Top 5 Best Vacuum and Mop Combo 2021 for Carpet, Laminate, Pet Hair & More

Moping every day is still tiresome to us with or without a vacuum cleaner. Because not all VAC can save your purpose. Turns out, re-filling hassle after every use of mopping; that being said, you have the worst days with your junk like VAC.

If you have a mop cleaner in the name of Vac, you must come to know some real baits. We tested on many Vac based on customer feedback; we spotted some of the best vacuum and mop combo for you.

This article will solve how to use a Vac for the mopping purpose, including the buyer’s guide. More importantly, you will get the finest suggestions from us when you look for a Vac that serves your purpose well.

Best Vacuum and Mop Combo

What is the Best Vacuum and Mop Combo for You?

  • Best Overall: BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro
    “This cleaning appliance uses ‘Two tank Technology” to keep dirty water and the wastes completely separated from this gadget’s formula or water. Since it provides a whole new dimension and this sort of advantage to its users, we recommend you to buy this product.”
  • Best Cordless Vacuum Mop: Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro
    “This vacuuming gadget uses the “powerful suction” feature by which it can pick up a huge amount of debris inside it. Moreover, “spray mopping” helps the device to trap and clean a huge amount of waste. So, We recommend you give it a go.”
  • Best Robot Vacuum Mop: ILIFE V5s Pro 2-in-1
    “This high-end & compact model navigates all around, including underneath the furniture & bed to sweep & mop effectively without any supervision, & breaking the bank.”
  • Strong Suction Power: Yeedi K700 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo
    “In addition to the foregoing, this device comes with another smart feature called the toughened glass cover to make it scratch-resistant. Even though you leave it for unattended cleaning, this stuff doesn’t do any harm to your floor.”
  • Best for Sticky Messes: Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum
    “Another thing we notice about this product is it provides self-cleaning facilities. You just need to click on the button & it will be ready to clear away the tube with its brush-roller. Thus, you get rid of the hassle of touching the dirty roller & can reuse it following the same easy step.”

Top 5 Best Vacuum and Mop Combo in 2021

1. Best Overall: BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro

If you are a pet owner, a homemaker, or have senior citizens in your home, it is essential to bring an all in one gadget like this one. Right off the bat, we will brief you on why it is called the best vacuum and mop combo for laminate floors.

First off, this corded electric cleaner comprises a multi-surface cleaning mode that makes the cleaning process a breeze. Then, it comes with an innovative cleaning solution to remove pet hairs & minimize the risk of allergens.


One of the greatest things you will love about this device is its “fingertip control ” function. With this, you will be able to shift the machine from hard floors to area rugs smoothly.

Two Tank Technology

You may not want your vacuum using polluted water to clean up the leftovers. Or, you may not like to have a vacuum that leaks polluted water during a cleaning mission. Alright, the manufacturer crafted this product with a “two-tank technology” capable of separating the cleaning solution from the wastewater.


  • Suitable to work on every floor type.
  • Easily portable.
  • Removes pet hairs & odors.


  • You will need to remove clamping hair from this VAC.


2. Best Cordless Vacuum Mop: Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro

Shark invents the best cordless vacuum mop combo for the people who are looking for a lightweight & compact model to make small cleaning jobs done.

While the traditional mop pushes away debris here & there, it locks up the debris, absorbs the spillage & thereby toss the pad without touching the mess. Besides, it features a LED light to find out hidden debris in dark areas & a magnetic charger to make the process more convenient.


Apart from these, this one also comprises some useful add-ons like vacuum suction trigger, flexible swivel & disposable pads containing little bins on them.

Powerful suction + spray mopping

This vacuum comprises a great air follow power measuring around 46 cfm, making it quite a powerful cleaner out there. You just need to trigger the suction button located at the top & underneath the handle. Another noteworthy feature we find here so far is its spray mopping button located at the upper part of the handle. Because it gives you control of spraying the right amount of solution through a nozzle & ensures a better performance.


  • Easy to use.
  • Provides great battery power.
  • LED light helps to detect hidden messes.


  • You may find the replaceable pads a bit pricey.


3. Best Robot Vacuum Mop: ILIFE V5s Pro 2-in-1

Ilife V5s pro is a perfect choice for those who are looking for an unattended cleaning device.

This flat shaped robot vacuum comprises a “Nidec motor” that can tackle up all the stubborn trash by running a quiet operation. It features an “auto cleaning mode,” which provides quality support. Besides, this stuff becomes the best robot vacuum mop for hardwood floors for its optimal performance.


You just need to pre-set a schedule, & it will make the rest of the job done! Moreover, this gadget possesses “drop sensors ” that helps to avoid bumping the furniture. After completing each charging cycle, it is ready to serve for 110 minutes. If this device runs out of battery, it’s self-return Technology helps return the charging base automatically.

2-IN-1 Sweeping & mopping 

The hands-on feature of this gadget is its 2-in-1 sweeping & mopping system. You need to set this device into a vacuum mode to activate the powerful suction system. After that, you need to switch the dustbin with the water tank. Then, you have to turn the device upside down to attach a mop. After completing the job, you should empty the tank else; it will drip its content on the floor.


