Top 5 Best Wet Dry Shop Vacs in 2021 – (DeWALT, Bosch, Vacmaster, Shop-Vac)

Getting the best wet dry shop vacs which will tackle the most tough job is our key consideration. The truth behind a wet/dry vacuum cleaner is its multipurpose use, durable design, perfect attachments and many more excellent features. So, it is pretty common you may not toss all the features on your bucket list. At least, some of them may falter in some areas.

Here this article is for you, so you will be worry-free about getting the right deal. At-least, you will come to know from our analysis like which is made for you. For example, we won’t tell the features only, we also tell the cleaning story, so let’s dive into the main article.

Best Wet Dry Shop Vacs

What is the Best Wet Dry Shop Vac for You?

If you’re looking for the best wet dry shop vac, then look no further! At Best Wet Dry Shop Vac we carry a wide selection of products that will make your life easier. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best wet dry vacuum cleaners on the market today and we’ll tell you all about them so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Best Overall: DeWALT 12 Gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac
    “DeWalt is great for having the sturdy material, it is somewhat the toughest shop-vac until a new product hits the market. So, if you are into the construction-based vac then don’t look further bring it right away.”
  • Best for Automatic Filter Cleaning: Bosch VAC090A 9-Gallon Dust Extractor
    “It will be the best bait for constructors who need to collect a lot of dust. The immersive airflow and water lifting capacity allows you to pick up hard-to-remove debris efficiently.”
  • Best For Professional Use: Vacmaster Professional Wet/Dry Vac
    “With an exhaust muffler the powerful vacuum becomes quiet. Furthermore, having the blasted jet air takes out the hidden debris. If you look for a complete package of the  best wet dry vac, here you are.”
  • Best Budget: Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum
    “We find this Vac suitable for carpet cleaning, auto cleaning, floor cleaning, and wet cleaning mostly. Since you want it to get the portability and convenience so don’t expect it to run on a big surface and get to see it collect a sheer volume of crap. While buying it make sure, the abilities of it will match.”
  • Best For Portability: Shop-Vac 5-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum
    “It is a small boy but powerful enough. It’s ultimate goal is to give you enough suction and give you wet and dry cleanup experience. We recommend you clean-up the living room clean-up under an affordable budget.”

Top Rated Best Wet Dry Shop Vacs in 2021

1. Best Overall: DeWALT 12 Gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac

We know getting the finest deal often falls flat while we can’t get to see the best output. Different shop vac comes with different good sides along with a few drawbacks. Hopefully, from our following picks, you will find the best deal.

The toughness comes with the hand of DeWalt products and this product is the best commercial shop vac ever. Because it is as immersive and powerful as you are expecting. The best feature we found with it is to have sturdy construction and empowered by a 5.5 HP motor. That being said, it can bring a huge power for the maximum cleanup tiresome job.
After durability, the second best feature to us is the excellent ease of movement. With the help of durable rubberized casters, it ensures smooth rolling without making a fuss. The number of attachments is also satisfactory, and the best one is the extra-long power cord so you can have more space while cleaning.


  • Made of durable material
  • Strong and effective suctioning
  • Easy to put together
  • Convenient while using


  • Locks are not available with the wheel


  1. Can it be used as a blower?

Yes, it can be used as a blower since it comes with the in-built blower port that is effective enough to blow debris, sawdust or anything come across.

  1. How does this remove water from carpeting?

You will never worry about it, since the suction power is generous to bring out the liquid from the carpet. Moreover, the blower can dry up the carpet surface as well.

  1. Can this vacuum be used to dry up a large portion of the wet floor?

Yes, it can and to suck up the wet-floor it comes with suction power, an extended hose, and a large built-in tank, where the liquid substance will go.

2. Best for Automatic Filter Cleaning: Bosch VAC090A 9-Gallon Dust Extractor

Optimum dust collecting efficiency of this wet-dry Vac makes it a second choice for constructor after Dewalt. The dust extractor provides max airflow (150cfm) and the highest water lift (97-inch) to let you suck away hard-to-remove dust. For maintaining cleaning performance, it comes with an automatic cleaning filter. It cleans the filter every 15 seconds to ensure the Vac provides immersive suction continuously. So, no suction loss occurs, which lets you pick up debris optimally.
After its unforgiving suction, the best feature we spot is a wet vacuuming water-level sensor. This sensor automatically shuts the unit off if the water level reaches the max-height. As a result, the motor of your vacuum remains safe from the unusual accident that prolongs its life. Besides, this Vac also includes a fleece filter bag that protects your vacuum from abrasive materials. Plus, the bag also offers additional storage for dry dust.


