7 Best Cordless Vacuum Under $200 in 2021

If there had been a phrase, like, not to judge a product by its price, this list we are compiling would have been a perfect representation. Price is not what makes a high-quality product.

Vacuum cleaners can be pricey, no doubt. However, there is, best cordless vacuum under 200 available in the market, that too quite a few.

$200 is not too high of a price when it comes to a vacuum cleaner, especially the cordless ones. Not all people are willing to pay tons to have a vacuum. But when one has a tool that makes cleaning the house convenient and saves time, also one has to spend less, buying it is the best scheme.

Best cordless vacuum under $200

So, what are some of our choices you wonder, and we reveal them, one by one, in detail here. But first, let’s answer some of your most asked questions.

What is the Best Cordless Vacuum under $200?

Cordless vacuums are a great option for those who have hardwood or tile floors, small homes, or pets. They’re also easier to store than upright vacuums and offer more maneuverability under furniture and in tight corners.

  • Best Overall: Tineco A10 Hero
    “Powered by 350W motor, it provides powerful suction, and the long-lasting battery delivers up to 25 minutes of uninterrupted runtime. It also converts into a handheld vacuum with versatile attachments to reach corners, stairs and crevices.”
  • Best Suction Vacuum: MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum
    “With its upgraded brushless motor and 4 stages high efficiency filtration system, it can clean up 99.99% of microscopic dust in your house or car.”
  • Best Pet Hair: BISSELL ICONpet Cordless
    “Equipped with three cleaning modes to pick up pet hair and other debris from carpeted surfaces or bare floors.”
  • Best Robot Vacuum: iRobot Roomba 650
    “Automatically adjust to all floor types of carpet, tile, hardwood or laminate with one simple touch on the Clean button. The 3-stage cleaning system agitates, brushes and suctions dirt and debris from your home.”
  • Best Quiet Vacuum: APOSEN Vacuum 5 in 1
    ” It has a built-in LED light that illuminates dark areas, as well as a large capacity dust cup with HEPA filtration for effective cleaning. With its powerful suction capability, the APOSEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for pet hair, making it a great choice for households with pets.”
  • Best Budget Vacuum: SOWTECH Cordless Vacuum
    “It could continuously run for multiple rooms and studio department. 6 of accessories fit diversification cleaning requirements. Efficient and simple!”
  • Best Suction Roboto Vacuum: Dser Robot Vacuum
    “Dser 1600Pa is a smart robotic vacuum cleaner that has been upgraded with new intelligent protection features to ensure the safety of your home.”

Top 7 Best Cordless Vacuum under $200 in 2021

1. Best Overall: Tineco A10 Hero

The Tineco A10 Hero is capable of cleaning multiple surfaces. From hard floors to delicate carpets, A10 cleans the surfaces with utmost efficiency.

It has a 350W motor and a 110W suction power. The power happened to be four times more powerful than regular vacuum cleaners. Thus, it is apt for deep, thorough cleaning of the surface.


A10’s motor is not only powerful but also brushless. So, it is quiet and nulls friction too. Carry it upstairs, clean the high corners with it, do what it takes to have a clean room with it, as it’s lightweight and effortless to maneuver.

It has a long-lasting detachable battery. The battery allows you to work for a straight 25 minutes.

Turn this stick vacuum to a handheld cleaner, and clean the crevices and hard to reach corners. A10 Hero comes with a few brushes and tools for that. Like, a multi-tasker brush, a high-torque power brush, a mini brush, a 2-in-1 dusting brush, a hair cleaning tool, and a crevice tool. The dirt bin is big enough and easy to empty with a slight touch.


  • 350W brushless motor and 110W suction power.
  • Runs for 25 minutes without a break.
  • 4-stage HEPA filtration.
  • Lightweight and quiet.
  • Handheld vacuum with multiple brushes and tools.


  • Not as good in cleaning cat litter.

