Top 5 Best Vinyl Pool Vacuum in 2022(Inground & Above Ground Pool)

If you already own a vinyl swimming pool or are going to install a new vinyl liner pool, then you should know everything about vinyl liner pool. I want to give details about the best pool vacuum for vinyl pool. If you are not interested in this topic, the question will come to your mind when replacing the liner next time. Not everyone can own a pool; you have become the owner of the collection by spending so much money, then do the maintenance of the pool properly.

You will need a cleaner when dirt accumulates in your vinyl pool; debris continues to get, tree leaves fall to the ground, Sand comes in the air and fills the pool. But pool cleaners are not responsible for damage to your vinyl pool liner or bottom, so you need to be aware of this. You need the best pool cleaner on the market to protect your pool liner and clean the pool.

Pool Vacuum for Inground Vinyl Pool

What is Best Vinyl Pool Vacuum for You(Our Top Picks)


Automatic vacuum pool cleaners work well as the most advanced and best quality pool cleaner. You can also use a manual cleaner, but it can damage your pool, as well as waste a lot of time. However, automatic vacuum pool cleaners are quite expensive compared to other pool climbers. Let’s find out about the best vacuum pool cleaners on the market.

  • Best Vacuum for Inground Vinyl Pool: Dolphin Quantum Automatic Cleaner
    “If you want to clean your vinyl pool by throwing away all kinds of derbies and dirt, use the Dolphin Quantum Automatic Cleaner.”
  • Best Above Ground Vinyl Pool Vacuum: Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner
    “If you are lazy enough to maintain your conventional pool vacuum, then you must consider this robot. It does everything for you and keeps your pool bottom crystal clear. As a bonus, it reduces your electric bill as it needs only 180 watts to operate.”
  • Best Budget Pool Cleaner: Hayward W32025ADV PoolVac
    “You can use Hayward W32025ADV PoolVac to start your pool cleaning process quickly. The installation process is complete in just 10 minutes; then, your pool will be clean and disinfected by removing dirt and excess debris from the depths.”
  • Best Automatic Inground Vinyl Pool Cleaner: Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Cleaner
    “The Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly will work very well to remove all the powerful scrubs and strong stains from your underground vinyl pool. If you want to remove stubborn dirt from pool floors or walls, you must use this in-ground vinyl pool cleaner.”
  • Best Multi-Functional for Above Ground Pool: Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Pool Cleaner
    “If you are bored with cleaning the filter, backwash it, and maintaining them, Aquaboat Pool Rover is just for you. Its self-contained filtration system reduces the use of filters. So, you can save up to 70% expenses of maintenance costs.”
  • Best Suction Cleaner for Inground Vinyl Pool: Zodiac Baracuda G3 Pool Cleaner
    “Use the Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Suction Pool Cleaner to effectively clean all the dirt and small-medium derbies in your vinyl pool.”
  • Best Pressure Side Inground Vinyl Pool Cleaner: Polaris Vac-Sweep 280
    “Use the Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pool Cleaner to clean all other small to massive derbies from the pool, including tree leaves, pebbles.”
  • Best for Maneuvering: POOL ROVER S2 40
    “If you look for an easy to maneuver robot vacuum, you must have this robot vacuum in your lineup. Moreover, it’s easy to install and convenient to clean.”
  • Best Pressure Side Above Pool Cleaner: Polaris Vac-Sweep Automatic Cleaner
    “If you have an above ground pool up to 5-feet deep, you should consider the Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 6-130-00.”

Top 5 Best Pool Vacuum for Inground Vinyl Pool in 2022

1. Best Vacuum for Inground Vinyl Pool: Dolphin Quantum Automatic Cleaner

If you think of purchasing a superior filtration and fastest pool cleaner, Dolphin Quantum Automatic Cleaner is the best pool cleaner on the market. Its very delicate filtering process cleans even the smallest dirt. Even the ones that are impossible to see with the naked eye are cleaned in the fastest time. The Dolphin Quantum Automatic process is capable of pool cleaning in just 2 hours.

Dolphin Quantum Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Quantum has a good reputation for its most popular and advanced services. Since its launch in 2016, its users have been steadily increasing. It is used to power the power stream, Power Jet 3D mobility system, which is improved from most pool cleaners on the market. There are also hyper grip continuous trucks and snaplock filtration technology used.