  • Strong airflow & water-lifting capability offer optimum cleaning efficiency
  • A water-level sensor automatically shuts down the unit to protect the motor
  • Convenient attachment storage system
  • Easy to carry
  • Durable


  • Not allow you to vacuum the floor as it includes no floor attachments


  1. Is there a warranty?

Yes, Bosch offers a 1-year limited warranty and provides free replacement from the date you purchase it.

  1. Will this fit the bosch 12” miter saw dust port?

Yes, there is a soft adapter plug that lets you put together a sawdust with the port. However, you must need an adapter to install it correctly.

  1. How well does the auto-clean function work for sanding dust?

The self-cleaning function works well to sand dust. However, it thumps every 15 seconds that produces noise, which may be a bit annoying. However, using a shorter hose, the noise will be lower comparatively.

3. Best For Professional Use: Vacmaster Professional Wet/Dry Vac

When it comes to telling about the best suction power, Vacmaster Professional comes to our mind. It is a corded version beast-like vac that tackles almost every job around home, garage, jobsite and many more. Having the immense power and airflow, it tricks with the dirt and debris and taking them inside the tank, turns out you will have maximum cleaning experience.

Aside from the amazing suction ability, it has a huge 16-Gallon tank, giving you more space to operate and clean more stuff. Also, you may easily empty the large tank using the quick drain. The handheld version Vac is easily convertible from suction mode to blower mode, if necessary.

Among many features of it, the feature we like the most is noise diffuser. That being said, you can tackle the huge suction under low noise. Moreover, you will never regret the attachments as all are included with the package.


  • Produce great suction but keep the minimum noise
  • Unforgiving suction power and clean up easy
  • Attachments easily mount on feet without falling off


  • Not worthy to mention any


  1. Is this compatible with the vac master HEPA filter?

Thankfully, you will get to see this is compatible with the vacmaster HEPA filter.

  1. Can it suck water out of a very wet carpet?

Since it has gotten an amazing suction power along with large

  1. Can I use this for sucking pet hair?

It may but it does not specifically deal with sucking pet hair since no attachments available to perform so.

4. Best Budget: Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum

Stanley brings the most efficient shop vac in case of convenience, truly it is a breeze for those who want a small area clean-up without making any fuss. The tank size is 6 Gallon and powered by 4 HP motor, seems like it is great for a 1200 sq.ft garage or jobsite.
You would fall in love with this small vac functionalities, as it comes with 3in1 versatile operations, making it a true wet/dry machine. The cleaning reach is also great, with its 16 ft cord, it allows you to have maximum cleaning up. Apart from that, you won’t need to regret attachments. Because Stanley Vac comes with all-essential attachments, they are hose, crevice nozzle, extension wands, floor nozzle and filter clamp etc.


  • Affordable and well-made
  • Easy to mobilize and lightweight
  • Perfect fittings especially the hose screws
  • Do amazing cleaning for smaller scale


  • The hose thickness (1.25 inches) is not satisfactory


  1. Do I need to remove the filter when I use this as a wet vac?

First off, you will need to remove filters and make sure the filter will be saturated, turns out it will create a mist in the exhaust.

  1. Do you have to use bags with it?

Well, it is not mandatory but we suggest you to use it

  1. I need something to dry out the hot tub lines and to clean a pellet stove. Will this do both jobs?

Yes, cleaning a pellet stove will make the whole task easier and smoother, so  you may do this.

5. Best For Portability: Shop-Vac 5-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

The last one from Shop-Vac comes with the small design but it offers the best durable body, made of stainless steel. The reason we enlisted it on our review is because it is powerful and portable both. The 4.5 HP motor can blow and suck almost anything and the 5 Gallon steel tank is easy to mobilize.

After the design and portability feature, the thing we love to see is it’s versatile accessories. Among the common attachments, you would love to see Gulper & Floor nozzles, they are pretty effective to kick out the hidden dirt or debris. However, it comes with a downside with the short power cord.
We found the blower part work nicely especially on dry leaves. Another good output you will get with the rolling-caster, it is smooth and allows you to go anywhere. Many of us are worried about the length of hose, well it may not have that much decent length but as it offers to clean up a small living room so this is gonna be fine, we believe.


  • Recognized as tough shop-vac
  • Side carry handles enhances the portability
  • Small but powerful


The floor nozzle sometimes get stuck to floors


  1. Will this vac remove water from my outdoor rug?

Yes this may help you out from removing water especially when cleaning the hot tub or outdoor rug.

  1. Can this vac be used to remove hot ash from my pellet stove?

If it is hot ash then this won’t work what you can do is to cool down and perform so.

  1. Can I vacuum broken glass?

Vacuuming broken glass will damage the motor, so the answer is “No”.

