5 Best Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo for Hardwood, Carpet & Pet Hair

As a homeowner, you know how tedious it is to clean the floor regularly. Besides, vacuuming isn’t enough to deep clean your surface. You should also mop the flooring frequently.

But you already know how challenging it is to vacuum and mop the floor at the same time. Therefore, it is also a time-taking process.

So, is there any way to relieve the pressure of vacuuming and mopping?

Fortunately, after thorough research, our editorial team found the best robot vacuum and mop combo. It means you don’t need to break your waist to mop your floor with a bucket of water and a brush. And the best part is- all of the robot vacuum & mop combo they included are safe and keep your surface dirt-free.

Best Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

What is the Best Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo for You?

  • Best Overall: Eufy L70 Hybrid Robot Vacuum and Mop
    “If you want to experience quiet cleaning at the same time get to see the strong suction power (2000Pa Max), then this turns out the best affordable bait under $300. Moreover, the 1-year warranty gives you the final push to have it right away.”
  • Best Budget VacMop: ILIFE V5s Pro 2-in-1 Mopping and Vacuum
    “The smart innovations of this smart robot vacuum and mop combo make it a bit expensive. But when you are really having so busy time then this is worthy to invest. Otherwise, you can sacrifice some premium features and get back to another affordable deal.”
  • Strong Suction Power: Yeedi K700 Robot Vacuum Mop
    “Yeedi has brought charming features with its compact design under good price. The price is not exaggerating because you will get a cleaning experience that will paid off, indeed. Because aside from key features it has gotten a unique white and pink colored flavor with the scratch-resistant glass cover.”
  • Best for Tackling Pet Hair: Deenkee Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo
    “Very few robotic vacuuming or mopping equipment comes with the perfection of Alexa support. But here you get to find it a perfect bait. Keeping this in mind, it is worthy to buy.”
  • Best for Large Areas: Coredy R750 Robot Vacuuming or Mopping
    “The best part of it is with the seamless running without jamming or stucking in between it paths. Moreover, it serves the hardwood to rugs area as well. For that, if you won’t find a robotic cleaner which won’t falter in carpet or hardwood coverage, we recommend you to buy it.”

Top 5 Best Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo in 2021

1. Best Overall: Eufy L70 Hybrid Robot Vacuum and Mop

Eufy L70 is the best trait as an automated vacuum cleaner, as it entails the perfection of smart home cleaning. The best thing about it is to clean thoroughly because it explores almost everywhere even under the bed. If you have a home under 800 sq. ft then you won’t regret purchasing it.

The amazing fact of it is the smart suction cleaning. To do so, it comes with 1 to 3 levels of different suctions mode and it applies them while needed. Moreover, you can adjust them remotely using an app and it makes a sweet beep sound during the switch from one mode to another.


BoostIQ Technology:

Eufy L70 goes around everywhere in your home without blind guesswork. Because the BoostIQ technology allows it to increase the suction power in just nearly 2 seconds, while needed. Moreover, it intelligently adaptive to pick up variable debris. For example, it sucks up the pet hair even though they shed profusely. On the other hand, it also cleans up the low-pile carpet as well.


  • cleans my carpets and vinyl floors
  • It cleans up without noticing any obstacles
  • Automatically configure the suction power
  • Easy to put together


  • Due to its round shape, it struggles to clean up edges or corners


2. Best Budget VacMop: ILIFE V5s Pro 2-in-1 Mopping and Vacuum

ILIFE V5s Pro comes as a single robot but it offers two-in-one intelligent features. For that, it comes with the mopping system also change into a smart control water tank. Turns out, the sweeping system of it goes in dual-mode automatically.

Once we delve into the features to know more we amazed to see its self-control functioning. For example, it can avoid open falls from stairs or deck, it runs itself for reloading the power and it avoids crashes with the furniture. A truly sensible robot cleaning equipment you will have.


Smart & Endurance Cleaning:

This is the best bait in case of endurance cleaning because it performs up to 110 min per hour after every charge. Moreover, it automatically goes to the charging base so you will completely stay back to operate this decent robotic cleaner. Surprisingly, its sensors work like a magic so it clearly detects the fallen place and it retreats smartly.


  • Japanese world best motor ensures quiet clean up
  • Great for any surface
  • Ensure perfect auto cleaning mode


It lacks uniform distribution while mopping


3. Strong Suction Power: Yeedi K700 Robot Vacuum Mop

Having the perfect mapping is a blessing with this amazing robotic vacuum and mop cleaner. Aside from the smart navigation, it ensures maximum suction power up to 2000pa. Moreover, the ultimate suction lasts for 110 min, making your home maximum thorough cleaning.