It’s incomparable to make your pool easier to clean. This easy-to-carry cleaner weighs around 30 pounds. No caddy is required to carry this light underground vinyl pool cleaner. However, it is compatible with the manufacturer’s caddy. However, it will cost extra to bring the caddy.

It hugs the floor and walls and starts scrubbing quickly. Quantum is capable of cleaning the pool in the vertical climbing process. It saves several times more energy than other suction pool cleaners. There is no need to pump it.


  • It is the most advanced level automatic pool cleaner; it uses
  • Using super tasks and advanced mobility technology.
  • Scrubs the pool using dual brush technology. unseen dirt with hard dirt stuck scrubs quickly.
  • Quantum Anti Tangling Swivel Technology Supported.
  • This vacuum pool cleaner uses a micron filtering technique. This process cleans almost all types of dirt from water.
  • Using Super Ultra Energy Saving Technology. Uses 85-90% less energy than other robotic pool cleaners .
  • This speeds up the pool bottle and filter process. The veins do not accumulate in the filter, allowing it to travel very quickly.
  • It is equally active in the saline water of the pool.
  • It uses state-of-the-art technology that speeds up the pool cleaning process. It’s called PowerJet 3D Mobility.


  • Remote control was not added to the price of this pool cleaner.

2. Best Budget Pool Cleaner: Hayward W32025ADV PoolVac

Hayward W32025ADV PoolVac XL is an automatic pool cleaner with a pattern motion cleaning technology. That is the powered vacuum cleaner. Both Hayward Gunite and Vinyl are active in the pool.

Aquapilot technology has been added to the Hayward Pool Vacuum Cleaner, enabling this cleaner to clean the pool very quickly and efficiently. It is pre-programmed with the steering so that all the pools are cleaned of dirt, and the pool is stain free.

The installation process of this vinyl pool vacuum cleaner is straightforward. It does not require any additional boosters or other accessory equipment to run the filtration process. Its advanced turbine technology quickly removes all debris and other debris from the pool, making the process very easy and hassle-free.

Pool VAC XL is straightforward to use; in just 4-10 minutes, you can install it on a vacuum line or skimmer. The Hayward vacuum cleaner starts working as soon as the pump is turned on and starts cleaning all the pools.


  • Hayward W32025ADV can be installed very easily and quickly.
  • There is a pre-programmed steering wheel for spotless cleaning.
  • Sophisticated, efficient built-in aquapilot technology has been used.
  • There is turbine technology for a smooth cleaning operation.
  • The filtration process does not require additional equipment.


  • It takes 3-4 hours to clean a 40 feet pool area.

3. Best Automatic Inground Vinyl Pool Cleaner: Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Cleaner

The Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly has a reputation for removing even the most robust dirt from the underground pool. Because this vacuum cleaner uses Bristol Drive technology, it can loosen stubborn dirt that is firmly stuck to the floor and pool walls. Then all the small or large derbies are removed in a vacuum action process.

The free flow gauge feature in this vacuum pool cleaner allows the user to set the correct pool cleaning speed. There is a control valve to control it. Pre-programmed steering ensures uninterrupted cleaning. It is capable of cleaning in a 15 inch vertical way.

You can easily install a vacuum line without any other equipment. That’s why the Pentair Creepy krauly has a free vac port fitting facility.


  • Automatic inground pool cleaner with SmartTrack programmed steering.
  • Bristol-Drive Mechanism Able to clean any hard and robust dirt.
  • Dedicated vacuum and skimmer line installation by vac port fitting
  • Free flow gauges and valves have been added for easy speed control.
  • Weighs only 18.6 pounds, so it is easily portable.


  • There are allegations that it works slowly at pool wall climbing.

4. Best Suction Cleaner for Inground Vinyl Pool: Zodiac Baracuda G3 Pool Cleaner

If you are looking for wonder and powerful vacuum cleaner to clean your entire pool walls and floor, the Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 is perfect for you. This is a very good quality automatic pool cleaner. It uses advanced technology flow keeper valves; it works well with low power pumps.

Zodiac Baracuda scrubs the pool floor and walls very well and removes all medium-sized derbies through vacuum action cleaning. Flow levels valves are used to control the speed and condition of water flow by attaching your cleaner to the skimmer.

The Baracuda G3 Cleaner uses long-life hoses and scaffold resistant flow control valves. These functional hoses do not allow the scaffold to grow on the floor of the pool or anywhere else, eliminating it in the beginning. This cleaner also has a 36-fin disc, which helps increase adhesion to pool floors and walls.


