Top 11 Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum And Mop 2021

Hardwood floors are known for their stylish design and attractive look they give to the floors. We all aim at maintaining the shiny finishing in our hardwood floors. Among the things we do to maintain the fine finishing of our hardwood floors is to mop them. Hardwood is a fragile material; hence, the method of mopping it should be keenly chosen if at all, we aim at keeping its new look.

Among the materials, you will need to clean a hardwood floor is a vacuum cleaner. To keep your floor well, you will need a high-quality cleaning material. I fully understand that purchasing an item is not a bed of roses, especially with a lot of counterfeit items at our disposal. In this article, I will highlight the main factors you will need to put in consideration to get the best floor vacuum and mop. I will also suggest the best hardwood floor vacuum cleaners.

Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum And Mop

Top 11 Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum And Mop Comparison Table



BISSELL Croswave Wet-dry Vacuum
  • Weight: 11.2 lbs
  • Cord Length: 25 ft
  • Floor Type: Multi Floors, Carpet & Pet hair
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Shark VM252 Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Cord Length: Cordless
  • Floor Type: Multi Surface Hard Floor Cleaner and Provides Shine Clean Floors
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BISSELL Cordless All in One
  • Weight: 20.4 lbs
  • Cord Length: Cordless
  • Floor Type: Multi Floors, Carpet & Pet hair
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TACKLIFE Professional Wet/Dry Vacuum
  • Weight: 14.57 lbs
  • Cord Length: 10 ft
  • Floor Type: Multi Floors, Carpet, Couch, Kitchen, Car & Pet hair
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Tineco iFLOOR Hard Floors Vacuum and Mop
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Cord Length: Cordles
  • Floor Type: Multi Floors & Pet hair
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Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Mop
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Cord Length: Cordless
  • Floor Type: Tiles, Hardwood
    Floor & Pet Hair
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Bissell Symphony Pet Vacuum and Mop
  • Weight: 10.6 lbs
  • Cord Length: Cordless
  • Floor Type: Multi Floors, Carpet
    & Pet hair
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Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Mop
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Cord Length: Cordless
  • Floor Type: Multi Floors, Carpet
    & Pet hair
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BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs
  • Cord Length: 25 ft
  • Floor Type: Multi Floors, Carpet
    & Pet hair
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Shark ZZ550 Sonic Duo Cleaner
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Cord Length: Corded
  • Floor Type: Multi Floors, Carpet
    & Pet hair
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  • Weight: 5.95 lbs
  • Cord Length: Cordless
  • Floor Type: Multi Floors, Carpet
    & Pet hair
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What is the Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum And Mop for You?

How do you choose the best hardwood floor vacuum and mop? What features do you need to look for? Sit back and relax. We did all the work for you. All you have to do is choose the one that will best meet your needs.

  • Best Overall: BISSELL Croswave Wet-dry Vacuum
    “Bissell makes a full line of cleaning solutions to use in the Bissell CrossWave, including one for pet odors, one for area rugs and one for multiple surfaces.”
  • Best Budget VacMop: Shark VM252 Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop
    “If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner smoothly working on multiple surfaces, you should go for it. It’s indeed one of the best hardwood floor vacuum mops.”
  • Best Cordless Vacuum Mop: BISSELL Cordless All in One
    “The perfect cleaning of the corners and along the baseboards is as easy as it is while cleaning the open space of the room.”
  • Best Wet/Dry Vacuum: TACKLIFE Professional Wet/Dry Vacuum
    “Its highlight is its 4-layer filtration system. All the dirt and debris pass through four layers, thus disappearing in thin air and ensuring a fresh, clean air to breath.”
  • Best for Hard Floors: Tineco iFLOOR Hard Floors Vacuum and Mop
    “No need to struggle with manual washing of the brush roller; rather, it comes with a storage tray. The moment you store it on the tray and hold the switch button for 3 seconds, the brush starts self-cleaning.”
  • Best Robot Vacuum Mop: Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Mop
    “It has a carpet pressurization mode that automatically detects the carpet and automatically switch to the appropriate cleaning mode.”
  • Best Pet Steam Vacuum: Bissell Symphony Pet Vacuum and Mop
    “It is appropriate for cleaning pets messes due to the disposable mop pads. This cleaner is made of dry-technology to keep your dirt tank free from moisture.”
  • Strong Suction Power: Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Mop
    “The suctions of this robotic vacuum cleaner pulls all crumbs, pet messes, and lightweight debris. It has a very high intelligence for any complex environment without unexpectedly running out of power.”
  • Best for Hard floors and Area Rugs: BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro
    “The design of this vacuum cleaner enables separation of pet hair and large debris to prevent it from clogging”
  • Best for Tough Stains: Shark ZZ550 Sonic Duo Cleaner
    “This cleaner has two scrub modes to serve both hard floor and carpet with a polish solution and spot remover”
  • Best Robot VacMop for Hard Floor: ILIFE V8s
    “Mopping is very efficient with this vacuum cleaner because it has 3-speed water-dropping control.”

