Top 5 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Algae and Dirt in 2021

Cleaning algae without a handheld application is somewhat next to impossible. But once you have the best above ground pool vacuum for algae, your job would be half done.

The regular algae killing chemicals leave harmful agents again, they are not eco-friendly. Even though you apply them, then they won’t be as effective as any of the vacuum cleaners.

If treating algae is the main consideration using the Vacuum-cleaner, then you come to the right place. After reading between the lines, you will get a hands-on review from us.

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Algae

We will reveal the main part or feature of each above ground pool cleaner, for that you will come across whether it will be suitable for your pool or not.

What is the Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Algae and Dirt?

  • Best Overall: Dolphin Escape Robotic Vacuum
    “It is a perfect choice for those who are lazy to monitor or run any average pool cleaner. The top-notch features with the SmartNav 2.0 Robotic Scanning will serve them all!”
  • Best Cordless: OT QOMOTOP Robotic Cleaner
    “QOMOTOP is a perfect cleaner with nozzle adjustment, smart sensors, and rechargeable design. This won’t give you a hard time unless you are satisfied with the debris collection space. However, the large suction doors allow algae, leaves, and any debris.”
  • Best Robotic Pool Cleaner: Dolphin E10 Automatic
    “It is the perfect vacuum for Algae clean up as it can climb walls and go across the steps, then thoroughly clean the whole surface. We found this unit with the least cons and great.”
  • Best Budget Pool Cleaner: Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly
    “Pentair suction side pool cleaners offer the maximum thorough cleaning performance. However, it takes more time compared to accomplishing. The powerful hydraulic pressure and the bootable rubber inside the filtration system will give the maximum cleaning, including Algae build-up.”
  • Best Suction Side Pool Cleaner: Zodiac Ranger Pool Cleaner
    “If you want an affordable unit with the minimum features to save your pool from Algae, specially designed for the suction side cleaning, this is the right bait for you. The skimmer runs at peak performance, and water flow seems just perfect with the decent operation.”

Top 5 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Algae and Dirt in 2021

1. Best Overall: Dolphin Escape Robotic Vacuum

Cleaning up algae is not an easy task for regular vacuum pool cleaners. We explored many choices and finally found the best deal: Dolphin Escape Robotic above ground pool cleaner.

The robot-like equipment is optimized with smart & sensible navigation and turns out best above ground pool cleaner. It is not only generous to the picking up debris but also, it has enough storage to the top-loading filtration.

The more space means, the less time it will take. Furthermore, to boost the process, it will apply the hyper grip brush tool powered by 3 DC motors. In return, you will get the maximum cleaning up performance.


Active Scrubbing Brush

The main feature we spot out is to have the unmatched scrubbing ability to kick out the large size debris to tiny particles, mostly the algae. The simultaneous vacuuming and scrubbing will easily remove the stubborn algae build-up. The scrubbing component is not an ordinary bait because it has unleashed the power to scrub across the waterline.

The scrubbing brush offers the maximum traction and is easily crushed whatsoever under its heel, and the continuous rubber tracks fuel more energy to it.


  • Plenty of bin-room for debris/algae
  • Hassle-free cleanup
  • Easy to use


  • The unit is automatic itself, but you need to clean the filter yourself.


2. Best Cordless: OT QOMOTOP Robotic Cleaner

There are so many products on amazon, but the QOMOTOP robotic pool cleaner standpoint is to have the design of rechargeable wireless mode. Here is why we classify this one as the best rechargeable above ground pool cleaner for Algae.

When we delve into the product, we get to see the overall unit comes up with the compact features with a lightweight body. For that, it will headstart a convenient operation that you are looking for.

In terms of cleaning purposes, it meets an excellent rating. Because the bottom part of the unit is equipped with big doors for suction. The four big wheels come up with adequate traction to cross across the pathway up to 90 minutes of cleaning operation.


Rechargeable Smart Cleaning: 

You can rely on QOMOTOP as it comes with immense power built-in 5000 MAh, and to get its fullest power, plug it to the wire for 8 hours. The main function of it is done by the floating handle, making the whole unit executable.