  • Quiet and powerful vinyl pool suction cleaner.
  • Pick up and clean small and medium-sized derbies.
  • Flow control valve technology automatically controls the flow of water.
  • Durable and long-lasting defragment technology.
  • Long life and scaffold resistant hoses
  • The Zodiac Baracuda G3 installation process is very simple.


  • Cannot lift large size derbies.
  • It works slowly with high slide pumps.

5. Best Pressure Side Inground Vinyl Pool Cleaner: Polaris Vac-Sweep 280

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 is a vacuum pressure based pool cleaner. It can clean any pool, it needs a Polaris Booster pump to run it, and it works all over the vinyl pool. The PB4-60 pump should be used as a Polaris pressure pump. Other Polaris pressure pumps, including this one, are designed to fit this cleaner.

The Polaris 260 vacuum cleaner uses double jet technology, which increases the cleaner’s vacuum power, taking only 3 hours or more to clean the pool. A single-chamber filter bag is equipped with a pressure cleaner to hold all the dirt accumulated on the pool’s bottom, including wall scrubs and derbies. It also contains other derbies, including small and large pebbles. Its filtering process is done through a molasses filter; the filter bag is quite functional.

The cleaner is boxed with a 31-foot hose kit. Also inside the box are other instruments, including a single chamber filter bag.


  • Works in all ground pools.
  • Including TailSweep pro compatibility
  • Sixteen units multiples palletized.
  • The Filtration system protects a single chamber filter bag.
  • Polaris 280 Powered by double jets technology.
  • Up to 3 hours of faster-cleaning ability
  • Removes all types of derbies from small to large.


  • Cannot operate Polaris VAC-Sweep 260 pool cleaner without a booster pump.

Dolphin vs. Hayward – Which one is best for Vinyl

If you own a pool, you are fortunate, because owning a pool is not easy at all, it has to be achieved by spending a hefty sum of money. So not just pool vacuum cleaners, any pool equipment should be thoroughly checked before the purchase. Since we are discussing the pool vacuum today, my advice to you is – check and buy a good pool cleaner and use it with confidence.

Like other equipment in your pool, it is a significant expense. The price of a robotic vacuum pool cleaner is relatively high, but these automation systems make your pool cleaning work more comfortable and save you valuable time. We will now discuss Dolphin and Hayward Vacuum Pool Cleaner, considering the performance and other benefits of these two pools to verify which one would be perfect for your pool.

Dolphin Features

We have already discussed point-based details about Dolphin Quantum. Now let me mention some of the critical features of Dolphin Quantum.

Unique to Dolphin Quality, it supports Cleverclin technology. It is set up by an algorithm program that cleans all the pools. Power stream mobility systems have also been used to clean healthy dirt quickly. An advanced microprocessor powers this system. This allows the dolphin cleaner to embrace the pool surface and start scrubbing vigorously promptly. Dual scrubbing brush has been used in this machine to increase the pool cleaning power.

Dual-layered filtration systems have been used to make different sizes of debris. It uses additional filters for various lengths of Darbris without any bag. The machine does not have the help of large filters to make large size debris and small filters to produce small size debris. Quantum used an anti-tangle swivel cable to move inside all pools.

Hayward Features

The feature of Hayward Vacuum Pool Cleaner has already been mentioned. Here are some essential feature shows, which can be compared to Dolphin Quantum.

It supports smart steering technology; it can navigate within all its possible volume in all pools and uses the most advanced pattern for cleaning. Another modern technology that has been integrated into this automation system is the Easy Access Filter Cartridge System. That helps to remove debris from the filter very quickly.

It can be run without any tools. It saves electricity. The saving rate is 94% compared to other traditional vacuum pool cleaners. As a result, cleaning the pool also saves money.

Which One is the Best Vinyl Pool Cleaner

The result of my research is – Dolphin Quantum is the best pool vacuum cleaner. Because dolphins keep their promises, they deliver everything they mention at pre-sales. While its purchase price is much higher than the Hayward Pool Cleaner, it is the best for good service.

If you do not want your pool cleaner’s cable to be tangled, you can use Dolphin Quantum Robotic Vacuum Pool Cleaner. Its most advanced cleaver clean method cleans the underground vinyl pool more efficiently than any other vacuum pool cleaner. Its suction force is also much higher than that of Hayward. So despite the extra price, it is more reliable than others.