  • Suitable for hard floors.
  • Durable.
  • Offers a 1-year warranty.


  • The sensor may fail to detect the large leg wooden furniture & bang into it.


4. Strong Suction Power: Yeedi K700 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

If you have a good amount to invest & want to bring a more powerful robot vacuum, then this one is the right product to go with. Like the V5s pro, Yeedi k700 is also 2 in 1 vac-mop cleaner that runs for 110 minutes per charge.

But, if you use only the mopping mode, it will last for 250 min. With its 2000 pa high suction power, it can engulf pet hair, food particles & so on. On top of that, the ultra-slim construction of this stuff gives it great maneuverability.


Moreover, this one features anti-collision & drop sensing technology to evade obstacles & sudden falls. One of the unique features we get to see in this gadget is its smart sterilization system. Furthermore, this device encompasses three-layer air filtration to trap 99% germs, allergens, & small particles.

Camera mapping Technology

However, this gadget comes with an out-of-bounds feature called Camera Mapping technology. It may map the surroundings & navigate all-around in a zigzag pattern to cover each & every corner. Another good side of this feature is it leaves no corner uncleaned.


  • Provides remote control facility.
  • Suitable for hard floor & carpet.
  • Offers a 1-year warranty.


  • Despite being a robot vacuum, it doesn’t provide you an app control facility.


5. Best for Sticky Messes: Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum

Are you looking for a device that comes with powerful suction power yet runs quietly while cleaning up the messes? Then, this might be the one you are searching for.

This gadget has “smart sensor technology” to detect both wet/dry thrashes on the floor. After that, this high-end piece adjusts the water flow & suction power as per your needs. It also features an all-in-one cool monitor that notifies you about the cleaning performance, blockage alert, battery power, etc.


Moreover, this cordless vacuum is lightweight, so you can carry this away all-around your home, even in hard-to-reach places too.

Ultra-powerful motor runs the quiet operation

The loud noise of the vacuum may become why the older people or your pets get irritated. Thankfully, this FLOOR ONE S3’s comes with powerful & ultra-quiet motors built with precise air channels & materials to reduce the noise. Thus, you could run a silent cleaning operation at any time.


  • Dual tank keeps the cleaning formula & dirty water separate.
  • It provides you an app integration facility to troubleshoot any issues.
  • Offers 2 years warranty.
  • Lightweight & portable.


  • This one is suitable for hard floors only.


Bissell vs. Shark Vacuum Mop

Let’s see the key differences between Bissell and Shark vacuum mop.

Here we go.

First thing first- Power source.

Bissell gets its power from the electric source. On the other hand, Shark is powered by a battery. Generally, Bissell generates strong suction and airflow to offer efficient cleaning operation.

Though Shark gets its power from the battery, it produces a decent amount of suction to suck away dust and debris efficiently.

In terms of power, Bissell is the clean winner.

The second feature we are going to overview is usability and portability.

As Shark is a cordless vacuum mop, you can lug it around your home and clean every corner thoroughly.

On the opposite, Bissell is a corded Vac, and you can’t roll it around conveniently.

In this case, Shark beats Bissell.

When it comes to multi-surface cleaning, both brands offer Vac that is compatible with every floor type. So, both of them are winners in this case.

What holds Bissell at the front is its two-tank technology that keeps clean and dirty water separate.

On the other hand, disposable pads that keep your hand free from dirt is a plus of Shark.

In final words, we can say both of the two-brand offer industry-standard vacuum mops.

So, it’s your personal preference which one you are going to pick.


Buying Guide for the Best Vacuum and Mop Combo

Before picking a vacuum mop combo, consider the following features and recommendations.

Multi-surface cleaning

The first and foremost feature you should first consider is its multi-surface cleaning efficiency. Pick a vacuum mop compatible with every floor type, including hardwood, carpeted, floor mats, and rug area.

Fortunately, all the vacuum cleaners we listed above work with all types of floors.

Consistent Suction Power

How efficiently a Vac mop can do cleaning operation depends on the suction and airflow of a vac. BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro might be a great choice in terms of suction power as it generates more airflow and strong suction than other Vacs.

However, we also recommend you to pick Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro as it produces more consistent suction than Bissell.

Pet-friendly cleaning

If you have pets in your home, then you must consider this. Always look for a Vac mop that includes disposable pads, hair strainer, and brush roll to deal with pet hair and messes.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Prop will be best for handling pet dirt and hair as it comes with a hair strainer and tangle-free brush roll.


A Vac and mop cleaner that comes with portability is a plus. Thorough cleaning doesn’t only depend on the suction power but also on the movability of a vac.

Choose a vacuum that is convenient to lug around. When it comes to transportability, Shark VM252 can be your go-to vac as it is cordless and lightweight.

Corded or Cordless

Generally, corded vacuums are designed to provide more suction and airflow to run an efficient cleaning operation. But the drawback of the corded mop is- it is less portable, and you can’t move them from room-to-room.

