5 Best Permanent Above Ground Pools in 2022 – Easy Set Up

To deal with the unbearable summer or to have a refreshing bath a ground pool is an awesome arrangement. But it does not mean all the ground pools are suitable to give you satisfaction. Your pool should be worthy enough along to your demand. Unless having an above ground pool in your yard which is not fit to your demand will become nothing without a blockage.

Interestingly all the manufactures of the ground pool do not have the aim for all the people. Behind each item, the manufacturer has the target to a niche of audience. That’s why the fundamental thing is you need to sort out the proper solar pool in your yard.

So after having research on the market presenting the best permanent above ground pool list where all the things may be in your favor.

Best Permanent Above Ground Pools

What is The Best Permanent Above Ground Pool for You(Out Top Picks)

How do you choose the best permanent above ground pool? What features do you need to look for? All you have to do is choose the one that will best meet your needs.

  1. Best Overall: Intex 26725EH Prism Frame Pool Set
    “Size: 18ft x 48″, Style: Round prism frame, Water Capacity: 90% / 6,423 gallons, Weight: 213 lbs. Comes with 110-120V Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump, one pool ladder, ground cloth & pool cover.”
  2. Best Round Metal Frame Pool: Intex Metal Frame Pool Set
    “Size: 15ft x 48″, Style: Round metal frame, Water Capacity: 90% / 4,440 gallons, Weight: 145 lbs. Comes with Krystal clear cartridge filter pump 1,000 GPH (110 – 120V), ladder,Ground cloth, Debris cover.”
  3. Best Saltwater Pool: Intex Ultra XTR Rectangular Saltwater System
    “Size: 24ft X 12ft X 52in, Style: Rectangular Laminated PVC siding, Dual Suction Outlet Fittings, Weight: 436 lbs. Comes with powerful Intex 1,600 GPH sand filter pump, ladder, debris cover, ground cloth, maintenance kit, & volleyball set.”
  4. Best for Families: Summer Waves Above Ground Swimming Pool
    “Size: 12ft x 33in, Style: Round frame, Water Capacity: 1,600 gallons, Comes with SFX600 filter pump, GFCI plug and 1 type D filter cartridge.”
  5. Best Budget Above Ground Pool: Bestway 12752E Steel Pro Pool
    “Size: 12ft x 30″, Style: Round frame, Weight: 49.8 lbs. Comes with 330 GPH filter pump, heavy-duty repair patch, instructional DVD, and filter cartridge.”

5 Best Rated Permanent Above Ground Pool in 2022

1. Best Overall: Intex 26725EH Prism Frame Pool Set

Our first pick is Intex 26725EH Prism Frame above ground pool. So what do you want more than usability, easy maintenance, and good looking from a pool? Intex 26725EH more than your expectation in its budget limit. It’s easy to install and perfect to fit with any type of yard.

Intex Prism Frame Pool Set Button

This intex above ground pool is made of a prism frame with a diameter of 15-feet and height 4 feet. Because its frame tube is built with powder-coated steel, this becomes durable and good looking as well as. The dedicated cartridge filter pump capable of flow rate thousands of gallons per hour. All the materials and tools added with it are coated with UV stabilized polymer.

With each set of pools, you will have a cartridge filter pump, a removable ladder, cloth for ground, and a durable cover for debris. It’s not about just a pool only. It’s about a bundle to make your warm holiday days more enjoyable.


  • Easy to set up with any backyard
  • Coated with UV stabilized polymer
  • Perfect for 6-7 person at the same time
  • Easy Maintenance procedure


  • Does not attached fixed ladder
  • Filter workability is not enough

Our Opinion

Lightweight and hassle-free ground pool. Easy to compact with any type of yard surface. Because of the UV polymer coating component, it becomes pretty more durable. For family and personal use, Intex 26725EH can be an ideal choice.

2. Best Round Metal Frame Pool: Intex Metal Frame Pool Set

Because of the special design and decent quality, the Intex Metal pool obtains a position on our list. This has a minimal 18 feet which is perfect for 5/6 people with its 48-inch depth. Its outstanding outlook and easy supervision can draw anyone’s attention.

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set


The Installation process is pretty easy. But this Intex pool is not perfect for the mud, sand, or loose type soil. Unless it has 17k gallon water capacity and pumps for cartridge filtration (530 gallons per hour) which is an impressive thing. The unique thing here is that it has dual-channel suction outlets to accelerate the hydro-circulation. To release the water it has a drain plug which is easy to connect with pipe to water in the garden.

The sidewall of the Intex metal is built with tough enough PVC to give it the durability of 10 years at least. The filter pump is included with its set which takes only 30 minutes to fill up the pool. All fittings and puncture-resistant materials will come with each unit.


