Best Natural Gas Pool Heater in 2022

The days of ice-cold winter are knocking at your door to deprive you of the enjoyment of swimming. But you decide not to close your pool in this season. 

The reality is- you can’t swim for an extended time in your pool due to the cold temperature. If you want to keep yourself perked up in your pool, you need some sort of heat for your swimming pool. And natural gas heaters are a reliable heating option to keep your pool water warm even on the chilly days of winter. 

There is a wide range of heaters in the market for your pool. From the crowd, it will be challenging for you to pick the best natural gas pool heater. 

Fortunately, our research team discovered the top 5 gas-powered heaters in the market. All of them come from reliable brands like Pentair and RayPak. So, let’s check out the list to discover the best one.

Best Natural Gas Pool Heater

What is The Best Natural Gas Pool Heater

A perfect gas pool heater will work great on any surface level with maximum efficiency. It’s quite tough to find the best heater as there are so many facts to be considered. Here are some of the best natural gas pool heaters that will deliver you great heating with long-lasting performance.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best Overall: Hayward W3H400FDN Universal H-Series
    Optimum heating performance, durability, simplicity to use, and energy-efficiency! If you are looking for a natural gas pool heater based on these criteria, go for the Hayward W3H400FDN. 
  2. Best Budget: Raypak 206,000 Millivolt Pool Heater
    This budget-friendly gas pool heater from RayPak delivers 20600 BTUs to heat your in-ground pool optimally.
  3. Best for Residential Application: Raypak 266,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition
    Quiet operation, stylish & smart design, and efficient heating ability make this pool heater from RayPak a perfect bait for residential application. 
  4. Best Pool Heater For High Wind Speed: Raypak 406,000 Btu Digital Pool Heater
    High wind speed or harsh weather conditions will not be a barrier to run your pool heater to heat your swimming pool. Its unique Pagoda design keeps this heater active even in windy conditions.
  5. Best Pool Heater with Repairing Kits: Pentair 77707-0253 Pool and Spa Natural Gas Heater
    The combustion air blower kit from Pentair is designed to work with most of the pool heaters with great efficiency. There is a single-volt blower adapter included with this device. This gas pool heater is compatible with Pentail E-therm pools and spas as well.

Top 5 Best Natural Gas Pool Heater

To make sure you have the best one for your pool, we picked the top 5 natural gas pool heaters that you may consider for your pool. You will definitely get premium performance from the below-mentioned devices.

1. Best Overall: Hayward W3H400FDN Universal H-Series

It’s not a piece of cake to get a pool heater that offers fast heating performance, resists corrosion, and is friendly to the environment. But this Hayward pool heater turns the daunting task into simple. The Hayward W3H400FDN produces 400K BTUs to heat your 1200 ft swimming pool efficiently.  Plus, it’s energy-efficient and easy to use. Indeed, it’s the best natural gas pool heater for in-ground pools. 


  • BTU/HR – 400,000
  • 83% Thermal Efficiency 
  • 36-inch width
  • Cupro Nickel Heat Exchanger
  • Color: White
  • Wight: 214 pounds

What Other Customers Are Saying

Hayward W3H400FDN earns 4.2 out of 5 stars with 700+ ratings from its satisfied consumers. They choose this Hayward pool heater as their pool heating solution, which is easy to install and delivers enough BTUs to heat a 1260 sq ft. pool evenly. 

Most pool owners are satisfied observing how fast it can heat their pool. It takes only 2 hours to heat an 8k gallon pool from 74 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, they find the installation guide pretty simple to install the unit by themselves. 

The only downside is- most newbies who never get their feet wet into installing a pool heater struggle to install the heater. 

Our Experience

Premium Performance

The Hayward Universal H-Series delivers 400K BTUs to heat your large (1260) in-ground pools evenly. It warms your ice-cold pool water quickly and makes it suitable for swimming on chilly days of winter. 


Hayward uses highly resilient Cupro Nickel to construct its heat exchangers. Due to this built-in material, any components of this heater can resist corrosion even in salt-based and aggressive water chemistry conditions. 

Easy to Control

Ease of use is the best feature we love most. It features an easy-to-read LED Control Panel. With it, you can read and adjust temperatures without any hassle.

2. Best Budget: Raypak 206,000 Millivolt Pool Heater

A pool heater takes a lot of investment. But all of us do not have the fortune to get a $3K+ worth of heater when it adds up the cost of pool maintenance. Fortunately, this RayPak 206,000 BTUs Natural Gas Heater is here to heat your pool in the winter. Though it’s not super affordable, it comes with the least price on this list. 