Top 11 Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum And Mop 2021

In this part, I will give suggestions on the best hardwood vacuum cleaners you can buy.

1. Best Overall: BISSELL Croswave Wet-dry Vacuum

Keep your floor eye appealing with BISSELL croswave floor and carpet cleaner with a wet-dry vacuum at all times. It is an 11.02 ponds weight item that can clean the sealed wood, tiles, area rugs, laminated floors, linoleum and many more.

BISSELL Croswave Wet-dry Vacuum


This item has a very innovative design with a dual rotating brush at 3500 RPM. It is time convenient and cleans better than a bucket and sponge mop. Besides this, it has a switch that enables you to shift the surfaces in a very short time. This floor and carpet cleaner with a wet dry vacuum has a power rating of 4.4 amps.


  • It has a two-tank system to ensure your cleaning is done using fresh formula and mix of water.
  • This item has an easily removable brush roll and brush window that ensures the replacement is very simple.
  • Bissell crosswave floor and carpet cleaner with wet-dry vacuum has a smart touch control system for easy switching between hard floors and area rugs.
  • This cleaning item can collect debris and mop at the same time hence very time-saving.
  • The dirt tank of Bissell vacuum and mop combo has a holding capacity of 14.5oz and water tank of 28oz.
  • Maneuvering around the floor is quite simple with the swivel steering.


  • Vacuums and washes your floor simultaneously.
  • Has separate water tanks for dirty and clean water.
  • Works well on various surfaces.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Designed with a dirt collection at the bottom.


  • Complaisant of dirty streaks.
  • The motor burns fast.


2. Best Budget VacMop: Shark VM252 Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop

Machines are made to make life easier. But choosing a smart machine can be a bit tough. Finding a vacuum with a lot of functionalities and easy usability is quite hard. But this time, I’d like to say no worries. Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro vacuum comes with a lot of exclusive services as well as additional kits.

Shark VM252 Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop


It’s a lightweight machine weighing only 5.74 pounds. There are LED headlights and a magnetic charger. The headlights help you to find out hidden debris around your house. Magnetic charger allows you to connect easily and charge quickly. With this machine, you can cover a wider area by spraying.

With the help of the pad release button, you can easily dispose the pad without touching it. So, feel free to replace it with pad refills when you feel the need of a replacement. The best thing about this vacuum mop is its powerful suction and strong spraying which make your work easier. With the spraying of the solution, it makes your floor shiny and cleaner. This mop locks away debris and absorbs liquid messes quite easily. The battery is made of lithium-ion. It’s durable enough to clean your home in a short period. There is a tank of a 12 FL OZ capacity, so have no worries of running out of solution.


  • Cord Length
  • Suction Power
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning ability
  • Easy to use
  • Suction Power


  • The deep cleaning process is a bit lengthy


3. Best Cordless Vacuum Mop: BISSELL Cordless All in One

BISSELL 2554A CrossWave is a cordless cleaner that runs with a powerful 36V lithium-ion battery. Once fully charged, it runs and cleans the surfaces for up to half an hour.

BISSELL Cordless All in One Vacuum Mop


It is a safe, multi-surface cleaner. That means, not just all the hard surfaces and sealed hardwood floors, this one cleans the rugs well too.  Once wet and dry cleaned with this cleaner, the area rugs get a refreshing feel to it.