  • Easy install and fill-up with water
  • Dual suction water channel
  • Have a year of warranty with each unit


  • Does not perfect for the loose soil

Our Opinion

Metal frames and decent appearance makes it perfect for any type of yard. In the lower-midrange budget, Intex Metal Frame Pool is a perfect choice. Suggested for those people who have a plan for a ground above pool permanently.

3. Best Saltwater Pool: Intex Ultra XTR Rectangular Saltwater System

Presenting the Intex Ultra XTR Rectangular Saltwater which is the best above ground pool with an elegant look. Its rectangular type design makes it unique and special than any other existing pool in the market.

Intex Ultra XTR Rectangular Saltwater System


Its body frame is made by galvanized steel which is rust-resistant. To lock the baseline with the main pool section, it has engineered by the precision locking system. Its encapsulated inner portion is built with the powder coating system. The suggested variant of the Intex ultra XTR is 24 feet in length and 12 feet in width with the 52-inch depth. This best permanent above ground pool rectangle contains 8403 gallons of water. The dedicated pump required the 110-volt power supply which takes 60 minutes to fill-up to make it water ready.

Its Hydro aeration technology is used to better filtration and circulation of water. Dual suction fittings and easy lock system make it maintenance easier. With all the equipment it comes with 2 years of warranty.


  • Elegant and comfortable design
  • Perfect for a large yard
  • Easy maintenance and setup
  • Powerful pump and filter


  • Highly expensive

Our Opinion

Sybaritic look and highly durable physical condition is the unique thing of the pool. If there will be no obstacles to expense then nothing can be better than Intex Ultra XTR.

4. Best for Families: Summer Waves Above Ground Swimming Pool

As a medium-size family pool in the budget, Summer Waves is a perfect choice. It has designed on 12 feet long diameter and 33-inch depth. Require kits and its manual will be added with it. no need to take the extra burden for installing your summer waves in your backyard.Summer Waves above Ground Swimming Pool


It has built 3 layers of durable materials. After buying these pools, it will take a couple of hours to complete the installation process. It has a capacity of 1600 gallons. To keep the internal environment of the pool hygienic, it has an SFX6000 Filter inside the pool. For a family of 5 or 6 members, this pool will be lasting at least 5 to 7 years.


  • Easy to release the old water
  • 3 different layers of materials are used to build
  • Perfect for medium size family
  • Custom sizes of pools are available


  • The dedicated pump system is not good enough

Our Opinion

Easy to set, maintenance, and available in the limited budget. Rust and Decay resistance materials build it. Perfect for the tiny family and where it has limited space in the backyard.

5. Best Budget Above Ground Pool: Bestway 12752E Steel Pro Pool

Last on the list is Bestway 12752E Steel Pro, which is a medium size but one of the best permanent above ground pools in the market right now. This comes with 12 feet long and 76.20 cm depth. For making the installation to maintenance easier, all the important things are added with it.

Bestway 12752E Steel Pro Above Ground Pool Button

Since the pool frame has a momentous role in its durability, it is built with 3 layers of plastic. It ensures that it is safe from corrosion and rust. Specially modified pin-clipped designs have been used on this pool, to prevent liquid leakage. Interestingly totally tools free installation and easy to assemble up all the parts.

The outer portion of Bestway 12752E is printed as the stoneware. All the possible kits like filter pump, cartridge, repaid patch, and the instruction DVD are also added with each unit. In an affordable price range, this is, of course, a better choice.


  • Tool-free installation
  • Affordable price and easy to set up
  • 3 layer protection from rust
  • The durable and elegant outer portion


Our Opinion

As a package, Bestway 12752E is an awesome choice where it is durable, safe from rust, and affordable too. From its outer appearance, this looks elegant as well as. In the yard of a small family, this will be going as the most perfect option.

Buying Guide for Above Ground Pool

Most of the place and the state of Europe making or installing a pool without permission is not covetable. Hope you are not going to forget to take permission from the authority on this. Moreover, by some formal process, this is not too hard to take permission.

Initial Preparation:

Generally the permanent above ground pools are installed at the yard of the house. But which portion of the yard you are going to install the permanent above ground pool is important. Avoid the walking way, garden, and vehicle parking zone to install the ground pool.

Find the Proper Size:

As we know the ground pool is partially much smaller than the swimming pool. Here ensuring the proper size is important. The pool should have the ability to contain 6 people at the same time. In that case, its radios will be 11 feet approx. but if you don’t have enough space in the yard then it can be a little bit tiny. But the depth should be 6 feet where you can keep the water level 4.5 feet.