A10 Hero has a powerful 350W motor, which offers a 110W suction power. That power ensures a solid suction of the mess, resulting in deep, thorough cleaning of the multi-surfaces.


2. Best Suction Vacuum: MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum

Moosoo is lightweight and runs with a 200W brushless motor for about 30-45 minutes. It has two modes- 10kpa and 17kpa. The run time depends on the standard and max modes.

This one is a cordless vacuum with quite a few attachments, brushes, and tools. The tools turn the vacuum into an entirely different product. Thus it is so very versatile.


You can turn it into a handheld cleaner as well as a stick cleaner with the 2-in-1 cleaning brush and aluminum alloy tube. The latter works great to clean the high corners.

Other than that, you get a motorized LED floor head, mini head, stretchable hose, crevice nozzle, 2-in-1 square brush, and more.

Its fully sealed 4-stage HEPA filtration makes the dust and particles go through four filters- HEPA, screen, honeycomb, and cyclone. You can be sure of 99.99% dust just to vanish. Thus, no scope of even the microscopic dust and particles to remain in the air. As a result, you can breathe in dirt and bacteria-free air.


  • 200W brushless motor.
  • 4-stage fully-sealed filtration.
  • Allows replacing of battery and HEPA filter.
  • Runs for about 30 minutes.
  • Two power modes- 10kpa in standard and 17kpa in max.


  • Better suction power would make it flawless.

The MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum allows you to replace the battery and the HEPA filter when they are out of order. So, you will not have to buy the whole stick vacuum if it is just out of battery, and the filtration system is not working.


3. Best Pet Hair: BISSELL ICONpet Cordless

If you have multiple pets in your house and do not know what to do with all the hairs everywhere, then this one is the perfect vacuum cleaner for you. It is designed and engineered for pets.

This best multi surface cordless vacuum comes with a patented tangle-free brush roll and also a motorized turbo brush. Where there is hair, you can clean it instantly as there will be nothing to untangle and get frustrated. And the turbo brush helps you to clean the furniture and hard to reach spots.


It runs with a digital motor that spins 420 miles per hour. That itself ensures a high suction power. Then it has a powerful battery that can run up to 50 minutes depending on the modes you are running it on.

That brings us to its three different modes. So, depending on the dirt, one can use the vacuum cleaner. If it’s simple dust cleaning, go with the normal, and if it’s the stubborn mess, then the max mode will do.

You can turn it to a handheld vacuum and also use the crevice tool to clean the crevices, baseboards, and corners.


  • Patented tangle-free brush roll.
  • 420 mph digital motor.
  • 22v lithium-ion battery.
  • Three cleaning modes.
  • CleanSlide Technology for a mess-free dirt bin emptying.


  • Plastic dust canister.

Its digital motor is too powerful and spins at up to 420 mph. Add the 22v Lithium-ion Battery, and you are getting a cordless vacuum cleaner that cleans surfaces deep-and-thorough.


4. Best Robot Vacuum: iRobot Roomba

This robot vacuum by iRobot is a revolution when it comes to the Best cordless vacuum under $200. It has a full suite of sensors. These sensors allow the robot to navigate all around the house to clean it. It doesn’t matter whether it is hitting the baseboards or there is a carpet or mat in front. This robot surpasses every hurdle. And it ensures a continuous cleaning process.


Roomba is just 3.6 inches tall. So, while navigating around the whole house, it doesn’t miss any side. Not under the chair, neither beneath the bed. It cleans every corner without you doing anything to control it.

When it needs charging, even then, it doesn’t ask you to do anything. It automatically docks and charges. It also comes with a remote. So when you feel it not properly roaming around to clean the floor, you can take control of it with the remote.

It works with a 3-stage cleaning system. At first, it will slightly agitate the surface, then brush it and finally use its suction power on the floors.

No matter what the type of the floor is, this one works like a chameleon. It changes its cleaning process depending on the ever-changing surfaces.