What should I look for when buying a wet/dry vac?

Before buying a wet-dry vacuum, you should look for the following features.


One crucial decision you should make first is what capacity of a Vac you need.

For cleaning large job sites, it would be best to pick a vacuum that comes with a large capacity. The larger the volume will be, the more dirt & debris you can pick up.

The other advantage is you don’t need to dump the vacuum often, which will save your time & quicken the cleaning workflow.

Regarding this, Vacmaster Professional will be your go-to shop-vac as it comes with a 16-gallon tank capacity.

Motor Power

The power of a vacuum is measured by HP. The greater the HP of a shop-vac will be, the more suction it will produce. And how evenly you can suck up dirt & debris depends on the suction power. So, we recommend you to choose a vacuum that comes with higher horsepower.

Considering this, you can go for Dewalt or Vacmaster Professional for their powerful HP motor. Dewalt comes with a 5.5 peak hp motor, while the Vacmaster includes a 6.5 hp motor. Indeed, they offer enough suction you need to pick up dirt, debris, and sand.

Cleaning efficiency

How efficient a shop-vac is to pick up dirt & debris doesn’t only depend on its suction power. The airflow (CFM) and water lifting capacity also matters a lot.

The higher the CFM and water-lifting range will be, the better a vacuum can remove dust and sand.

We recommend you to have the Bosch Dust extractor in your line up considering its CFM & water-lift capacity. It comes with 150-cfm and 72-inch water-lift to let you remove sticky messes.

Blower Port & Drain Tank

The first and foremost feature you must consider is- whether the vacuum comes with a blower & drain tank or not.

The built-in blower lets you blow up sawdust, dry debris, and leaves from any workspace. On the other hand, a drain tank allows you to suck away wet and liquid dirt efficiently.

In this case, Dewalt will be the best wet-dry Vac as it comes with a built-in blower and a drain tank.

Filtration System

Pick a shop-vacuum that includes an advanced filtration system. It maintains the cleaning efficiency of a vacuum as you can clean the filter. Turns out, you will get the best shop vac with hepa filter.

We recommend Bosch in this case for its HEPA-filter. The best part is- it can capture 99.97% of particles and improves air quality.

Protective Features

Here protective features mean the shielding elements of a Vac that ensure the safety of it from any damage.

For example, Bosch Vacuum comes with an automatic water-level sensor. It shuts the unit down when the level of water reaches its highest height. As a result, your vacuum will remain safe from potential accidents.

Therefore, the Bosch Shop-Vac has also a fleece filter bag that protects it from abrasive materials.

So, you can choose this Bosch vacuum for its protective features that ensures its durability & prolong life.


Optimum cleaning efficiency doesn’t only depend on the suction of a vacuum but also its portability.

You can lug a portable vacuum around the workspace and clean every inch of the job site evenly.

Consider a vacuum that comes with rubberized casters to maneuver it everywhere effortlessly.

Fortunately, all the shop-vacuums we enlisted are portable and you can carry them wherever you want.

Storage System

A convenient storage system is another feature of a shop-vac you should take into account. With the help of it, you can keep all the accessories and tools to organize and store them conveniently. Therefore, it also increases the portability of a vacuum. Though all the Vacs on this list come with an onboard storage system, we recommend the Dewalt most.

Cord Length

Like other features, you should also take the cord length of a vacuum into account.

A shop-vacuum with an extended cord lets you cover a large room or job site with ease.

In this case, both Dewalt & Vacmaster Professional come with a 20-feet cord. However, the Vacmaster also includes a 7-feet hose that allows you to reach tight corners for thorough cleaning.

Shop Vac vs Home Vacuum

Shop-Vac is entirely different from the regular vacuum you use for cleaning your home.

From the view of suction power, maneuverability, and others, there are distinctions between Shop-Vac and Home Vacuum.

First off, Shop-Vac is intentionally designed to pick up a large amount of dust from construction job sites & garage.

So, the suction power of a shop vacuum is greater than the home-vac.

On the other hand, a home-vacuum comes with comparatively lower suction to pick up household dust.

Secondly, a home-vac is easy to maneuver around your home to suck away dirt & debris from every inch of your home. Besides, you can also use the vac to vacuum carpeted areas.

But a shop-vac is comparatively bulky, and you can’t move it around your home with ease. However, most of the shop vacuums now come with wheels or casters to lug them around easily. Still, home-vacuum is more portable than the Shop-Vac.

Thirdly, you can’t use the shop-vac for cleaning the carpeted floor as it will stick with the base. Even it will mark up your flooring as its wheel picks up all the grit.

So, the difference between Shop-Vac and Home Vacuum is subtle. Shop vacuum is ideal for cleaning large job sites for its immense power. In contrast, home-vac is perfect for picking up debris from your house.

