Best Way To Deep Clean Wood Floors

You have hard wood floors that you clean very frequently. Of course you want them to last for a long time so you spend time in maintaining. However, if you have not started deep vacuum cleaning once every two months, then you have not started anything. Deep cleaning involves removing hard rooted dirt in your wooden floor. Professional services would easily help you the best way to clean wood floors. However, you can also do it yourself if you are willing to. We would sure you how:

Before You Begin

It is advised that you place mats outside so that dirt would not be transferred from outside to the inside. You might want to put up certain area where you can easily remove your boots if it is raining or snowing outside. You would want to keep water away from your floors.

best way to clean wood floors

Prevent scratches by making furniture stand on protecting surfaces. Also if you have kids, place a mat so that they can play on in certain areas of the house designated for that purpose.

Deep Cleaning

  • Sweeping the Floor
    The first step is to start by floor sweeping. Brooms that have soft bristles would be very suitable so that you do not miss spots and there are no scratches on the floor.
  • For Left-over Dirt
    After sweeping, there would be dirt that you could not have removed with your broom because they are in hard-to-reach corners. To get them off, use a floor brush that is attached to your vacuum.
  • Use Concentrated Hard Wood Cleaner
    This is where the hard cleaning starts. You would want to further clean your floors and for this you would need a concentrated hard wood cleaner. After making it into a solution as the instruction would tell you, you would then dip your mop in and squeeze tightly until it is slightly damp. Mob your floors with gently strokes but make sure that your hands are firm so that you are thorough when you mop.
  • You should also make sure that the liquid does not gather on any part of your floor as this can damage it.
  • Further remove hard stains using cloth that has been sprayed with stain remover.


  • We recommend that you follow the requirements of the manufacturers of your wood floor before you deep clean it.
  • This is so that you do not render the warranty useless.
  • If the has been slightly damaged, then sanding would be very helpful, after which you can give it a solid finishing.
  • Use mats on certain areas especially under furniture so that the it is well protected.
  • Avoid using cleaners that are soap-based. Also, you should avoid using steam cleaners as they put heat and excess water on your floor.

Tips To Remember

  • Deep clean your hard wood floor at least once every two months. This would improve the long lasting feature of your floor.
  • Also, clean your floor as frequently as possible; Every day would be suitable. Also, use suitable vacuum to carry out this operation. The best kind of vacuum cleaner for this would be the hardwood vacuum cleaner without beater brushes. If you cannot vacuum it, ensure that you dust it.
  • Mop it frequently. If you do not access to a mop, then a cloth napkin would be ideal because it is soft and absorbs easily.
  • Diluted vinegar is often advised to be used in case hardwood solution cannot be reached. Diluted vinegar would lower the quality of your floor and dull it. Avoid it.
  • Stay away from ammonia as well as it dulls your floor.
  • Keep water away as much as possible. This means that when mopping, you should wring as tightly as possible.
  • Basically, you should mop with a damp mop.
  • Polish yearly. Polishing your hard floor replenishes the coating that gives your floor a novel appearance. It refills scratches that cannot be seen with the naked eye and levels up the surface of your hard floor. What is more is that polishing is fairly easy to do.

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Hard floors are beautiful because they give our homes a vintage feel. It can easily be kept that way, if we are ready to give it the time and attention it deserves. Basically, cleaning your floor is important. However, it is more important to pay attention to whatever you use to clean.

Also, whenever you choose to wax, remember that you should never mop. With waxed floors, it is recommended that you clean off spills immediately.

If you cannot afford waxing at the moment, then teabags and hot water would work magic and give your floor a moderate amount of gleam.

The basic idea is to shower your floor with a lot of attention. Performing these actions when there are required would not only improve the life-span of your hard floor but would boost its quality as well.

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