Top 4 Best Above Ground Vinyl Pool Vacuum in 2022

1. Best Above Ground Vinyl Pool Vacuum: Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you want to purchase the most robust and most efficient above ground pool vacuum cleaner robot for your pool, Dolphin Escape is perfect for you. It uses a high power Debris canister system, which will remove as much firm dirt as the ground above your pool. It is also aesthetically pleasing to look at. Its structure is hyper grip technologies, so it does not get stuck like the old four-wheeled model. This upper ground pool cleaner weighs only 14 pounds; it can clean all pools, big and small, very efficiently.

Studies have shown that it consumes about 90% less energy to complete all the work, using only 160 watts to clean the ground above the pool. The escape uses an engine with power but a low voltage DC motor. So it is called Gentle Giant. Its suction rating is 4000 GPH. If you want to get this amount of suction rating in any other top ground cleaner, of course, your cleaning cost will be expensive; Dolphin Escape can do it using small capacity. It uses advanced hyper-brush technology, which makes it very powerful to remove even the strongest debris, algae quickly; it does the job by double spin from other ordinary pool cleaning brushes.

The Mega Top Filled Filter Cartridge used in the Dolphin Escape is undoubtedly huge and can hold more Debris than any older model; it contains an average of 80% more Derbies. Impressive filtration systems have been used to filter algae, and bacterial weeds, including trees, leave quickly. It does not travel randomly during cleaning; it supports smartnav scanning technology, so its system algorithm helps it to move in a precise way; this advanced pool cleaner robot can easily avoid these obstacles if a ladder or wall comes in front.


  • Double spinning scrubbing with hyperbrush
  • Smart Scanning with SmartNav Technology
  • Hypergrip Run Rubber Trucks Technologies –
  • Lightweight and aesthetic design
  • 90% Power Saving 24 Volt Ultra DC Motors
  • Super filtration cartridge feature
  • Clean and scrub upper ground pool
  • 1.5-hour smart cleaning cycle
  • Two-year brand warranty coverage


  • No timer and no scheduler available
  • There is no remote control offer with the price.

Dolphin Escape cleans dirt and algae with the best and most potent hyperbrush technology on the market, along with a powerful energy-efficient engine, fast cleaning cycle, ergonomic frame, making it very clean to clean the ground above the pool. You can buy this cleaner with two years warranty for improved service.

2. Best Multi-Functional for Above Ground Pool: Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Pool Cleaner

Use hoses, connect them with the filter, or use an extra pump! Who has enough time to do all this junk? And that’s why we bring Aquaboat Pool Rover to cut your time for enjoying. The self-contained filtration system can catch up from large to tiny debris efficiently. So, your bottom will remain crystal clear. And the best part is- it requires no hoses, connection with filter, and others to vacuum your pool. So, it reduces maintenance workflow & cost as it reduces the use of the filter.

The best feature we spot out is- its patented guidance system. With this, the cleaner vacuums the pool bottom automatically. So, you don’t need to look after the robot to check whether it works or not. It saves you time and lets you do other workflows.


  • Efficient to pick up ultra-fine dirt & dust
  • Easy to put together
  • Need minimal maintenance


  • Take a bit long time to clean it

3. Best for Maneuvering: POOL ROVER S2 40

At number 4, we bring another automatic pool vacuum that comes from Aquabot. The Pool Rover S2-40i lets it catch large to tiny dirt and debris from the pool surface. Therefore, its micro-filter bag filtration system allows you to capture small particles from your pool. Indeed, this robot vacuum offers a superior cleaning solution. On top of that, the pump of this vacuum can filter 80-gallon water per minute. So, you will get healthy water in your pool for swimming.

Afterward, emptying the debris is effortless. You can access the filter from the top to remove the dirt out easily. And the best part is- you can machine wash the filter bags. So, you can use it for a long time to store debris efficiently.


  • The sleek design makes it easy to maneuver
  • Excellent to pick up small particles
  • Greater suction power ensure ultimate cleaning
  • Convenient to assemble and disassemble


  • It would be best if it doesn’t get stuck on the edge of the pool


How does this work removing algae from the bottom of a pool?

This robotic vacuum can catch dirt and debris up to two microns. So, it can also pick up algae from your pool bottom. But the heck is- if there are a lot of algae in your pool, it will fail to catch up.