  • Has a full suite of sensors.
  • Runs about 45 minutes.
  • Effortlessly reaches beneath the furniture.
  • Auto docks when need charging.
  • Comes with a remote.


  • Not totally quiet.

iRobot Roomba has a patented cleaning system. The three stages of that system pick up any and every kind of debris from dust to large debris and pet hair.


5. Best Quiet Vacuum: APOSEN Vacuum 5 in 1

Aposen is a 5-in-1 vacuum cleaner. With all the tools and attachments, you have five different machines for five different cleaning purposes. It has a 250W brushless digital motor, which provides an 18kpa suction power while the cleaner is in max mode.


Coming to its different modes- it has two. As we already mentioned, the max mode, thus, remains the low mode, which has a suction power of 7kpa. In this mode, the vacuum runs for a full 30 minutes. And when you are working on the max mode, this is going to run for 12 minutes.

The vacuum is versatile and is efficient in cleaning several floor types. Hardwood, tile, marble, carpet, name a floor type, and this one will clean it deeply and thoroughly without damaging it.

The dust and particles go through the HEPA filter, sponge filtration, stainless steel mesh filter, and cyclone technology. Breathe in the fresh air because this 4-stage filtration system will clean the air by removing 99.99% microscopic dust.

Along with the main machine, you get a motorized head with LED light as well as an extension hose, round brush, hair cleaning tool, and more.


  • 2200mAh Lithium-ion battery.
  • 18kpa suction power.
  • 250W brushless digital motor.
  • 4-stage filtration system.
  • 270-degree rotating brush head.


  • Noisy.

It has a 1.2-liter oversized dust cup. So, no need to empty the cup again and again while cleaning the house.


6. Best Budget Vacuum: SOWTECH Cordless Vacuum

Sowtech, as it claims, is the lightest vacuum cleaner available. Thus, apt for people suffering due to back pain and knee arthritis.

This vacuum cleaner runs with a 4000 mAh lithium-ion battery. The highly powerful battery allows you to work continuously for 40 minutes, that too, without making any noise. It uses the less than 75dB noise reduction tech to ensure that you do not disturb your family members when you are cleaning the house.


Unlike the vacuums with HEPA filters, this one has a sturdy stainless steel filter. It is washable and lasts longer than the HEPA filter. You do not need to replace the filter frequently. Thus it is better for the environment.

Not just stainless steel, even the filtration system is unique in it. It has a five layers filtration system where the dust and particles are pushed away from three different directions. So, a better air to breathe and live in.

It comes with six accessories, which include a mattress brush, a crevice tool, a square brush, and a floor brush.


  • Lightest vacuum in the market.
  • 4000 mAh lithium-ion battery.
  • 40 minutes runtime.
  • A 5-layer cyclone filtration system.
  • Stainless steel filter.


  • Not for deep cleaning.

Sowtech has a 5-layer cyclone filtration system. Instead of using just two-axis, this one adds a third direction and pushes the dirt away from the outlet filter through its unique centrifugal system.


7. Best Suction Robot Vacuum: Dser Robot Vacuum

Dser robot vacuum is 2.83 inches and reaches under any furniture easily. It tracks uneven surfaces and accordingly adjusts its position to climb the high portions effortlessly. But you get a remote to control it too.

The robot will not always use high suction power. When it finds a carpet that needs extra strength to clean, it will auto increase its power within 1.5 seconds and ensure a deep clean.


It has a 16kpa suction power and 1600 mAh battery. Thus can run for about 100 minutes with high suction power. When the battery reaches the 20% bar, the robot returns to the dock to recharge. Not just that, its 600ml dirt bin can take quite a good amount of dirt and doesn’t require constant emptying.

The upgraded anti-drop tech with infrared sensors keeps it safe from falling off the stairs and edges. This feature is essential as it’s a free-roaming device and might not stop unless it has cleaned the whole house.

