5 Best Battery Powered Pool Vacuum in 2022 – Automatic & Manual

Cordless pool vacuums gain immense popularity to every pool owner due to their compact design, ease of use, and ability to pick up tiny to large debris.

The best feature of a cordless pool cleaner is- it doesn’t get tangled up with pool lines & cables like the corded one. So, you don’t need to stop your pool cleaning workflow.

However, all the cordless automatic pool cleaners in the market don’t come with the same specifications. You need to pick the right one that offers extended battery life, superior suction, and an optimum filtration system.

Fortunately, we researched the top 5 best cordless pool vacuums for you that meet your requirements.

Best Battery Powered Pool Vacuum

What is The Best Cordless Pool Vacuum

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: AIPER SMART Rechargeable Robotic Pool Cleaner
“It will be your best cordless pool cleaner to leave your pool dirt-free. This robotic vacuum provides strong suction to pick away leaves, tree twigs, and dirt optimally. Plus, the long battery life, lightweight design, and smart features make it apart from other vacuums in the market.”

Best Budget: Pool Blaster Max Battery-Powered Pool Vacuum
“This budget-friendly pool vacuum comes with a removable 10.5” vacuum head to remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas.”

Best Automatic: PAXCESS Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner
“Its pre-installed smart navigation system allows the pool cleaner to map & scan your entire pool and create its own cleaning path to suck away dirt automatically.”

Best Intelligent: Kokido RC16CBX Delta 100
“This smart pool cleaner turns and propels itself around your pool and sucks away leaves, dirt, and debris.”

Best for Suction: AIPER SMART Strong Suction Pool Cleaner
“The pool vacuum from AIPER SMART features 2pcs upgraded motors that produces strong suction to pick off stubborn dirt and algae from the pool bottom.”

5 Best Battery Powered Pool Vacuum in 2022

1. Best Overall: AIPER SMART Rechargeable Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you want to get the best cordless pool vacuum, AIPER Smart Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner will be your next pick.

The automatic pool sucker has two built-in suction doors and a brush. It can travel everywhere in your pool and catch all kinds of garbage like leaves, dirt, bugs, and debris.

Indeed, this robot reaches every area of your swimming pool and sucks away debris, even from the tightest corner of your pool.

Key Features

  • A Large 5000mAh powerful lithium battery
  • Include Built-in 2 strong suction doors and 1 brush
  • Adjustable nozzles
  • IPX8 Waterproof System

What Other Customers Are Saying

AIPER SMART Cordless Pool Cleaner gains 4.3 out of 5 stars from 980+  satisfied customers. Strong suction, efficient cleaning, and intelligent auto-landing technology motivate every user to keep this pool clean in their lineup. 

All users are surprised by observing its cleaning ability, and they love it as it’s convenient to use. Most users have no complaints about its suction power. With this robotic pool cleaner, they can cover their 16×32 pool within 2.5 hours by removing dirt, twigs, and leaves. They also find it a breeze to clean it. Just take the top off, hose it out, and it’s done. 

The only grief most users have is that this robot can’t climb up the walls well. 

Our Experience

Fit All Shape Pools

Whether you have a rectangular pool or oval, this robotic vacuum fits every pool shape. It features adjustable nozzles. As a result, you can adjust the nozzle angle based on your pool shape to control its running paths. If you have a rectangular pool, set the nozzle to 0-20 degrees. On the other hand, customize the nozzle angle to 0-40 degrees to clean an oval or round pool optimally. 

Unmatched Cleaning Performance

This rechargeable pool vacuum comes with a 5000mAh large-capacity battery. In return, you can run this pool cleaner for 60-90 minutes continuously to deep clean your swimming pool. Plus, the robot vacuum features two suction doors and a brush in the middle. So, the automatic pool sucker travels around the pool without any hassle and picks up dirt, debris, and leaves efficiently. 

Easy to Handle

Its compact and lightweight design makes it a breeze to handle this automatic pool cleaner. You can effortlessly remove the pool vacuum from your pool and clean it. 

2. Best Budget: Pool Blaster Max Battery-Powered Pool Vacuum

Finding a cordless pool cleaner that offers superior cleaning performance is challenging. It will be more daunting when you are on a budget. But this automatic pool cleaner from Pool Blaster will surprise you. This budget-friendly pool vacuum has a powerful motor to tackle stubborn dirt and remove them from your pool bottom.

Key Features

  • Includes a removable 10.5” vacuum head
  • Features a large debris capture chamber
  • Compatible with any standard telescopic pool pole

What Other Customers Are Saying

Pool Blaster Max Cordless Pool Vacuum gains 4.4 out of 5 stars with 4880+ ratings from its consumers. Its Affordable price, extended run time, and high-capacity debris chamber are enough to push the customers to buy it. 