By the way, don’t worry about the charging port, as water won’t come up due to its waterproofness. This little cleaning buddy has an automatic sensor to understand whether it is inside the pool or outside. For that, the operation comes to a standstill automatically once it comes up. Moreover, when the power is running low, the same thing will happen.


  • Easy to assemble & disassemble
  • Operate for regular & irregular pool shape
  • Smart sensor understand better


  • No filter bag available and require cleanup multiple times


3. Best Robotic Pool Cleaner: Dolphin E10 Automatic

Dolphin E10 is another amazing automatic robotic pool cleaner. The unit is designed for above ground swimming pools. If we compare it to the top-pick, then it has gotten almost every feature, excluding the active scrub brush only.

The great thing about it is unforgiving to miss any spot as it comes with CleverClean Technology. Afterward, the large top container takes the maximum load of debris and easily fluxes them in one click. The cleaning experience is as easy as you plug it, and the cleaner will begin to play; all you need is to sit back and watch.

The cleaner unit cleans the cove beneath your pool and easily goes across the crevices as well. Having the 2x scrubbing brush is a blessing, and it doesn’t require an extra hose to perform so. After one and a half hours, the pool becomes clean and safe for swimming.


Energy Efficient

The Dolphin E10 standpoint is with energy efficiency. So it saves more bucks compared to any robotic cleaner. We get to see the per hour operating cost is 5 cents only. The seamless traction under the heel of the brush is an unmatched feature compared to the regular above-ground cleaner. The motor consumes less power, but the traction power is unforgiving. That’s the true beauty of this unit.


  • Takes minimum time for cleaning-up
  • Cost-effective unit
  • Largest debris accumulation


  • If you want an ultra-fine filter, you need an additional purchasing

Dolphin Escape vs. Dolphin E10

You may own a pool but strangled while choosing between these two of the most popular pool vacuums. Besides, you also may want to know the comparison between them. Here are a few comparisons between the two.

Dolphin Escape vs Dolphin E10

Firstly, these robotic pool vacuums implement several kinds of navigation systems. Dolphin E10 is integrated with the “CleverClean Technology” alongside the “Obstacle Escape System.” But the Dolphin Escape is equipped with “SmartNav 2.0 scanning,” which can get over the blockages and prevent the dirt from returning to the previously cleaned spaces.

Secondly, The Dolphin E10 model has got an easy-going touch screen for remote control. On the contrary, the Escape model hasn’t got any remote-control feature.

Thirdly, The Dolphin E10 is massive, with its 22.7 pounds weight. But the Dolphin Escape model has got a 14 pounds weight, which is lighter than that of E10.

Again, 24 Volt DC motors are used for Dolphin Escape, whereas a standard 24 Volt motor can do it for the E10 model.

How a Robotic Above Ground Pool Vacuum Works?

Robotic vacuums are mess-free and energy-efficient. These are easy to install without making any fuss. Artificial Intelligence has been appropriately implemented for the ease of control of a robotic above ground pool vacuum.

The best thing is the Robotic pool vacuums is the built-in automation feature. Moreover, they will clean different surfaces of your pool, such as gunite and concrete.

Some models have access to the remote control for spot cleaning. You can initiate the stuff by assembling the carrier caisson.

Once you are done with the assembly, you need to ensure that the caddy and control unit is located at least 5 feet away from the pool deck. Then it would be best if you plugged the cord in a perfect GFCI outlet. Now you need to connect the floating cable to the control unit.

Then you submerge the vacuum into the pool vertically, select your cleaning cycle, and press the “Start” button. Your robotic vacuum will now automatically clean up all the algae from your pool.


4. Best Budget Pool Cleaner: Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly

Pentair K50600 comes up with an amazing design for that. It left no choice to bring it here as one of the best suction sides above ground pool cleaners.