Assembling and Maintaining Expectations:

Depending on different types of pool’s construction it’s assembling and maintaining issues can be hard or easy. Have some research on the product you are going to get that easy to install or not. Take all the proper data about its maintenance as well as.

Find the Durable One:

For a permanent above ground pool, durability is too important. Often the pool can leak and make an unexpected situation. Rather before that get proper information about the element is made of and its durability all about.

No chance to omit the expense is an important factor. But still having a good and suitable product is more important than an expense. If you don’t have a tight budget then don’t look up your expenses first. The best practice we suggest picking up a suitable 2 or 3 product for you. And the rest of the process you can choose one after comparing their price from your selected 2 or 3 product.

Types of the Best Above Ground Pools & What Type is Best for Me

Imagine you are choosing the above ground pool, but you don’t have an idea about its variation. How many possibilities do you feel to have the proper pool you are going to have? Whatever, there are 2 different types of above ground pool available.

Hybrid made body:

The physical construction of the hybrid made pools by heavy plastic and steel. Because of the multiple types of components, it has used, this is safe from rust and easy to maintain. That type of pool is suggested for those people who want to avoid maintenance responsibility.

Radiant and heavy pool:

If you have an acclivous yard, then the radiant type pools can be the perfect solution for you. After installation, it looks like pretty semi-in ground but permanent pools. Because of the easy to install and simple maintenance process, these things are getting famous to people.

On the permanent above ground pool, the frames are the symbol of beauty and it takes all the pressure of inner water. Even because of a perfect frame the pool will become more comfortable to use. According to the build type, it has used steel and resin frames available.

Steel frames are lightweight and strong. The main benefit of steel is, this is possible to make change its shape. This is the reason it can move anywhere easily and turn the change in its shape without massive afford. But still, this is a bit expensive. It is perfect for those people who are ready to expense but want a pool that is easy to move anywhere.

On the other hand, the resin frame is cheaper but bulky than steel. But it does not mean that this is not capable enough to take the proper pressure of internal things like water or humans. Since to make the airplane body, the resin is hard enough. If the budget is tight, the resin frame made pool can be the best choice for you.

Intex vs. Summer Waves vs. Bestway above Ground Pools

Right now in market Intex, Summer Waves and Bestway above ground pool have a huge hype. Since each of them counts as the best permanent above ground pool, people got some confusion. What about a quick comparison between these three items?

Physical Construction and Capacity: Expect the summer wave pool, most of the case in the Intex and Bestway above ground pool built by Polyester and Steel. Instead of steel, it has used the metal and polyester on the summer wave with 801 gallons water capacity. The other two items have 1185 gallons capacity which is pretty massive.

Size and Appearance: From the corner of the size only summer waves are pretty remote, 8’x 30”. But the other two items are 10’x30” which is good enough. Interestingly the summer wave is the little one here with the unexpectedly 42-pound weight. On the other hand, Bestway has 45 pounds and Intex has 38-pound weight.

Still, each of those has a similar 330 gallons pump per hour rate. They all have demand 110-120 volt to operate the filter pump. Of course, if you have a screwdriver then you will never need anything to maintain any of them. Don’t forget any of these three pools are not suitable for the pet.

How to Install Your Above Ground Pool

In quick brief, let’s see the easy steps to install your above ground pools.

Place Selection and Measure:

The installation process starts from the place of choosing. Make sure the place you are going to choose to install the pool, this is electric wire, underground water line-free, and not the walking path. And of course, don’t forget to measure the place that is suitable enough for the pool or not.

Prepare the Ground:

Take off all the grass, dead tree root, sod, and all the obstacles. To make the primary bed, put 3-inch sand on the targeted area. But the good practice is to make a concrete bed on it. Then I suggest using a wall foam on the bed, which will be under the pool. It will keep the pool in a balanced condition. Install Patio blocks around the bed which will give it an organized shape and keep it away from erosion.

Wall Installation:

After preparing your ground Depends on your demand, start to build a fence around the pool area. Then start the upright and bottom plate installation. From one plate to another plate, keep an ideal distance to hook up the bolt. Keep concerned there is no minimum gap between two plates. Then cover the surface with vinyl liner properly. Suggested tools are the stabilizers and rulers.

Final Touch:

Hanging the liner is the most important thing for the pool which keeps away the water from leakage. Hang it on and adjust it on the surface of the pool and the wall also. Adjust the liner in such a way, where it does not have any air bubble or nothing on it. Rest of the thing, screw up the uprights and the top rails of the pool.

And then finally pour the pool with water. One-third of the pool water level is the ideal water level for this type of operation.