Having expertise on cleaning as a robotic cleaner requires to go and clean the zigzag paths. So it avoids the obstacles in between its route to the furniture placement. Moreover, when it picks up the dirt or dust, you will find the bin is pretty big and even bigger compared to its body.


Smart Navigation:

We know the robot vacuum and mop combo often falters in navigation and thus it won’t ensure you the maximum fastest and efficient clean-up. The Yemeni K700 innovates a sense of smart cleaning using camera mapping and lots of great features ahead of you.


  • It looks for a way back to the charging dock
  • On a higher setting the suction power increases
  • Intelligent vacuuming and mopping
  • Compact design


  • It doesn’t go onto the rug during mopping especially over woodfloor


4. Best for Tackling Pet Hair: Deenkee Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Deenkee walks all-around your home and thus they claim their cleaning buddy can cover 95% of your home. The best part we love to see its longer battery life and efficient cleaning operated by Alexa or smartphone app.

The whole unit comes with the 2 control modes, making it swift to finish the cleaning tasks earlier. You can control it via Wifi system and to do so you connection requires to establish 2.4 GHz. Moreover, to ease up the operation it comes with a remote control where you will four buttons. The smartest cleaning with Deenke is not that far, indeed.


Long Battery Life With Self Charging: 

Once you get your hands on Deenke then you will never worry about the amazing run-time of it. It operates in two modes, the standard mode and the intensive mode. The standard mode offers 120 minutes of cleaning operation. On the other hand, the intensive mode ensure more powerful suction in 90 min. Amazingly, both will be done just after the 4 hours of charging. Even though it stops in the middle of operation then it will go back itself for the self-charging.


  • Maximum coverage of home cleaning
  • Turns 360 degree and run between zig-zag routes
  • Super big suction having 6 modes of operation


  • It needs perpetual Wi-fi connection


5. Best for Large Areas: Coredy R750 Robot Vacuuming or Mopping

If you want to clean up your home virtually, then we will recommend you to have this Coredy R750 right away. A special remote integration design was done by the Alexa App along with other app control. More importantly, you can send voice commands to this tiny robot and get to see it performs all of them.

The whole unit seems quite, good operation and easy to emptying. The HEPA filter add-ons is a bonus as it helps to give you more intensive clean up, making it to gather more dust/dirt into the bin. Turns out if offers more aggravate robotic clean up.


Electronically controlled water pump

The mopping system will get an advanced touch-up with the remote monitoring even with the water pump. That being said, having such features allows it to run the operation without a bit of spillage. Because it is smart enough to understand in between dryness and humidity of your floor. The accessory of mop cloth comes with the package as well.


  • Easily operate through Alexa App
  • It tracks the water level and clean throughly
  • Immersive battery


  • Not worthy to mention any

Eufy vs Ilife Robot VacMop

Both Eufy and ILife RobotVac have immersive suction to pull out dirt and dust from every floor type. Besides, they have a smart mapping system that allows you to target the cleaning area and brush up them thoroughly.

However, both of them also have downsides besides their upsides.

First off, Eufy has a system named Cleaning Zone. With the help of this feature, you can get special attention to an area to clean them.

Besides, the No-Go-Zone allows you to create a virtual boundary to keep your robot away from cleaning a specific area. The self-charging system allows the robot to go back to its dock intelligently when the battery goes low.

Apart from that, its app helps you to locate the device when it gets stuck. You can easily find it as the map shows you where it is currently.

The con of Eufy is it is a bit challenging to empty the dirt bin. Moreover, you can’t add any solution for mopping your floor.

Now, it turns to ILife RoboVac.

The first impression of using this combo is its cleaning efficiency and its extended battery life.

ILife provides strong suction to clean up every surface efficiently. Therefore, the prolonged battery life lets you run the unit for 110 minutes. So, you can brush up your home thoroughly once you charge it fully.

The issue associated with this RoboVac is it fails to clean the tight spaces evenly like under furniture. Besides, the dirt-cup capacity of this robot is small. So, you need to empty it frequently.

We recommend Eufy most for its excellent ability to handle tight spaces. Also, it is quite enough.

Buying Guide for the best robot vacuum and mop combo

Before choosing the best robot vacuum and mop combo, you should consider the following features.

Smart Navigation Map

The most common but inevitable feature of a robotic Vac-Mop is its smart navigation map. With the help of it, you can set the cleaning route for the robot to tidy up the specific area. You can also set a virtual boundary to keep your robot away from cleaning a spot.

Fortunately, almost every robotic vacuum on this list has this smart feature. So, you can pick anyone from the list without any hesitation.

Protective Feature

Protective features mean the robot should have the ability to keep itself safe from falling down the stairs. In simple words, pick a robotic vacuum that comes with a sensor that prevents it from falling. Besides,  you should also choose the robot that has sensors to make it slow down to protect your furniture too.

