Best Glue for Vinyl Pool Repair: Best Three Options!

Everyone knows vinyl pools are quite a sensitive type of pool, and they need some extra care.

While repairing the vinyl pool, you might have to use some good-quality glue for a solid and liquid-proof bond. 

Not all types of glues work properly with vinyl. Vinyl is made of two super sensitive components as ethylene and chlorine. People often ask on the internet: What is the best glue for vinyl pool repair?

Well, you might be getting a lot of suggestions on the internet. But knowing much about this Glue and its effectiveness on vinyl can confuse it while choosing a certain one. What if you get some excellent buying guides and suggestions here?

Learn more to get the smoothest and easiest repairing of your vinyl pool.

Best Glue for Vinyl Pool Repair

Top 3 Best Glue For Vinyl Pool Repair: Give a check on It!

Although there might be many options available, it’s not easy to find the best one. After all, you’re working on vinyl that is known as both reliable, sensitive and attractive surfaces. If you’ve got a vinyl pool, make sure you’re using the best products, taking good maintenance to make it go longer. However, there are three different brands you should never miss. These brands are well-reputed and hold pretty good reviews as well. 

Give a quick check over them and decide which one suits your preference better:

1. Adhesives HH-66 Industrial Strength Vinyl Cement Glue

Adhesives HH-66 Glue is an incredible professional option to try.

It comes with a brush to make the using procedure easier. This Glue is clear in color and seems to work pretty strong with adhesion. The company claims to be the perfect choice for general patching. You can use it both over dry and wet surfaces and expect the same strong adhesion. Thai clear color won’t leave any extra marks on the edges. So, you can expect a pretty mess-free outcome.

You must give it enough time to dry on your vinyl pool properly. Approximately, this gets dried in 4 to 5 minutes, but you better wait around one day before using.

The HH-66 developed formula made it more reliable now. It ensures liquid-proof bonding, weather resistance power even at extreme temperatures. 

Regarding all these, you can give a shot to this heavy-duty Glue and expect a long-lasting adhesion on your vinyl pool.

2. ATIE Heavy-Duty Patch Adhesive Glue

ATIE Heavy-Duty Patch Adhesive Glue is a popular choice to use underwater. If you’re searching for something to repair your vinyl pool, consider this as your top choice.

It comes along with a kit, so using the procedure gets pretty hassle-free and simple. Herewith the kit, you’ll receive a 1 oz tube of Glue, two sheets, an applicator and a vinyl patch. 

It works strongly both over wet and dry surfaces. You should allow it to dry around one day for a better outcome for use roughly. Don’t forget to read the adhesion description for applying the product correctly.

This Glue holds a 100% waterproof formula. You can expect durability both on a wet and dry surface. The Glue will get absorbed in only 30 seconds. So, you can expect pretty fast using the procedure here. 

This one can be a perfect pick in the budget. If you’re running on a limited budget, consider trying ATIE Heavy-Duty glue. 

3. Loctite Clear Silicone Glue

Loctite Clear Silicone Seems to be the perfect combination as an affordable and quick-drying glue to repair the vinyl pool. This product has held a pretty good brand reputation as well for 50 years now.

Although the Glue color seems multicolor, it doesn’t create any marks or spots on the edges. It doesn’t get brittle or yellow with time like other glues. 

This adhesive comes in a tube. This applicator makes it easier to apply on any surface.

The Glue is waterproof and weather resistant also. You can expect safety and reliability both under sunlight and underwater. 

Also, Loctite seems to be a pretty affordable option. It serves quite well on a budget.

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Safety precautions while using Glue for repairing vinyl pool:

Glue is something that can be itchy or cause an allergy effect on your skin. Make sure you’re maintaining proper precautions to keep both you and the working surface safe.

Here are some basic precautions everyone should ensure while working on vinyl pool with Glue:

  • You should wear gloves & eye protection first.
  • Make sure you’re using a face mask when using stringer adhesives to protect your lungs.
  • You should use safety gear on hand.
  • While using glues, stay away from flames as these are highly flammable.
  • Keep the Glue in a cool & well-ventilated area to keep it safer and cut off flammable accidents.
  • Store this Glue in some cool & dry place.
  • Always check on the recommendations on the packaging. Every brand has its own instructions and tips. Don’t miss that for effective use.

Tips for Choosing the Best Glue for vinyl pool repair:

Consider keeping these tips in mind before choosing any glue for your vinyl pool. They might be your ultimate buying guide here:

Read the manufacturer instructions

Before you buy Glue for your vinyl pool, you must check the material manufacturer recommendations on the label. That will help you to understand which Glue is perfect for your vinyl pool repair & how to use the Glue. I follow these ways & I find it very helpful.


Compare the price range rather than choosing any cheap and random vinyl pool repairing Glue. Remember, both the quality and price vary depending on the reliability. So, try to choose the best one in your budget.

Quality and material

You better learn about the material and then choose any particular brand. For vinyl, you better pick some heavy dirty glue that claims to work as a strong adhesion on all types of substrate surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is plastic glue safe for kids?

Most of the glues include more or less toxicity. So, it’s better not to use Glue on children’s toys as they tend to chew on the toys. It may cause mild stomach pain. But nontoxic Glue does not show the same risk. You can go for plastic Glue that claims to be nontoxic. 

Is there any difference between plastic Glue & super Glue?

Yes, the basic difference between these two types of Glue is adhesive strength. Plastic Glue will never come off if appropriately applied. In contrast, the super Glue can go apart by freezing. Moreover, plastic glues are quite more straightforward to use than super Glue.

Can you use super glue to patch a pool?

A common misconception is that super glue can be used to patch a pool. In reality, the glue will only last a handful of hours before it dissolves in the water and becomes ineffective. The rule of thumb when fixing a pool is to use products made specifically for pools such as Adhesives HH-66 or Loctite Clear Silicone Glue.

Can I use Gorilla glue on a pool liner?

Gorilla Glue is a popular adhesive that can be used for a variety of projects, but it can’t be used on pool liners. The second the chemicals come into contact with the liner, they start to disintegrate and peel away at the seams. While it’s a good idea to ask an expert before using Gorilla Glue on any product, you should never use Gorilla Glue on pool liners.

Will PVC glue work on vinyl pools?

PVC glue will not work on vinyl pools. PVC glue is a type of adhesive that is used to attach plastic sheets or pipes onto other surfaces.

The reason why PVC glue won’t work on vinyl pools is because it doesn’t have the same properties as pool vinyl. Pool vinyl is a type of vinyl that has been treated with chemicals that make it resistant to water and chemical attack, which makes it highly suitable for use in swimming pools.

Does Gorilla tape work underwater?

No, it does not work underwater. Gorilla tape is a great way to hold things together while they dry or as a temporary fix.

Gorilla tape has many benefits including:

• It can be used for repairing items such as broken electronics and furniture.
• It is waterproof so it can be used on boats, pools, the garden, etc.
• It will stick to almost any surface without leaving any residue behind when removed.


You can quickly fix your broken and damaged vinyl pool instantly. But using some cheap materials over your expensive vinyl can cause a lot of permanent damages. Instead of that, you should make sure that you are using the best Glue for vinyl pool repair. Hopefully, these “three best glue for vinyl pool repair list” will help you to choose the best Glue for vinyl pool repair. You can follow the other tops as well to pick the best among all.

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