If cleaning the mess and dirt along the baseboards were your prime issue, then heave a sigh of relief right now. This one cleans the corners and lines of the baseboards like no other. It picks every tiny particle from there.

You get a 3-in-1 docking system with the vacuum. Store the steam vacuum cleaner right there and simultaneously charge it.

Then you have the self-cleaning cycle. Press a button and self-clean the mop head. All is done in one place.


  • Multiple surface cleaner with hand-free cleaning of the brush
  • Runs for half an hour straight
  • 3-in-1 docking system
  • Easy edge cleaning
  • Two separate tanks for clean and dirty water


  • Leaves streaks


4. Best Wet/Dry Vacuum: TACKLIFE Professional Wet/Dry Vacuum

TACKLIFE corded wet/dry vacuum has a copper motor and a 5.5 peak HP suction power. The vacuum is capable of sucking every dirt particle from the surface you are standing on.

It is multi-functional and has a 4-layer filtration system. So not just wet and dry cleaning, you can try blowing on the dirt and mess. The dirt passes through an air cyclone diversion filter, and thick dust filter, then silencer sponge filter and finally outlet filter.


The vacuum comes with multiple attachments. Its 7ft hose, along with the two extension wands, covers quite a large area to clean.

Then you have a 10ft long cord. So, with it, you can almost clean the whole house at one go. To be precise, you get a 17ft working range. Other than that, you get a couch, a small flat suction, and a floor brush.

The long cleaning session also depends on the dirt tank, and it has a massive one. The 5-gallon polypropylene collection tank will take time to fill up.


  • Copper motor and 5.5 peak HP suction power
  • Corded vacuum with hose, wands, and attachment
  • 4-layer filtration system
  • 5-gallon polypropylene collection tank
  • Dry, wet and blowing function


  • A bit bulky


5. Best for Hard Floors: Tineco iFLOOR Hard Floors Vacuum and Mop

Clean any sealed hard floor with Tineco iFLOOR. It is a cordless vacuum mop. Without a break, for a whole 22 minutes, one can work with this wet dry vacuum. It is a complete cleaner.

The cordless feature allows you to reach every corner of the house, and the lightweight built helps to carry it up on the stairs and upstairs as well.

Tineco iFLOOR Hard Floors Vacuum and Mop


Instead of first vacuuming and then mopping, do both vacuuming and washing at the same time. In one easy step, you can clean the whole house. The one-step cleaning saves time and energy.

Here, you are not only getting this 3-in-1 cleaning tool but also getting a deodorizing and cleaning solution from the same brand.

It has a two-tank system. So, while one tank of water is getting dirty due to the picking of dirt, hair, and mess, the other tank has clean water to keep your floor shiny and fresh.


  • Vacuum and wash at the same time
  • Hands-free, self-cleaning of the brush roller
  • Lightweight, apt for cleaning the stairs
  • Runs for 22 minutes
  • Spot mode for powerful stain cleaning


  • Needed a bigger tank for clean water


6. Best Robot Vacuum Mop: Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Mop

If you need a highly efficient hardwood vacuum and mop, then this is the best choice for you. Roborock S5 robotic vacuum and mop cleaner is highly efficient and can capture 99.2% of dust and allergens. It behaves robotically in its application that it recharges itself and automatically resume.

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop


This cleaner has a very technological design to make cleaning easier. It has a carpet pressurization mode that automatically detects the carpet and automatically switch to the appropriate cleaning mode. The anti-collision sensors detect any obstacle and automatically slows down to keep your kid or pet safe.


  • Robotic vacuum and mop cleaner have a battery capacity of 5200Mah.
  • This vacuum and mop automatically recharges when it goes low of power and continues where it left with the cleaning hence a robotic working.
  • The suction power of this cleaning material is very strong.
  • With a mi home app, you can automatically send it to clean any spot when you are not within the room.
  • The brushes are self-adjustable at a spinning rate of 330RPM when along the edge and 130RPM.
  • It has an advanced climbing ability.


  • Has a washable filter.
  • Perfect for people with pets.
  • Has a strong suction power.
  • Easy to move from carpet to hardwood.
  • It is cost effective.


  • Doesn’t reach corners well.
  • Burch gets clogged.