Benefits of a Permanent Above-Ground Pool

Time to have a look at the benefits you will have from your permanent above ground pool.

Less affordable to maintain: Since this is not massive like a swimming pool, it does not have too much requirement to regularly maintain. Regular water filtration and surface cleaning are enough for the ground pool. Compared to any type of swimming pool, this takes less to afford for regular maintenance.

Bring freshness in life: Since your life becomes busier and full of stress, you may look for the scope to spend quality time on your holiday. From that corner, the above-ground pools will give you hydrate refreshments like a swimming pool.

Bearable expense: In the same size as the swimming pool, you need to pay more than 2 times money to make. But the above ground pool is much cheaper than this. Besides that its installation and uninstallation process is much easier where you don’t need to hire labor.

Besides all the things it will take less space to install. A perfect shape of the pool can turn the elegance of your living place to the next level.

Tips for Pool Safety

Each year a lot of incidents are happening in the pools because they don’t care about the safety factors.

  • Check the chlorine and Ph. level in water regularly. If it will move to the risky level then take all the possible action to bring it back to a balanced level.
  • Diving or jumping over the pool from the Cornish should be provident. It will hamper the swimming pool’s health.
  • Either ladder or rope that thing used to dive in, install it only the time of using the pool. The rest of the time keep the ladder away because of child safety.
  • Light up the area of the pool at night for security purposes.
  • Don’t have alcohol or drugs while you are in the pool alone. Each year lots of lush got death at the swimming pool while they were alone.

Above Ground Pool Accessories

To have the proper ground pool enjoyment, accessories are too important.

  • Solar cover: This is used to cover up the pool from solar heat and keep away from becoming dry when the pool is unused.
  • Pool mate: To beautify the pool surface and make it more comfortable to walk, pool mate is a wonderful solution.
  • Surface Skimmer: Tree leaf, debris, and other things can make pool water Stale. Skimmer works to detach the leaf and debris from the water.
  • Water filter: To refine dust and unexpected substances from water, a proper water filter is too important.

We like to suggest you have all these things in your collection. For sure those will keep your pool environment healthy and sound.

Permanent above Ground Pools FAQs

  • How long does an above ground pool typically last?

All the average types of ground pool last 8 to 10 years. But if the climate is in favor of the pool then it will last a little less or more. Moreover, the pool can last 18 to 20 years or more if it will keep under the proper maintenance.

  • How do I maintain my above ground pool?

First thing you need to keep the pool water clean by using a pool filter. Ensure that the pH level of the water is 7.4 to 7.6 and not more than this. Take all the steps to keep the chlorine level under 4.0 ppm. Overloaded water is not a good sign. Keep the water-related to mid-skimmer. That’s all to maintain your above ground pool.

  • Do I Need a Permit to Setup an Above Ground Pool?

According to the European law you need permission to set up an above ground pool in your yard. Basically, the ground pool makes noise when it comes to installing, which can be annoying to the people living next to you. Even this is related to lots of water using. This is the reason you need to have permission.

  • How Can I Improve Safety Around the Pool for My Kids?

Kids are not capable of ensuring their safety from the water. To improve safety around the pool, you should make a Fence around the ground pool. Don’t leave your pool without removing the ladder which used to ride on the pool. And of course, you should keep the safety jackets for your kids.

  • Can I Install My Above Ground Pool Myself?

Installing the above ground pool by own is easier than thinking. On the web, you will have tons of resources about the process of installing the pool. You can go with those guidelines. But this is a pretty lengthy process where it can take 2-3 days. Still, you can save your money by installing your above ground pool by yourself.

  • What’s the Best Size Pool to Suit My Yard?

To select the best size for the pool in your yard, you need to think about the walking way of your yard. If you have sufficient space in your yard then you can install any size of the pool. But for the medium or small size of the yard, suggest such a type of pool which is one-third of your yard. Its depth should be 6 feet.

  • What to put under the above ground pool to level?

To keep the pool environment healthy, you need to make the basement of the ground pool properly. To install on the yard, take off all the grass and make a bed of 3-inch by sand. Then use the liner floor pad for the next level. And the last layer should be concrete pads which will be more solid on your above ground pool.

Final words

In the busy life to spend some quality intervals, you may go to have the best permanent above ground pool for your house. But don’t forget that regular maintenance is a continuous process to keep the pool environment cosh and hygienic. This is the reason we suggest to get all the utensils like a pool heater, pump and cleaner while you will buy a pool.

However, installing a pool in the right place of your yard can bring charm to your warm or boring days. But keep it away from wasting water, rather use the water filter. Of course, keep it fresh at the inner and outer portion. Hope after balancing the proper use, the permanent ground pool will give you desirable fun.

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