How long is the warranty on these?

Aquabot offers only 1 year of warranty.

Does this vacuum pick up leaves?

Yes, this vacuum can capture leaves efficiently. However, you need to empty the filter bags frequently.

4. Best Pressure Side Above Pool Cleaner: Polaris Vac-Sweep Automatic Cleaner

We bring Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 6-130-00 at number 5 for its easy installation. You can install it within a minute. Connecting it with the pump & filtration system, you can remove debris, leaves, and dirt from the pool. Its unique filter bag prevents leaves, debris, and dirt from reaching the filter. In return, your filter system of your pool gets a prolonged life and cleans the water efficiently.

The best feature we spot out is- its patented jet sweep assembly. It blows the water against the wall and removes hard-to-reach debris into the bag. Indeed, gaining thorough cleaning is the key goal of this cleaner.


  • Efficient to eliminate contaminants
  • Convenient to remove filter bag for easy cleaning
  • Easy to clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Convenient to use


  • It would be best if it doesn’t require fiddle with it to run it properly.


Will this work for my small inground fiberglass pool?

This pool is specially designed to clean above-ground pools. So, you don’t use it to tidy up the inground pool.

Does this product work effectively in a vinyl-lined in-ground pool?

Unfortunately, No, as this vacuum line stays tangled.

How to shorten the sweep hose on my Polaris 65 vacuum?

Just cut the hose to shorten it.

Buying Guide for the Best Vinyl Pool Cleaners

Your swimming pool needs to be cleaned, but no pool cleaner should be purchased in a hurry. To buy the best and most advanced vacuum pool cleaner for your pool, you need to have an idea about the pool vacuum. What kind of pool cleaner can clean your pool dirt! You need to make this vital decision carefully. I am going through some valuable buying guide points to purchase the right pool cleaner for your pool. My buying guide will help you are buying the right pool vacuum.

Analysis Pool Cleaning Requirements

You need to do proper analysis before cleaning your pool. The right pool cleaner should then be purchased with the correct information about the environment around the pool, the size of the pool, the time allotted for cleaning – etc. Keep in mind that not all pool cleaners have all the benefits. Suppose your pool is on the middle floor of a large building, then there is another pool in an open environment, there is also the vegetation. Depending on the climate of these two pools, different vacuum cleaners will be needed. The amount of dirt deposited in the pool also depends on the environment of the pool.

Grab Latest Technology

Nowadays vacuum cleaners of different speeds and new features are available. New Technology automated vacuum pool cleaner is available in the market. Manual cleaners cannot remove heavy dirt from pool walls and floors, but modern technology cleaners use many powerful turbines, mobility systems. As a result, they quickly embrace the pool walls and loosen all the powerful scrubs from the walls. It also lifts the frozen Debris. So buy a robotic vacuum pool cleaner with the latest Technology according to your convenience.

Schedule Cleaning Time

Schedule time to clean your swimming pool. All vacuum pool cleaners have a useful reference. Manual cleaners require a lot of time, but modern technology automatic cleaners consume a limited amount of time for a given volume. Within this allotted time, the vacuum cleaner will remove the dirt from your pool, remove the Debris, and clean the pool. So buy the right pool cleaner according to your schedule.

Size of Debris

Find out the length of Debris in your swimming pool. Then according to the report, the desired vacuum cleaner must be purchased. Some pool cleaners can only remove small and medium Debris but are unable to lift large Debris. Again some vacuum cleaners can lift all types of Debris small or large. So first find out the exact size of Debris that is frozen in your swimming pool, then buy the right pool cleaner as per the demand.

The above mentioned robotic vacuum pool cleaners are the best pool cleaners on the market. You can purchase any vacuum cleaner as per the report of the condition of the swimming pool. Because to keep your swimming pool clean and save your precious time, there is no substitute for a robotic vacuum pool cleaner. So buy the right pool cleaner according to your needs.

What is the best automatic pool cleaner for a vinyl pool?

Undoubtedly, Dolphin Escape Robot Vacuum is the best automatic pool cleaner for a vinyl pool.

It comes with a soft-bristle scrubbing brush. As a result, it doesn’t only vacuum the pool surface but also scrub the floor to pick up sticky dirt.

Therefore, the smart navigation system of this vacuum scans the pool surface. Then, its active brush allows it to suck away dirt and debris.