It comes with two 6.6ft magnetic boundary strips. If you have some area that should be forbidden cleaning by this robot vacuum, just place the strips around the area. The vacuum will not pass the magnetic boundary.


  • 1600 mAh battery and 16kpa suction power.
  • Anti-drop tech with infrared sensors.
  • Large capacity dirt bin.
  • Comes with two magnetic boundary strips.
  • Patented BoostGen tech.


  • Gets stuck but rarely.

It senses the requirement of the cleaning surface through its patented BoostGen tech. The moment this robot vacuum senses a carpet, it automatically increases its suction power within 1.5 seconds.

Are Cordless vacuums worth it?

Of course, they are worth every penny, especially the ones which are under $200. The features some of these have do not even ask for the use of hands also. Then, cordless vacuums do not limit you to just one spot. Though they need to be charged and sometimes twenty to half an hour might not be the ideal time limit to clean a large house, it works fine. Cleaning a 2 or 3 BHK home requires a maximum half an hour with a cordless vacuum cleaner. Also, we do not need to clean the whole house every day. So even if you have a dirty room with stubborn stains on the floor, cordless vacuums will ensure to perform the best to clean it.

What cordless vacuum has the best suction?

You might be thinking the best suction in a vacuum cleaner will depend on the high-quality of the product, as vacuuming depends on suction power. When it’s high-quality, it has to be pricey. But we already broke the myth right in the beginning. The ones we will review right after this Q/A session, all have good suction power. We won’t deny that the pricier ones might be better in suction. But these under $200 if not topple those, but will give a good fight when it comes to suction power. Tineco A10 Hero, APOSEN Vacuum, and Dser Robot Vacuum, in our opinion, are the best among the rest in terms of best suction. Also, not all the branded, pricier ones are better. Some vacuum cleaners are not under $200 and are much pricier than that, yet don’t have the best suction power. But these $200 ones do.

Should You Buy A Cordless or Corded Vacuum Cleaner?

Cordless vacuum cleaners are our first preference between the two. If you have too many sockets in your house and do not have any issue with plugging in constantly, then corded ones might be fine for you. We are not implying corded ones are not worth buying. They are, of course. In some cases and features, they are better than the cordless ones. But when it comes to cleaning the house with ease, there is no alternative to a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Buying Guide for the Best Cordless Vacuum

If it’s under $200, then it must have at least the below three qualities. The rest are perks.

Battery And Run Time

A powerful lithium-ion battery makes the best cordless vacuum cleaner. That battery will ensure how long you can work with the vacuum. The powerful the battery, the better the run time. One expects at least a half an hour run time from a Best cordless vacuum under 200. The more, the better. But this is the least and a must-have in case of such a cordless vacuum cleaner. So, make sure the vacuum cleaner you are purchasing has a powerful lithium-ion battery. It will charge fast and will provide a longer run time.

Suction Power

With a cordless vacuum cleaner, you are sucking all the dirt and mess. So, if the suction power is not too dominant, the dust will lay on the floor. Forget cleaning the deeply stuck mess. For a powerful suction power, a cordless vacuum cleaner has to have a powerful motor. For instance, a 350W motor will suffice.


Quiet vacuum cleaners will not scare your pets or disturb your kids’ sound sleep. You can clean your home in the wee hours. Surely no restrictions there. When you are free or feel like having a thorough cleaning of the house, even if the whole neighborhood, including your family members, is in a deep sleep, you can continue deep cleaning silently yet vigorously.

Final Words

Some top brands might have compelled you to believe that some of the features they have in their cordless vacuums might not be achieved at a lesser price. That is why their cordless vacuums are high priced. That might be legit in case of a few features. But what we analyzed above has put a stamp on the fact that highly convenient features can be done at a bit less price too. So, if you stopped yourself from buying a budget cordless vacuum as it was too heavy on your pocket, then try any of the one Best cordless vacuum under 200 above. Simply, count on us when we say you need one for a clean home environment.

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