  • Gas Type – Natural
  • Weight – 185 pounds
  • BTU – 206,000
  • Heat Exchanger – Nickel
  • Color – Black

What Other Customers Are Saying

With 4.5 out of 5 stars, this Raypak pool heater gains 10 global ratings from its customers. Users choose this heater for its budget-friendly price and how efficiently it heats your in-ground pools. 

Apart from its price & heating efficiency, most pool owners find it easy to install and control. Also, they can control the unit with ease and adjust the temperatures with a microprocessor-controlled thermostat. 

However, most users claim that this RayPak pool heater doesn’t offer a warranty. 

Our Experience

Built for Last

RayPak uses galvanized metal as its cabinet construction material. So, your salt-based pool or unbalanced chemicals can’t corrode any components of this RayPak pool heater. Besides, its ProTek Shield technology protects the copper fin heat exchanger and extends the life of this natural gas heater. As a result, you can enjoy your heater years to come. 

Digital Control

Controlling a pool heater will not be difficult anymore. This pool & spa heater is equipped with an intelligent control system you can tie with your existing remote system. Therefore, it features a microprocessor-controlled thermostat to let you adjust the temperature according to your comfort level. 

Efficient Heating

A single inch of your pool will not remain cool. It generates 206000 BTUs, and its heat exchanger optimally dispenses heat throughout your pool to keep your swimming pool warm & toasty.

3. Best for Residential Application: Raypak 266,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition

Sleek & stylish design, quiet, and efficient! These words have become synonymous with RayPak pool heaters. And this pool & spa heater from RayPak perfectly resembles that. It is specially designed for the residential application that runs quietly and heats a large swimming pool optimally. 


  • Weight: 210 pounds
  • Maximum Altitude – 2000 ft
  • BTU – 266,000
  • Connection – 2-inch slip-fit CPVC
  • Color – Black

What Other Customers Are Saying

RayPak P-R266A-EN-C manages to gain 4.2 out of 5 stars with 95 ratings from its consumers. Energy efficiency, ease of install & use, and excellent tech support are some breathtaking features that convince buyers to get it. 

Most users are satisfied as they find it simple to install. Generally, the installation process is easy as plug-and-play. The best feature they love most is- its heating efficiency. This heater fired right up and heated their pool water from 70 to 78 degrees within 8 hours. They also love its display design, which is covered by a plastic door.

However, some pool owners claim that they discovered a  massive dent on the top of the pool heater.  

Our Experience

LCD Digital Display

Getting the heat level according to your comfort will not be a hassle now. The digital controlling system of this heater lets you adjust the temperature with ease. Plus, it comes with a thermostat feature to gain the perfect temperature for your swimming pool. 

Long-lasting Pool Heater

The pool heater that serves you for years to come! Its corrosion & wind-resistant design shield every metal component to ensure longevity.

4. Best Pool Heater For High Wind Speed: Raypak 406,000 Btu Digital Pool Heater

Downdrafts and high wind speeds will not make your pool heater ineffective. Its unique ‘Pagoda Design’ enables the heater to heat your in-ground pool & spa to keep the water warm & toasty even in high wind speed conditions.  


  • Heater Size: 400K-499K BTUs
  • Elevation: 0 – 2,000 ft
  • Emission: Standard
  • Heat Exchanger: Cupro-Nickel
  • Color: Black

What Other Customers Are Saying

RayPak P-R406A-EN-X receives 4.2 out of 5 stars with 29 global ratings from the pool owners. Efficient & quick heating ability, simple installation, and quiet operation are some upsides of this RayPak pool heater that motivate consumers to buy it. 

Every pool owner is surprised to observe its ability to heat the pool water quickly. This heater can reach the temperature of your pool from  80 degrees to 84 degrees in less than 2 hours and warm a 30-35k gallon pool evenly. Also, they praised how quiet it is to operate the unit.

However, users claim that this unit will be easy to install if you have ABC knowledge about pool plumbing. 

Our Experience

Unique Pagoda Design

The Raypak Digital Cupro-Nickel Natural Gas Heater features Pagoda Design. Because of this unique feature, you can operate this pool heater even at high wind speeds and downdrafts. 

Durable Design

Built for last! This pool & spa heater uses galvanized metal as its construction material. Plus, the cabinet of this heater is powder coated with a 7-stage process to withstand rust and corrosion. 