The best part of this vacuum is- it needs only 180 watts to operate. So, you don’t need to worry about the electric bill.

Apart from these, you can also empty the filter effortlessly. It doesn’t come with a bag. Instead of it, this vacuum features a debris cartridge for easy emptying.

Indeed, it is the best automatic pool vacuum as it is energy efficient, easy to operate & clean.

What Pool Cleaners To Avoid to Vacuum a Vinyl Pool?

Pool cleaners are excellent to keep the pool out of debris, dirt, and dust.

However, all pool cleaners are not well when it comes to removing debris from the pool.

Never pick a pool cleaner that comes with lower suction, short battery life, and needs a lot of power.

Also, avoid those pool robotic vacuums that are hard to install and clean the filter.

How do you vacuum a vinyl pool?

You can vacuum your vinyl pool both manually and automatically. If you want to do it manually, you have to put in a lot of physical labour and waste time. But if you use an automatic vacuum pool cleaner, you can clean your vinyl pool without wasting extra time. It may cost you a little more money, but it is imperative in your busy life.

You can vacuum your vinyl pool by connecting the pump manually. Garden hose also be used on a vacuum to clean the pool. You can also vacuum using the sand filtering method.

But when you want to get things done efficiently and automatically, you need to use an automatic pool vacuum. Many times automation is necessary when even manual filters can’t do all the work. Your pool needs to be vacuum cleaned every few weeks to get rid of scrubs and dirt completely. So, in this case, you should vacuum the robotic pool in the vinyl pool.

How do you clean vinyl pool coping?

You will need a brush and a cupping cleaner to clean your vinyl swimming pool cupping. If the pool coping is dirty, it looks like a contaminated area Unclean areas also become factories for making germs.

Use a brush that is suitable for use in your pool vinyl liner because you can’t make stains while cleaning. You will find soft nylon pool brushes in the market, specially made for cleaning the coping of a vinyl pool. Keep scrubbing the pool coping area regularly with the cleaning items you need. You can use dish soap, white vinegar, magic eraser (a wet melamine sponge) as cleaning items.

How do you remove brown stains from vinyl pool liner?

The brown spots in the vinyl liner in your pool are mostly made of iron; they later turn reddish-brown, these rusty spots in the liner are often also from the metal part of the ladder.

First find out why the brown spots came from, what metal the scars came from because the pool looks terrible. If you notice that the brown spots come from metal, remove the sites using their metal scissors. You can also remove stains using a clean cloth. Also, keep a regular eye on rust on your ladder.

How do you get stains out of a vinyl pool liner?

  • Find out the exact cause of the stain, check the surrounding mosquitoes.
  • To protect the pool water from debris, clean the pool filter with a regular pool vacuum cleaner.
  • Maintain proper chemical levels in your pool water.
  • Test the metal to see if there is any com metal present in the pool water.
  • Use a metal stain remover to remove strong metal stains.
  • If the problem occurs again and again, change the pool water or change the metallic equipment.

Inground Vinyl Pool FAQs

Does Robotic pool cleaner damage vinyl liner?

No! Will not be damaged. It would be best if you cleaned the vinyl pool with a willed robotic vacuum pool cleaner. I have been using dolphins for over five years now, with no history of damage.

One of the causes of damage is the use of chemical bleach, so it must be safe. My advice is to use Dolphin Quantum to keep your pool free from damage.

Can you pressure wash a vinyl pool?

No! You can’t do that. We know that the pressure washer is powerful, so be careful. It can easily tear your vinyl pool liner, which will cost enough to repair. If you use nylon pool blush, there is no chance of pulling.

Will bleach damage the vinyl pool liner?

If you use bleach properly to clean the pool line, the liner will not be damaged in any way. But if you use strong bleach in unplanned and excessive amounts, bleach can discolor your vinyl liner without stains.

Can I use a magic eraser on a vinyl pool liner?

Yes, you can use Magic Eraser to clean vinyl pool liner. I use this eraser almost. The liner’s scum line and fiberglass steps are straightforward to clean with it.


By now, you must know why we use robotic vacuum pool cleaners! As I said before, it costs us a lot to set up a pool, but due to negligence, we cannot take proper care of the pool. The pool vacuum cleaner is as important as any other pool instrument, and if it is a vinyl liner pool, a robotic vacuum pool cleaner is essential for cleaning it. Please choose from our list the right and best vacuum pool cleaner for your pool.

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