Though every robotic vacuum has this feature, we recommend the ILife V5s Pro most in this case.

Cleaning efficiency

How efficiently the robot vacuums and mops at the same time matters a lot.

Choose a vacuum that comes with immersive suction to pick up dirt evenly from every surface type. In terms of suction, Eufy is the best robotic Vac on this list. It comes with 2200Pa of strong suction combined with advanced sensors. In return, thorough cleaning of the entire home is now effortless.

Besides, the mopping efficiency of this robot is decent. It uses only water to mop your floor effectively.

Battery Life

Optimum cleaning performance also depends on the battery life of a vacuum.

Pick a vacuum that comes with extended battery life. As a result, you can cover a large area without any disruption.

For a long-running time, you can choose Deenkee Robot Vacuum and Mop for its long battery life. It offers 120 minutes of non-stop run time in standard cleaning mode.

Easy to use

For the first time robot vacuum users, you should consider the usability of a vacuum. However, every robotic vacuum comes with a quick user guide to learn how to use the robot.

We recommend you pick a robot that you can control with a remote and your voice.

Self-charging system

Sel-charging is another common but essential feature of a robotic Vac and Mop. When the battery is getting low, the robot returns to its dock for charging itself.

Fortunately, all the robotic vacuums we included above offer a self-charging feature. So, you don’t need to be worried about that.

What is the best robot vacuum mop for hardwood floors?

Undoubtedly, Eufy L70 is the best robot vacuum and mop combo on this list for hardwood floors.

This hybrid 2-in-1 robotic vacuums offer multi-surface cleaning ability. It means you can vacuum and mop your hard floor evenly to leave the ground spotless.

On top of that, it comes with 2200Pa strong suction with advanced sensors. As a result, you can thoroughly clean the flooring with optimum cleaning efficiency.

Besides, its AI Map Technology lets you target the cleaning area of your home for brushing up evenly. At the same time, you can also keep the robot away from tidying up a specific zone. Therefore, the washable filter makes it easier to maintain it and its performance.

So, we can say Eufy L70 will be your best vacuum mop to clean your hardwood floors evenly.

How robot vacuum mop combo works?

First off, you should position the charging dock beside the wall and plug it into a grounded outlet. Make sure there is no obstacle between 0.5m of both sides of the dock.

Also, keep the front area (about 1.5m) traffic-free. In this way, the robot can effortlessly return to its charging dock without getting stuck.

Secondly, always keep the charging base connected with electricity. Otherwise, your robot will not be back to the charging dock automatically.

Thirdly, fully charged the unit before each use.

Fourthly, from the google play store or App Store, download the EufyHome app, and follow the instructions to complete the wi-fi connection.

Now, you can control and use the robot with the help of this app through your mobile device. To start cleaning with Robot Vac, press on the power button to run the machine.

Then, from the Eufyhome App, choose the suction power level according to your needs.

For mopping, take out the dirt-cup and clean it properly. Then, fill it with water and put it back into the main unit.

Afterward, wet the mopping fiber or cloth. Now, install the mopping module into the bottom of the robot.

From the Eufyhome app, choose the cleaning mode according to your need.

After finishing the cleaning workflow, take out the mopping module from the unit when the robot returns to its charging dock.

Finally, drain the remaining water from the tank.


Is there a robot that vacuums and mops?

Yes. All the robots we included above can vacuum and mop the floor at the same time for thorough cleaning of your home. So, you can pick any of them from the list.

Are robot vacuum mops worth it?

The best part of a robot that can vacuum and mop saves you a lot of time and relief from the pressure of cleaning. So, it is worth having a robot on your lineup.

Do Combo Cleaners Vacuum Separately From Mopping?

A robotic Combo like Eufy has an option to vacuum and mop the floor separately. Also, it has the setting to perform both vacuuming and mopping at the same time without losing the suction.

Can Vacuum and Mop Combo Cleaners Kill Germs?

A steam vacuum and mop combo cleaners use warm water to kill bacteria. The best thing is- they don’t require any chemical to destroy the germ.

Where Does The Dry Debris Go?

The dry debris a robotic vacuum collects goes into its dust-bin or canister.

Final Words

Finding a robot combo that offers vacuum and mop at the same time is a challenging task.

But once you find the right one, it relieves you from the tedious work of cleaning the floor. The robot does everything for you and leaves the surface dirt & dust-free.

Fortunately, our research team reviewed these top 5 best robot vacuum and mop combos.

All of them are safe and compatible with every floor type. Best of all, those robots let you vacuum and mop at once to tidy up your home evenly.

So, pick any robot combo from the list based on your personal choice and pave the way for optimum surface cleaning.

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