Every user highly appreciated it because of its excellent ability to capture all particles ranging from sand to large specs of dirt.  Therefore, the battery life is enough to cover a 12500-gallon pool within half an hour with fully clean. Suction power is also adequate to pull all the debris in a few passes. 

The only downside is the cleaner head shape (though it’s not a deal-breaker). Because of its head shape, the vacuum struggles to reach lower areas to get the debris. 

Our Experience

Powerful Motor

Stubborn dirt can never sit on your pool bottom as it does before. The Max Cordless Vacuum features a powerful Water Tech P30 Motor. It provides strong suction to pull out sticky and stubborn dirt from your pool surface to leave your swimming pool dirt-free. 

10.5″ Vacuum Head & Crevice Nozzle

A single spot of your pool will not remain untouched now. The automatic pool sucker has a removable 10.5″ vacuum head and a crevice nozzle. You can use it for regular scrubbing and pool cleaning workflow. Also, you can clean every crevice and hard-to-reach area by detaching the head from the unit. Indeed, this cordless vacuum offers a full pool cleaning solution. 

High-Capacity Debris Chamber

Say goodbye to the old interrupted pool cleaning workflow. The cordless vacuum includes a large debris canister to hold more dirt and debris. So, you don’t need to empty the debris chamber frequently, which saves you a lot of time. 

3. Best Automatic: PAXCESS Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

Forget about your old pool bad boy that keeps itself limited in cleaning your swimming pool due to its corded design. This automatic & battery-powered pool vacuum offers 60-90 minutes of non-stop pool cleaning workflow. Its pre-installed smart navigation systems can scan every inch of your pool and propel itself to clean your backyard pool optimally.

Key Features

  • Equipped with 5000mah lithium-ion battery
  • IPX8 waterproof design
  • Advanced battery detection technology
  • Advanced navigation systems
  • Equipped with a floating handle

What Other Customers Are Saying

Gaining 4.2 out of 5 stars with 1670+ ratings from customers, PAXCES Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner makes its home in the pool of thousands of pool owners. Cordless design, smart cleaning navigation system, and ease of use are some breathtaking features that convince users to get it. 

Most users highly praised how easy it is to use. They don’t need to deal with the power cord and transformer. Just drop this little boy into your pool and let it go to clean your pool. Also, every user found how efficient this robotic pool sucker is and can trap tiny particles to leave the pool crystal clear.

However, some users claim it has a thin attachable brush. Yeah, it functions well, but it would be best if the manufacturer includes a thicker brush. 

Our Experience

Super Cleaning Performance

Optimum pool cleaning is our aim behind picking this cordless pool cleaner. And it serves our purpose. This automatic pool cleaner features a deflector and a powerful motor to generate enough power to suck away dirt and debris. Plus, it includes a superior filter that can trap and lock leaves, dirt, and sand to leave the pool crystal clear. 

Smart Navigation System

Robotic Pool Cleaner! It’s truly a robot pool sucker. Its intelligent navigation systems scan and map your entire pool and make its route to clean your whole swimming pool. 

5000mah lithium-ion battery

Long battery life! Yes, this automatic pool cleaner features a 5000mah large capacity battery that allows the robot to clean your pool for 60-90 minutes. Indeed, it can cover your entire pool once you fully charge it. 

4. Best Intelligent: Kokido RC16CBX Delta 100 

What if a pool vacuum automatically turns around your pool and sucks away dirt from every corner of your swimming pool? Then, Kokido RC16CBX Delta is what you are looking for. Its intelligent features like the ‘stop, rotate, and go’ system enables the vacuum to tidy up the pool automatically.

Key Features

  • Includes all assembly parts
  • Cordless design conveniently eliminates the need for electric connection
  • Ideal for both in-ground and above-ground pool

What Other Customers Are Saying

Kokido RC16CBX Delta 100 earns 4.5 out of 5 stars. Ease of use, easy installation, and superior suction motivate users to buy it. 

People love its suction power and are surprised how effectively this vacuum can pick away sand to big leaves. Indeed, the pool cleaner can suck away every dirt, debris, and dust from the pool bottom.

The only downside of this automatic pool sucker is- its low-quality latches. 

Our Experience

Universal Pool Cleaner

The pool vacuum is specially designed for both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. And the automatic pool cleaner is gentle on every floor type including vinyl, concrete, and more. 

Easy Installation

It includes parts like a charging cord, a standard filter, a basic retrieval kit, and other accessories. Plus, this vacuum comes with a simple installation guide to make the assembly a breeze. 