However, some corded Vacs like the Bissell Crosswave come with an extra-long cord (25-feet) enough to cover a large room.

On the flip side, cordless one is designed for the sake of portability. You can roll it around from room to room and reach every corner to suck up dirt and debris.

The con of a cordless vac generates comparatively less powerful suction than the corded one. But the airflow and suction it provides are enough to clean multiple rooms efficiently.

Battery Life

We recommend you consider the battery life if you choose a cordless vac.

Always pick a cordless mop that offers long-running time for non-stop cleaning workflow.

In this case, choosing the ILIFE V5s Pro can be your best pick as it comes with 110 minutes of continuous running time.


Considering the warranty is crucial as you will get a free replacement for the damaged parts.

Most of the vac on this list comes with an industry-standard a year of warranty.

However, the Bissell comes with three years of warranty. So, it will be your next go-to vac if you emphasize it.

What is the best vacuum mop combo robot, and how does it work?

ILIFE V5s Pro is the best robot vacuum mop on this list for its:

  • Unique suction structure
  • Intelligent Protection
  • Long-running time
  • Self-charging
  • And a lots

Before getting the cleaning workflow started with it, let’s see how it works

Step 1. Charge the robot

At first, turn the power button on. You can find this at the side of the body. Then, place your robot on the charging dock and let it charge fully.

Step 2. Set the mopping mode

Now, attach the mop cloth to the bracket and next to the bottom of the robot.

Next, fill the tank with water.

Step 3. Start Mopping

Once you fill the tank, tap on the Clean button on your robot to start cleaning.

To pause the cleaning workflow, switch it from the cleaning mode to select mode. Then, click on the Clean button on the robot.

Thus it.

How to set a cleaning schedule?

Once you set a schedule, it will start mopping and cleaning every day at the same time.

However, if your robot turns off, you need to reschedule the time.

Here how to set the schedule:

  • Point the remote control towards your robot
  • Tap on the notification button and set the schedule
  • Save the setting by pressing the notification button again

What is the best vacuum and mop combo for pets, and how it works?

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is the best vacuum-mop combo for pets.

This traditional vacuum cleaner comes with a brush roll that wraps up pet hair and tangles them while cleaning at the same time.

Besides, the pet hair strainer keeps the hair separate from other debris from liquid and sucks up efficiently.

Now, let’s see how Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro works:

Firstly, plug the cord into a grounded outlet.

Secondly, select the cleaning mode. Based on your floor type, tap on the Hardwood Floor button or the RUG button.

Thirdly, lean your vacuum’s body backward to start the brush roll spinning.

Fourthly, holding the solution trigger, pass your vacuum forward and backward over the area where hair and pet messes have.

Finally, to dry the area faster, release the trigger, and tidy up a second pass.

How does the vacuum mop combo work?

Two types of vacuum mop combo are available on the market, including:

  • Manual
  • Robotic

The manual vacuum mop combo works like the ordinary vacuum cleaner. You need to control it by hand and walk around your home to clean the floor efficiently. In this case, considering the cordless Vac will be best for its portability. The Vac/Mop combo works by suctioning the dust on the floor, and then the machine sheds water to let the mop do its job.

On the other hand, a robotic Vacuum/Mop combo lets all the dusty cleaning workflow for you. You need to turn the robot on and leave it on the floor doing the rest for you. However, the downside of a robotic vacuum-mop combo is it doesn’t perform better on the wet floor.

So, use it on the dry floor to get most of it.


Can you use a vacuum mop combo on all surfaces?

Yes, you can use a vacuum mop combo on almost all surfaces to keep your house clean. Vacuuming and mopping take much time if you don’t have the two in one facility. But with the vacuum mop combo, you can clean all the surfaces within a short time.

Can you clean the carpet with a shark steam mop?

Steam mops are very effective in cleaning the carpets. It doesn’t produce any damage and saves a lot of time as well. So you can clean the carpet with a shark steam mop easily and effectively.

Does Dyson have a vacuum mop?

Dyson has launched its new version which offers vacuum and mop all in one. Cleaning the hard floors are much difficult as you have to vacuum first and then mop again to have a smooth result. To ease the task and save your time Dyson offers a great vacuum mop.

Can you use a vacuum mop on laminate floors?

Laminate floors are made of wood and steam mops are not so good for wooden surfaces. Some vacuum mops in the market can be used on laminate floors but hot water and vinegar combo spray before mopping with microfiber is the best way to clean laminate floors.

Final Verdict

Multi-surface cleaning mode, better usability, portability, and offer vacuuming & mopping are the key to the best vacuum and mop combo. But finding such a multi-factional Vac and Mop combo is a tiresome task. Besides, both the market place and the web are filled with crappy vacuums and fake reviews that make the buying session more challenging. Fortunately, we reviewed the top 5 vacuum and mop combo trusted by thousands of real users. So, you can pick any of them based on your personal preferences. Remember, buying a Vacuum-Mop combo is an investment that keeps your home neat & clean.

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