7. Best Pet Steam Vacuum: Bissell Symphony Pet Vacuum and Mop

Are the pet messes making you freak out? Then we got you covered with this steam vacuum cleaner. It has a very powerful vacuum with a power rating of 1100 watts for steam and 400 watts for vacuum. This cleaner conveniently capture the pets hair and debris.

Bissell Symphony Pet Vacuum Cleaner and Mop


The design of this item is very professional and authentic. It suitably eliminates the bacteria and the germs to keep your health safe. Amazingly, it has the drop-IT technology that enables you to throw the pet messes away without having to reach to them.


  • The scent discs keep any odor away.
  • It has scent water to leave a fresh smell after cleaning.
  • Bissell symphony cleaner for pet messes vacuums and steams your floor simultaneously.
  • It has a very authentic design.


  • Works well on different floors.
  • Easy to empty the dirt tank.
  • Cleans well and eliminates odors.
  • Has a washable scrubby mop pad.
  • Prevents moisture from the dirt tank.
  • Easy to use and has a long cord.


  • Complaints of leaks.
  • Hard to grip the handle.


8. Strong Suction Power: Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Mop

Do you require multiple cleaning methods for your floor? If yes then roborock E25 robot vacuum cleaner can serve you best. It has multiple cleaning modes such as carpet, turbo quiet, and many more. It is a product of roborock company that confirms its robotic nature of recharging and resuming the cleaning process.

Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Mop


Roborock E25 has a technological design that makes it detect any obstacle and cross them. It has motion tracking sensors to allow the flow of water, which avoids puddling. With the dual-gyroscopes and motion tracking sensors, this vacuum cleaner monitors the direction, and it will adjust to match its previous path.


  • The water tank only allows water to flow on condition there are some movements to prevent puddling.
  • Roborock E25 vacuum cleaner slows down in case of an obstacle to avoid bumping on it.
  • In case the charge is over, this cleaner automatically returns for recharging.
  • Its brushes are made to be tangle-free.


  • Offers effective and fast cleaning.
  • Provide through mopping.
  • Can detect carpet and increase suction.
  • Has a washable filter.
  • Designed with tangle-free brushes.
  • Can cross obstacles when cleaning.


  • Tough to connect the device via the app.
  • The brush can miss dirt because they spin slow than the unit.


9. Best for Hard floors and Area Rugs: BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro

Bissell crosswave pet pro dry wet vacuum cleaner is a multi-surface cleaner. It is effective on tiles, carpets, sealed wood, rubber floor mats, pressed wood, linoleum and many more. It has a tank capacity of 28oz and multi-surface pet formula that keeps away odors.


This cleaner has two tank technology design to prevent mixing of dirty and clean water. It has a cord length of 22ft that makes maneuverability possible. With touch button, it is possible to switch from washing your area rug to vacuuming.


  • It has a tangle-free brush.
  • The design of this vacuum cleaner enables separation of pet hair and large debris to prevent it from clogging.
  • Bissell crosswave wet dry cleaner has two tank technology.
  • It has a tank capacity of 28 oz.


  • Can wash and vacuum your floors.
  • Ideal if you have pets.
  • Brushes are tangle-free.
  • Designed with a separate pet hair strainer.
  • Multi-surface vacuum cleaner.
  • Has a great suction.


  • Great cleaning but messy.
  • Not good for long-haired pets.


10. Best for Tough Stains: Shark ZZ550 Sonic Duo Cleaner

Shark sonic duo carpet and hard floor come after a professional inspection and testing and replacement done to any defective parts which are very rare. Also, replacement or refund is available if the item does not meet the expectations within 90 days of your receipt.

Shark ZZ550 Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner


This item weights are 18 pounds, making it very light. It has a simple but efficient design. The shark sonic duo carpet and hard floor cleaner make 1000 scrubs per minute hence very convenient and time-saving. This cleaner has two scrub modes to serve both hard floor and carpet with a polish solution and spot remover.


  • This cleaner makes 1000scrubs per minute.
  • It has washable pads for carpet and hard floor cleaning.
  • The cleaning solution is nontoxic therefore very safe for your family.
  • The swivel steering’s in this cleaner facilitates easy maneuverability.
  • Shark sonic duo carpet and hard floor cleaner comes with a warranty.