5. Best for Suction: AIPER SMART Strong Suction Pool Cleaner

Do you struggle to pick away hard-to-remove and sticky dirt from your pool bottom? Then, get this pool cleaner from AIPER SMART to suck away every type of debris from your swimming pool. It features 2pcs powerful motors, which produce enough suction to handle the toughest dirt.

Key Features

  • Featured with 2pcs powerful motors
  • Self-dock smart technology
  • Come with 2pcs bottom brushes
  • IPX8 Waterproof Technology

What Other Customers Are Saying

The upgraded pool vacuum from AIPER Smart manages to get 4.1 out of 5 stars with 3750 ratings from its global consumers. Powerful suction & efficient cleaning, hassle-free cleaning workflow, and ease of use are some remarkable features that convince the buyers to get it.

Users highly praised its ability to suck away dirt ranging from tiny particles to large debris. Most consumers who live in windy and dusty areas love it and find it effective. They say this pool vacuum can pick up every speck of dirt and clean a 21′ round above ground pool within an hour. Ease of use is another feature most users buzz about. Just charge it up and drop it in your pool to let the vacuum do its job. 

However, some users claim that this vacuum fails to move on the surface that is not perfectly level. 

Our Experience

Effortless Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning workflow will never be easy like this before! You don’t need to worry about a tangled-up cord or rely on the pool filter to clean your pool. This robotic pool vacuum produces enough suction to cover your 538sq/ft pool within 50 minutes. 

Superior Filtration System

This automatic pool cleaner works as a second filter of your pool as it improves water circulation. Its two suction doors help to pick away tiny to large particles into the filter tray, even it can catch down to 2 microns of dirt to ensure optimum pool cleaning. 

Easy to Clean the Filter

Easy dumping system is another upside we love most. The filter is large enough to hold both tiny and large debris. You can effortlessly clean the filter. Just take the filter off from the unit and use your garden hose to clean it.  

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying the Best Battery Powered Pool Vacuum

Consider the following criteria into account before picking the best cordless pool cleaner.

Suction Power

Clean the pool optimally is the main reason behind purchasing a pool vacuum. How efficiently the pool vacuum tidies up your swimming pool depends on the suction it produces. The stronger the suction will be the more efficiently a vacuum can pick away small to sticky dirt.

Battery Life

When it comes to cordless vacuum, suction power alone can’t ensure thorough pool cleaning. How long the pool cleaner will run also makes a huge difference. You can’t suck away dirt, debris, and leaves from your pool optimally if the battery of the vacuum is dead within 20 minutes of operating. On the other hand, a vacuum with an extended battery life will help you cover your entire pool. 

Smart Features

Don’t forget to check out what smart features the vacuum includes. For example, a robotic pool vacuum with an intelligent navigation system will scan your entire pool and create its cleaning route to suck away debris automatically. Therefore, make sure the vacuum features self-dock smart technology. It will help the robot to come near the wall when the battery is getting low. 

Ease of Use

Fortunately, every pool vacuum we listed above is simple to use. Just charge the vacuum up and drop it into your pool. It does its work and cleans your swimming pool automatically. Therefore, you can easily empty the filter. Take the filter off, and clean it with a hose. 


The budget is directly related to your shopping. However, we recommend you not let the budget control your buying decision. Focus on the quality that will support you for a long time. If you end your buying session by picking a low-quality vacuum, it will suffer for a long time as the cheap vacuum never performs like a top-rated pool cleaner. It doesn’t mean you need to spend a leg and arm to get a high-quality pool cleaner. For example, the Pool Blaster Max Battery-Powered Pool Vacuum is budget-friendly, but it doesn’t sacrifice its cleaning efficiency. 

Q & A

Is cordless pool vacuum safe for a saltwater pool?

Yes, you can use a cordless pool vacuum to suck away dirt from a saltwater swimming pool. 

Is it OK to leave a vacuum in the pool?

We don’t recommend you leave your pool vacuum 24/7 hours as it exposes the vacuum to corrosive chemicals in the water. 

Final Words

After performing thorough research, we reviewed the 5 best cordless pool vacuums in the market. Still, the list is quite long, and you are not going to pick all of them. 

To make the buying decision easy, we recommend the AIPER SMART Rechargeable Robotic Pool Cleaner to have in your lineup. It provides the superior suction power to pick away tiny to sticky dirt & debris. 

On the other hand, you can go for the Pool Blaster Max Battery-Powered Pool Vacuum if you are on a budget.

However, you can also choose other vacuums from the list based on your personal preferences.

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