeps your pool clean

Finally, the cover protects the pool from debris and dust. No matter how clean your pool is, it will get dirtier with time. But with the solar cover on, you can prevent the access of debris and dust. It will reduce the hassle of maintaining the pool.

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Can you run pool pump with solar cover on?

So, can you run pool pump with solar cover on? Well, you can safely run your pool pump on and fill your pool with water when keeping your solar cover on. You can even smoothly conserve the heat during the water circulation. Since it keeps the water warmer, when you pump new water, it mixes the cold and warm water together. 

That means, of course, you can run your pool pump with a solar cover on and it will be better for your pool. Also, it will reduce the hassle of removing and installing the cover.

When You Can Run Your Pool Pump With A Solar Cover On

During the winter, when the water is cold, you should then keep your solar cover on and run the pool pump. It will help you warm your pool water quickly than ever. Of course, you can do it in summer as well to protect against water evaporation and chemical loss.

How long can I leave a pool cover on?

The maximum time you should keep your solar cover on is 7 days. More than that might damage the water quality.

How long does a solar cover last?

The life of the solar cover depends on the quality of solar cover you purchased. However, on average, yo can expect a lifespan of 3 years for the solar cover.

Can I put chemicals in my pool with the solar cover on?

Yes, you can put the chemical in your pool while keeping the solar cover on and it will protect the chemical from loss.

Are pool solar covers worth it?

Well, the solar cover will help you trap and retain heat, reduce chemical loss and water evaporation. Also, it keeps your pool clean all the time that makes it worth it.

Can I run my filter with the solar cover on?

It is quite possible and safe to run your filter with your pool solar cover on. The efficiency of the filter may decrease but it will get the job done.


A solar panel is a great addition to your pool to protect from debris, dust, water loss, and heat loss. But the question ‘Can you run a pool pump with solar cover on?’ comes with the advantages. Now you know that there is no problem keeping your solar panel on and running your pool pump.

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