  • Has washable microfiber pads.
  • Great for families with pets.
  • Light making it easy to lift.
  • Provides thorough cleaning.
  • Has a swivel steering head.


  • No negative reviews so far.


11. Best Robot VacMop for Hard Floor: ILIFE V8s

A self-recharging vacuum cleaner makes the best vacuum cleaner. ILFE V8 robot vacuum cleaner is self-recharging with a large dustbin of 750ml. the v8s vacuums are very reliable and efficiently damp mops the floor for simple cleaning.

ILIFE V8s Robotic Vacuum and Mop


The design of this vacuum cleaner makes use of the latest technology. It is programmable; thus, you can set a cleaning schedule of your choice. The self-adjusting suction channel in this item has a high strength to pick up pets hair on hard floors.


  • It has a large dustbin and water tank for through mopping.
  • This vacuum cleaner is programmable thus you can set a cleaning time.
  • The LCD gives a quick response to your commands.
  • Mopping is very efficient with this vacuum cleaner because it has 3-speed water-dropping control.


  • Has a high suction.
  • You can customize cleaning schedule.
  • Designed with a large water tank.
  • LCD display making it easy to read icons.
  • Works well on pet hair.
  • Offer a quiet operation.


  • It is hard to find charging base.
  • Doesn’t sence obstacles so you need to remove things like cables or rugs.

Hardwood floor VacMop FAQs

How often should you vacuum hardwood floors?

Dusting is essential to keep your house clean and healthy. So, if you are not vacuuming every day just because you have hardwood floors and think this might damage it, then think again. Because frankly, hardwood floors are not that delicate.

Vacuuming of a hardwood floor can be easily turned into a daily activity, especially when you have pets and kids. Pet hair, paw prints, dust, everything can be cleaned with a vacuum. Just make sure to invest in a vacuum that is made for cleaning the hardwood floors. That way, you can be sure of not damaging the expensive surface.

At least once a week, vacuuming of hardwood floors is highly recommended. The frequency depends on who is living in your house, dust allergy patients, kids or pets, how many people are living there, whether you have pets and uncontrollable pet hairs, and lastly, heavily used rooms.

How often should floors be mopped?

While dusting can be done every day, even twice if you are allergic to dust and have time in hand, mopping can be done thrice, a week at best. Especially when you have kids or pets in the house.

Kids and pets are prone to get sick if the surface is not clean because most of their time is spent sitting and lying on the floor. Furthermore, they do not take a minute to lick the surface, even take things from the floor in their mouth. So, for caution, one needs to wet mop, at least thrice a week.

Many times, people prefer once a week mopping. But that is done when you have less traffic in the house. The rooms and spaces that you use every day must be wet mopped thrice or four times a week.

Yes, if you want, you can mop once a month, but that is your personal decision, not a norm nor healthy. In our opinion, thrice a week wet mopping in heavy traffic areas and once a week in spaces that you hardly use are the best inclusion.

Is there a vacuum that also mops?

Yes, there are vacuums that also mop and deep clean. These are mainly called wet-dry vacuums. There are quite a few of them in the market. Bissell Crosswave has several versions, and Symphony is Bissell’s other popular vacuum that mops. It’s a steam mop as well as a vacuum. Then you have Eufy, Roborock, and beyond.

These all make high-quality vacuums that do all the dusting, mopping, and thorough cleaning with one single tool. You are going to need different attachments, but even then, it remains a single machine. Also, all the accessories come with the machine.

For instance, if you have a Bissell Crosswave, then dust the surface with its pet roll brush. Then fill the water tank with water and, if needed, mix the solution in it. One can start mopping the surface without switching to another tool.

What is the best cordless vacuum mop combo?

Cleaning hardwood floors can often be a challenging task. In an ordinary routine, you have to first vacuum your floor to get rid of the dry dust and debris. Then for sanitizing and deep cleaning you have to mop the floor. So, that becomes a double effort. But what if these two acts being merged into one machine. Yes, they do exist and these are known as vacuum mop combo. Here are some top picks of the Best Chord-less vacuum mop combo.

“Bissell 2307 SpinWave Cordless Hard floor Mop”, though this vacuum is designed for hard floors, according to several reviews, they do fine on rugs and medium-pile carpets. It has fantastic dry-cleaning skills, sometimes it stumbles upon deep cleaning, but that’s a minor issue.