Efficient Heating

Unlike other RayPak Pool Heaters, this one produces 406000 BTUs to heat a 35k gallon pool. Plus, its microprocessor-controlled thermostat lets you adjust the temperature according to your desire.

5. Best Pool Heater with Repairing Kits: Pentair 77707-0253 Pool and Spa Natural Gas Heater

If your pool heater stopped working or has any issue, this kit is here to solve it. Pentair 77707-0253 Pool and Spa Natural Gas Heater does a solid job of delivering a clear and accurate performance.


  • Compatible with MasterTemp pool
  • Fits E-Therm Pool
  • Includes Single Blower adapter
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Easy installation

What Other Customers Are Saying

With 4.7 out of 5 stars and 30+ ratings Pentair 77707-0253 Pool and Spa Natural Gas Heater will be a top pick if you’re having any issues with your gas pool heater. The kit will work like a charm and the problem will be fixed for sure.

Our Experience


Pentair 77707-0253 is a pool heater repairing kit compatible with most of the heaters available in the market. This device will work great with Pentair MasterTemp & E-Therm pools. The kit comes with an easy installation. Thus, there won’t be any hassles while installing this on your pool.

Maximum efficiency

The pool heater kit will be a great addition for Natural Gas 400,000 BTU Heaters. You will have maximum efficiency by using this machine. The durable kit will keep your pool heater in good condition for sure.

Single-Volt Adapter 

There is a single-volt blower adapter included with this kit. This pool heater kit will make your swimming experience more enjoyable by making the water temperature exactly how you want.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Natural Gas Pool Heater 

You need to spend a leg and arm to get an efficient pool heater. When it takes a lot of investment to get one, you don’t expect it to run just for two-three years. Considering the below criteria will help pick the best pool heater that functions well and will last for years. 

Pool Size

First off, consider the pool size before choosing a pool heater to heat your pool. It’s indispensable to measure your swimming pool. Otherwise, you will end your buying session by picking the wrong unit. For example, a pool heater that is designed to heat a 15000-gallon pool can’t heat a 35000-gallon pool. So, choose a swimming pool heater based on your pool size. 

Heating Efficiency

How efficiently the pool heater you will pick heats the room is the must. The efficient heating ability depends on the heat output a pool heater delivers. Fortunately, every pool heater we listed above produces 200000-400000 BTUs or over. So, you can go for any of them to heat your large swimming pool. 


The longevity of a pool heater depends on the construction material. Each of the heaters we mentioned uses cupro-nickel or galvanized metal. As a result, saltwater can’t bring any damage to your pool heater as the heater resists corrosion and rust. 

Ease of Use

You don’t want to buy a heater that you can’t operate, right? Fortunately, each of the pool heaters on the list is simple and convenient to run. All of them include a thermostat feature to adjust the temperature. Plus, every heater comes with a digital LCD to control the entire unit. 

Energy Efficient or Not

Operating a pool heater takes a lot of energy. Though the price of natural gas is affordable, it still adds up the cost. The industry-leading design of the pool heaters we listed reduces circulation pump run time to offer energy savings.

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Does a gas pool heater need electricity?

No, a gas pool heater doesn’t require electricity to operate the unit. A gas heater needs only natural gas or propane to run the swimming pool heater. 

How much does it cost to run a natural gas pool heater?

A natural gas pool heater requires $200-$400 per month to operate. Alternatively, you need to spend $1400-$4800 per year to run a natural gas pool heater. 

How long does it take to heat a pool with a gas heater?

Typically, it takes 8-12 hours to heat a pool with a gas heater. 

How efficient is a natural gas pool heater?

You can find some  natural gas pool heaters in the market that are 89-95% efficient.

Can you heat a pool with natural gas?

Yes, you can heat your swimming pool with a natural gas heater within a short time and set the temperature according to your comfort level.

Final Verdict

Natural gas pool heaters are an excellent way to heat your pool, even on the chilly days of winter. The best part of a pool heater powered by natural gas is- you can heat your swimming pool, maintaining your desired temperature level in any weather or climate conditions. 

And all the natural gas pool heaters we mentioned above are functional and heat your pool water like a champ. Each of them delivers enough BTUs to warm your pool evenly. 

Among them, we recommend the Hayward W3H400FDN best. It produces 400k BTUs to heat a 1260 sq feet pool thoroughly. Therefore, it’s energy-efficient and simple to use. 

However, you can also go for other pool heaters from the list based on your personal preferences.

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