The operation is smooth and fast, while a pool cleaner is unforgiving to unleash the true power. Keeping this in mind, the hydraulic pressurized unit is unmatched by any robotic cleaner; only you need to get your own hands on it.

The whole unit is friendly to operate while using the free skimming automatic valve. It enables the water flow and cleaning speed simultaneous in great order.

E-Z Vac easily climbs up the walls and goes across the covet or crevices without giving you a hard time.


Flapper design gathers the maximum debris

The feasibility of flapper knows no bound once you will get to see the random pattern coverage. Here is why every spot will come under coverage. The unit is banged on with the 32 ft of hose that barely gets tangled.


  • It fits on many pool types, including Intex
  • Automatic flapper movement
  • Sucks up well and all-inclusive specks of dirt and debris


  • Quickly clog up the filter
  • No strainer basket available


5. Best Suction Side Pool Cleaner: Zodiac Ranger Pool Cleaner

Zodiac Ranger is a semi-automatic suction side cleaner that comes with an immersive design. It is a great pick for them to avoid the flapper noise without compensating for the performance.

The unit comes up with a versatile pump size of the filter pump. Any regular sand filter would be good to go. The whole unit comes up pre-assembled in order with the 32 feet of hose. The hose will go to that pump, and for that, the hose connector would be 4-1/2″.


Unique Deflector whips up Algae.

This one-part moving unit whips up the maximum debris, including invisible Algae. To do so, it contains the AG disc that sets up the bottom part, and the unique deflector catches up the debris, dirt, and leaves. Well, noticeably, the tiny part of debris or Algae would be fetched in great numbers. Thanks to having such unique deflector wheels for that reason.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install


  • It may tug under the ladder

How a Suction Side Above Ground Pool Vacuum Works?

This type of pool vacuum is one of the most widely-used cleaners for algae removal. Suction side pool vacuums are handy since they have got an easy installation process. These vacuums work off your pool’s integrated line of suction or skimmer using a main circulating pump.

These types of vacuums’ debris are directed towards a pump basket, and then, waste is deposited into the filter. Thus, the skimmer caddy, pump caisson, and pool filter should be monitored appropriately and cleaned to prevent damage to the pump.

The energy produced by the pump is flown through a cleaner and mostly makes a vibration, which navigates the vacuum’s head around the pool. The skimmer and rest of the components are automated. Once you connect it to the power source, the vacuum will slowly move around the entire floor of your pool for cleaning the algae within it.

What You Need to Know About an Above Ground Pool Vacuum for Algae

How do you vacuum algae from an above ground pool?

It is a must to keep your pool clean and free from algae and other dirt. Pool vacuums are top-rated and effective in cleaning the pools. Here is how you can vacuum algae from an above ground pool.

1) Firstly, you need to get a perfect vacuum head for your pool. This is an essential part of your vacuum as it fights with the dirt and algae.

2) Then, you need an excellent telescoping pole that can reach the bottom of the pool to remove and clean algae. These poles also can be connected to the pool skimmers, hooks, and other components.

3) You need to get a suitable vacuum hose which can properly reach to every surface of the pool & do the cleaning operation.

4) Finally, collect a vacuum plate that enables you to use the skimmer basket instead of the strainer basket. This will remove the need for turning the pump on and off.

How do I get rid of algae in my pool without a vacuum?

After returning from a long vacation, you may have found your pool full of algae. Below here, you will get to know step by step guideline on how to clean algae from an above ground pool without any vacuum:

  1. Firstly, you need to examine the pool water’s pH, alkalinity, and other properties.
  2. You need to clean the filter of your pool thoroughly. While you are cleaning the filter, you better take a brush to clean all the sides of it.
  3. Algae grows well in stagnant water, especially in the pumps. You need to ensure the simultaneous water circulation in your pool.
  4. Brushing all sides of the pool thoroughly can remove the algae and ensure the cleanliness of the pool.

Can you swim in a pool with algae?