Then comes“Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum”, the mop itself is very much portable, so very easy to carry. It happens to have a self-cleaning tray, which when activated will remove the debris automatically.

Third one. “Mr. SIGA 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner Mop”, is our next pick and this a completely budget friendly vacuum cleaner.Though there is a common complaint about its runtime duration, but its pricing and effectiveness won over the complaints, and it became one of the top-selling mops. So, picking the absolute best one is a tough call. You can analyze the key features of the above-mentioned products, and choose the right one according to your preferences.

What is the best wet vacuum for hardwood floors?

Improper wet cleaning can be a devastating act for hardwood floors. So, approved hardwood wet vacuums are the saviors in this case. Here are some of the best wet vacuums: “BISSELL 2306A”, is considered the best vacuum for hardwood floors. It has a strong vacuum power with the utility of a floor mop. So, a 2-in-1 feature. It also has a dual tank technology that keeps the clean & dirty water separate. The smooth functioning will ensure no scratching on your floor. It has a unique pet brush roll, which not only saves the floor from being damaged but also runs fine on carpets. Then comes the innovative microfiber & nylon which can wash the floors and pick up the debris at the same time. No other vacuum in the market works as efficiently as both dry and wet cleaner for hardwood floors. So, this is the best choice in this case, without any doubt.

What is the best wet dry vacuum for hardwood floors?

Speaking of dry cleaning of hardwood floors, we must mention the “TACKLIFE Wet/Dry Vacuum”. This vac is very much reputed for its performance. The vacuum has a 17 ft cleaning range, so you can cover a big area with it without much trouble. As we know that liquids are not friendly for hardwood floors, this vacuum will not suction up the dry mess but it’ll also dry out any remaining dampness. It also has multiple washable filters. So, the maintenance of it is no special hardship. Speaking of the finest wet-dry vacuums, we just can’t ignore the “BISSELL 2554A Crosswave Cordless MAX”. Bissell is one of the pioneering and reigning companies for vacuums. Apart from regular dry wet cleaning, this model allows you to use a cleaning solution to wash your hardwood flooring. It has two tanks that keep the clean and dirty liquids separate. For this, you will be able to clean up liquid spills and wash the floor all at the same time. This vacuum is also very well known for its long runtime in one fully charged session.

What are additional considerations for those cleaning up after pets?

Having pets in your house means that you have to put some additional effort to maintain your hardwood floor. First of all, proper pet waste disposal management has to be ensured. Usually, pets tend to drop their wastes in a certain place. But in case of an accident, you have to react fast and clean up their waste immediately. Better to use enzyme-based cleaners in these cases. You must also always use quality floor cleaning supplies to protect your floors properly. And for further extent, trim the nails of your pets regularly, use stable bowls for water & food and create a den for your dear pet.

Why can’t I use the same vacuum that I use to clean my carpet?

There are two answers to this question. The first one is, you might not have the proper device which can be used both on hardwood floors and carpets. You can check some 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners that we have mentioned above. Those vacs will serve both your purposes. Secondly, carpet vacuums tend to have a swinging brush on the suction pipe. Brushesare adequate for cleaning carpets, but not floors. Without direct suction, the brushes will toss the dust and debris away rather than picking it up. As a result, in most cases, carpet vacs can’t help much in hardwood floor cleaning.

Steam mop ruin hardwood floors?

If not properly used, then yes, steam mops do ruin hardwood floors. Steam mops are using for disinfecting floors mainly. As only pure water is used for generating steams in this, it is considered as a completely natural disinfectant. But then again, watery particles are never a friend of wooden surfaces. So, for using a steam cleaner on hardwood floors, determining a perfect steam density level is very necessary. If not, then the cleaner will generate many types of moisture which will dampen the floor. Also, If the cleaner does not have an activated quick dry-cleaning technology, then better not to use that on wooden floors. Because, without a quick dryer, the steam will rest on the floor for a longer time, which will eventually damage the floor.

How Do you Clean Hardwood Floor with VACMOP?