Which shop vac has the strongest suction?

Undoubtedly, Vacmaster Professional has the strongest suction compared to other vacuums on this list.

We all know that how powerful suction a Vac will produce depends on its motor power. The higher the number will be, the more suction a shop-vac will generate.

Considering it, Vacmaster comes with a 6.5 horsepower motor that gives you enough suction to pick up hard-to-remove dirt efficiently.

Therefore, it has a high CFM rate (150) and water-lifting capacity (64-inch), which makes this a cleaning beast.

However, Vacmaster is not our top pick though it has the highest suction. It has a bit fewer features like wet and dry lifting of capacity, portability, and others compared to our top pick.

But you can choose this without any hesitation for its immersive suction.

How do you clean a wet/dry vac filter?

You can clean the wet-dry vac filter in multiple ways.

First off, you can use a flannel rag and tie it around the filter. Though it blocks up faster, it cleans effortlessly.

Then, pound on the vacuum a few times to knock the loose dirt off. In most cases, it will help to brush up the filter.

If it fails to clean the filter evenly, you can try out a hose to spray the water in the filter to wash away dirt.

Secondly, you can use another shop-vac (borrow one from your neighbor) to suck away dirt & debris from your wet-dry vac filter.

Thirdly, of course, it will be a bit messy and a time-taking cleaning method but vacuum the filter better.

In this process, you need to wait for a windy day and bring out the filter outside. Then, stand upwind quickly to get off all the dirty materials. The wind will blow up all the debris & dust from the filter.

Afterward, use an air nozzle to remove the rest of the dirt.

Finally, you can purchase a second filter to use when the other one gets dirty. Of course, it will not be economical but relieve you from the pressure of cleaning the filter.

How much HP do I need in a shop vac?

Generally, how much HP you need in a shop-vac depends on the job sites and the amount of debris you are going to pick up.

For a large construction site, you need a shop-vac that comes with at least 4-5 HP. Such kind of vacuum lets you suck away small to hard-to-remove dust efficiently.

On the other hand, for vacuuming light debris, a vacuum with 1-2 hp will do the job.

Are shop vacs more powerful?

Undoubtedly, shop vacs are more powerful compared to regular vacuums.

In general, most of the conventional Vacs for home cleaning come with 1-2 hp motors. On the other hand, the Shop-Vac comes with a 4-5 (minimum) hp motor.

So, generally, shop-vacs generate immense suction than its counterpart.

Besides, the shop vacuums also come with higher CFM and water-lifting capacity to pick up sticky dirt and debris.

Indeed, commercial shop-vac is more powerful in terms of motor power, suction, and higher CFM rate.


Is 3.5 hp enough for shop vac?

Generally, professionals recommend a shop-vac that comes with a 4-5 hp motor to pick up every type of dust. But a shop vacuum with a 3.5 powerful hp motor is not enough to produce the higher suction you need to blow out hard-to-remove dust. However, for regular cleaning jobs, a Vac with a 3.5 hp motor will be ideal.

Should I remove the filter before vacuuming water?

Liquid or water may damage the filter of your vacuum. So, you should remove the filter before vacuuming the water.

Can a wet/dry vac pick up water?

Of course, a wet-dry vacuum can suck away water efficiently.

Do wet and dry vacuums clean carpets?

Yes, a wet-dry vacuum (regular one) can pick up both wet and dry debris from various surface types. So, it also lets you suck away dust from the carpeted floor. However, you can’t use a shop-vac on your carpeted base as it sticks with the carpet.

Can you use a shop vac to shampoo carpet?

For hard-to-remove spots and stains, you can use a wet-dry shop vac to shampoo your carpeted floors. But it is recommendable not to use the shop-vac on the carpet.

How Important Is A Filter On A Vacuum?

A HEPA filter prevents dust & dirt from spreading into the air to keep the air fresh. Besides, it also helps to prolong the life of your vacuum. So, a filter on a vacuum is crucial and beneficial at the same time.

What is the CFM?

The full meaning of the acronym CFM means cubic feet per minute. It is the standard way to measure airflow.

Will A Small Shop-Vac Be As Effective As A Large One In Sucking Up Nails?

No, you can’t use a small shop-vac to pick up nails as it may damage your machine. Before using the shop-vac, use a dustpan or broom to brush up the spot first.

Final Words

So, which is the best wet dry shop vacs on this list?

All of the vacuums we enlisted are the top in the market. So, you can pick any of them from there.

But, we recommend Dewalt for its immersive suction, durability, maneuverability, and the number of attachments it includes.

However, still, you have the right to choose any shop-vacs from the list based on your personal choice.

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