Never think of swimming in a pool where algae have made the water look green. Algae is a very slippery substance that can cause the swimmers to slip and fall, resulting in bruises and cuts, and even fractures. It is best not to try swimming in a pool which is full of algae. Besides causing severe injuries, algae surrounding the pool creates a dangerous risk of drowning for the people who are not expert in swimming or the ones falling unconscious.

Buying Guide for the best above ground pool vacuum for algae

The rule of thumbs to bring the best product without sweating your forehead is to know your NEEDS well. But, if you are confused about your requirements, you should go through the following guidelines. It will help you to choose the best above ground pool vacuum for algae.


This is the first & foremost thing you need to consider while buying the best above ground pool vacuum for dirt & algae. The types are mainly three: manual, automatic & robot vacuum. Each vacuum cleaner has some good & bad aspects. Still, it will no longer be a tough call for you to choose the best one.

When you want to buy a vacuum for a small pool, you can go for a manual handheld cleaner. It will help to wipe away the tough to reach places where other cleaners may hardly go. If you want to do an unattended cleaning, then considering an automatic vacuum will be your go-to tool. All you need to care about is the backwash filter system.

On the contrary, you should bring a robotic cleaner for a large-sized pool. It covers all the nooks and crannies of your pool to eliminate the medium to large sized algae.

Shape & size of your pool

This feature will keep a big effect on your choice. Like, if your pool is curved or has corners, then you should bring the one that can easily maneuver around the curves & corners without sticking to anywhere in the midway. Besides, when you have a big pool loaded with harmful algae, bringing the best-featured manual cleaner may take your huge time & effort. Therefore, you must bring a robot or an automatic vacuum cleaner to cover the huge area at a go.

Weight of the vacuum

You probably don’t want to face the hassle of buying heavy gadgets and moving them around. That’s why we would recommend you to buy a lightweight yet powerful sucker to clean away all the algaes efficiently.

Filtration system

We know the above ground pool comes up with enough debris, dirt, and Algae build-up with or without fungus. Hence, the filtration system has to be roomy enough with the ease of opening up the doors. Here is why you will find an effortless solution, and it saves you time as well.

Brushes or Suction Power

Having the brush design, including the suction power, would be the best trait indeed. However, some flapper designed handheld or semi-automatic above ground pool cleaners seems effective to some extent. Now on, it is up to you to go with or without such a feature.

Operating system

The operating system would be numerous, and it lies in versatile designs. For example, your unit may be either wired or wireless with or without a hose connection. Normally, wireless executes the operation by automation. A robotic cleaner performs well in that case and gives the least time and effort.


Price is a big hurdle from the buyer’s side. But we always suggest you invest in the right deal without breaking the bank. Here is why you need to consider the features first and then find the best deal outta that price.


Does pool shock kill algae?

To kill algae in pools, shock can be used, but you need a few doses of shock if you want to kill many algae. Here a few doses mean up to three doses. You have to give these three doses within 36 hours.

Does baking soda kill algae in pools?

If you want to kill the algae directly, baking soda is not the correct option. But baking soda is considered the natural and safest way to destroy the root of algae in pools. Also, baking soda makes scrubbing the algae and removing it easy.

Can a sand filter remove algae?

Sand filters are well known for removing smaller particles. In the case of dead algae, you can use sand filters to vacuum them.

How long does it take shock treatment to kill algae?

Minimum 12 hours to 24 hours will be needed for shock treatment to kill algae. But if all the algae are not cleaned in 24 to 48 hours, you may need to give another shock treatment after cleaning the pool.

Can I Vacuum A Pool With Algae?

Only vacuuming a pool with algae will not help you with cleaning the algae. To remove the algae from the pool, you need to give shock treatment first. After giving the shock treatment, you can vacuum the pool.


The best solution for your pool to kick out invisible enemies like Algae is to have the right Vac cleaner. Well, we believe from our review, you have already got to know the best above ground pool vacuum for algae. Now, based on your few preferences like price, pool shape/type, and features of a cleaner, you can move ahead to the decision. Remember, buying the Vac-cleaner is an investment that kicks out Algae build-up.

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