The Shark VACMOP is a great device for cleaning up the dry dust and also the wet spills at the same time, on your hardwood floors. The process is pretty simple. Take a disposable pad of shark VACMOP and place it on the ground. Then take the vacuum pipe and place it over the pad in perfect alignment. When these two are aligned, just simply press the vac over that pad. You will hear a “click” when these two are attached and you are good to go with it. Then simply move around your floor with the VACMOP to remove the dust and spills. Just make sure not to pick up a lot of watery spills with it at a single cleaning session.

How a Hardwood floor vacuum mop works?

As we have already known about the vacuum mops, you might be wondering how this work does. Well, the magic here is basically hidden in the disposable pad. These pads have a sturdy plastic frame that holds a vacuum bag. The bag opens up when the suction feature is set to collect the debris. And when it’s set to remove wet spills, the bag closes up and the fiber pad absorbs the watery particle. It also has a mopping feature, which lets it to spray the cleaning spray on the floor. After spraying, the absorbent part of the disposable pad mops away the solution and dirt. Thus, it ensures complete cleaning.

Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum And Steamer Buying Guide

There are many things you should put in consideration for the best hardwood floor vacuum and mop which includes;

Constructing material

The constructing material of the vacuum cleaner should be highly durable and lightweight. It is to ensure that the vacuum cleaner serves you for a long time and has enhanced portability to avoid unnecessary fatigue while assembling and operating it.

Tank capacity

The tank capacity determines the amount of clean and dirty water the vacuum cleaner. Also, the dustbin capacity is vital to decide on how much it will hold before preempting. To choose the best wet vacuum for hardwood floor with the appropriate capacity, you can consider the cleaning region.

The power rating of the vacuum cleaner

The power rating of the vacuum cleaner should be equitable to the size of the cleaning area. If you need your cleaning in a small area, you can purchase a vacuum cleaner with a smaller rating. Also, choose a high power-rating vacuum cleaner for a large cleaning size.

Appropriate filtration system

The filtration system should be reliable, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers. In such a case a HEPA filtration is recommendable because it cleans the air while you are cleaning the house.

Your schedule

If you have a tight schedule, a programmable vacuum cleaner will suit you well. With a programmable vacuum cleaner, you will only have to select the cleaning period, and the vacuum cleaner automatically starts when the time arrives.

The complexity of your room

With a complex room that has a lot of obstacles ensure that the vacuum cleaner has the obstacle sensors. The obstacle sensors sense the obstacle and slow down to avoid bumping on the obstacles. Obstacle sensors will keep your kids and pets very safe.


Price is an important factor to consider, and it should be very affordable and realistic. Note that a high price does not equate to the best hardwood floor vacuum cleaner. Again, poor prices may be an indication of vacuum cleaners that have a poor construction. Ensure that you use your money for the best vacuum cleaner.

Wet or dry vacuum

Wet vacuum cleaners have a waterproof can to keep them safe hence can be a good choice for surfaces that have wet spills incidences. The dry vacuum cleaner does not have the waterproof can hence to be taken only for dry surfaces.


Which is the application of the vacuum cleaner? Is it indoor, house, car or outdoors? Like any other item, vacuum cleaners design is in consideration to their application hence have the appropriate vacuum cleaner to avoid inconveniences.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, to keep the elegant finishing your hardwood floor, you need the best vacuum cleaner. To get the efficient vacuum cleaner, you can put the above factors in consideration and then select the amazingly designed vacuum cleaners that I have given as a suggestion for you.

The power rating of the vacuum cleaner is very vital to ensure it conveniently covers the cleaning region. The constructing material also determines the vacuum cleaner durability; hence, should be very durable.

Note the higher effort you put on your choice of the cleaning material, the simpler the cleaning process. Ensure you settle for the best hardwood floor vacuum and mop to avoid any future disappointments and regrets.

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      It is proved that water is the wooded floor’s worst enemy. If you use a wet mop on your wooden floor, it definitely will damage your floor. It would be best if you did not let any water sit while cleaning your wooden floor. So use a damp mop is better than a soaking wet one. Sometimes, it is impossible to clean the wooden floor with a dry mop, and you need to use a little bit of water, so be sure to try in one small area at a time. It would be best if you tried commercial wood cleaner as well as homemade remedies also.

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