Top 7 Best Above Ground Pool Covers Review in 2022

Are you a hygiene freak? Are you worried just because your pool does not have a cover? Well, discretion is the better part of valor. You need to adopt the proactive approach if you want to fight ailments caused by dirty pool water.

The truth is that if your pool has a cover, then you will not have to worry about contamination. You can spend quality time in your pool without having any nightmares. However, the essential rule is that you need to opt for the best above ground pool covers.

The selection can be a difficult task so we will guide you about how you should make your choice.

Best Above Ground Pool Covers

What is the Best Above Ground Pool Covers?

  1. Best Overall: Blue Wave Silver Round Pool Cover
    “Well, you can look forward to a crystal-clear pool next spring and this is why most buyers invest in this cover. The reason is that the cover has a heat-sealed seam that ensures a clean pool. The good news is that Blue Wave cover has a 4-foot overlap also. As a result, the cover will not stretch or rip. Do not hesitate to buy this cover.”
  2. Best Mesh Pool Cover: Robelle 3524-4 Round Winter Cover
    “If you planning to buy this pool cover, then make sure that you order the cover as per your pool size. The benefit of this practice is that the cover will float on the water without any additional stress. You will not regret this purchase by any means.”
  3. Best for Oval Pool: Robelle  Cover for Oval Above Ground Pool
    “If you have a wide trail, then make sure that you go for a bigger cover. The quality of this cover is evident from its look so you will be happy with your purchase.”
  4. Most versatile Above Ground Pool Cover: Blue Wave Oval Above Ground Pool Cover
    “You can go for this pool cover with confidence because it is available with a clear set of instruction. If you follow the instructions, then the cover will last for a significant period.”
  5. Best Heavy Duty Cover: Pool Mate 5724-4 Winter Cover
    “What makes this pool cover stand is that manufacturer focused on intricate details. It comes with a quality coated steel cable that you can string through the eyelets for covering the pool. The cover is black on the underside to prevent the growth of algae. You can surely go for this cover without any hesitance.”
  6. Best for Intex Pool: Intex Deluxe Round Pool Cover
    “The Intex Deluxe Round Cover is a great choice because it keeps the water from accumulating. It can be secured easily using rope ties so you won’t have a hard time installing it.”
  7. Best Solar Cover: Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Cover
    “The best thing about this pool cover is that you can trim to fit it. You need to make sure that the bubbles face the water. Next, you will need to trace a line on the cover. The positive aspect is that even if you trim the cover, it will not affect the warranty. Make sure that you do not miss out on it.”

Top 7 Best Above Ground Pool Covers in 2022

1. Best Overall: Blue Wave Silver Round Pool Cover

Blue Wave is a popular brand of pool supplies and accessories, including pool covers. The Blue Wave Silver Round pool cover is a rugged model in the mid-range price, making it a great choice for those who are looking for a budget-friendly option.

This pool cover has a woven polyethylene construction and a high scrim count. It also features a UV-stabilized top cover and a black underside, which protects the cover from algae. This pool cover also comes with heat-sealed seams, which ensures that your pool is free from ice during the long winter. Of course, it also helps to keep debris, dirt particles, and other contaminants away from your pool.

Measuring 28 feet, this pool cover is suitable for 24 ft. pools, while also leaving a 4-feet overlap allowance. The cover is fitted with metal grommets where you can attach the durable vinyl-coated cable and secure it using a winch tightener. All these accessories are included in the package.


  • Available in different sizes and price range, from $35 to $100
  • Comes with a 4-feet overlay, which prevents it from getting ripped and damaged
  • Covered with a 12-year warranty
  • It can withstand the extreme winter weather
  • UV-protected


  • Not that durable compared to the Gold version of the same brand

2. Best Mesh Pool Cover: Robelle 3524-4 Round Winter Cover

This Robelle Round Winter Pool Cover is perfectly designed to protect above ground pools that measure 24 ft.

It’s made from premium polyethylene material and features 8×8 scrim count, making it one of the most hardwearing pool covers out there. The 4 feet overlap comes with strong grommets plus the all-weather cable and the effective fastening system makes this pool cover truly reliable.

Another great feature that this winter pool cover has is its UV-resistant top surface. Furthermore, the bottom side in black is algae-resistant, which is a must since this area gets exposed to water too often. This offers ultimate protection to the cover as well as a longer lifespan.


  • Algae-resistant
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Has a 4 ft overlap allowing it to securely stay above the pool


  • A bit pricey

3. Best for Oval Pool: Robelle  Cover for Oval Above Ground Pool

Another great product from Robelle is this oval-shaped above ground safety pool cover. Featuring a heavy-duty 12 x 12 scrim and a commercial-grade polyethylene, this is definitely one of the toughest above ground oval pool covers out there.

This Oval-shaped Robelle Winter Pool Cover has a 4 ft. overlap, which is an extra 4 feet of material that allows you to securely attach the cover to your pool.

There is also a cable and winch that you can use to secure the cover into the reinforced grommets. With 12-year warranty coverage, investing in this pool cover is truly worth it.


  • Comes with a long-lasting 12 x 12 scrim
  • Made with commercial-grade polyethylene
  • Covered with a 12-year warranty
  • Comes with a winch and cable


  • Quality isn’t that good

4. Most versatile Above Ground Pool Cover: Blue Wave Oval Above Ground Pool Cover

Another great choice for an oval-shaped above ground pool cover is this Blue Wave oval above ground pool cover.

Measuring at 19 ft. x 34 ft., this pool cover is designed to cover pools measuring 15 ft. x 30 ft., leaving an overlap of four feet. This overlap allowance allows for the easy installation of the cover since you don’t need to overstretch it just so it will fit.

The package will also include an all-weather cable and winch so you would be able to securely fasten it into your pool. It also features a 14 x 14 scrim count and premium polyethylene construction.

In addition, this model of a ground pool cover was designed to withstand algae, UV rays, and some other harsh elements, such as ice and snow. This is all thanks to the heat-sealed seams and black underside.


  • Perfect size, 18 ft. in circumference
  • Made with heavy-duty materials
  • Comes with an impressive warranty coverage


  • A bit heavy and cumbersome

5. Best Heavy Duty Cover: Pool Mate 5724-4 Winter Cover

The Pool Mate 5724-4 Sandstone is highly recommended if you need a reliable above ground Safety Pool Cover. Made by Pool Mate, this durable pool cover comes in different sizes and caters to pools that are 12 feet to 33 feet in diameter.

This pool cover has heat-sealed seams on its edges for extra durability. There’s also a grommet every four feet for the cable to thread through. This allows you to secure and winch it tightly in place. Furthermore, the 4 ft. overlap helps to ensure that there’s plenty of room to tuck the edges.

What the customers love about this pool cover is that it can block the UV rays and prevent the growth of algae. But the only downside of getting this pool cover is the clamp, which many users find to be poorly designed.


  • Comes with a 4-foot overlap to allow for easy installation
  • Covered by a 12-year warranty
  • Comes with heat-sealed seams that enhances its durability
  • Color is very appealing and matches well with any pool design
  • UV protection helps to prevent algae growth


  • Material is a bit thin and could rip after one season
  • The clamp that holds the cable tend to fail

6. Best for Intex Pool: Intex Deluxe Round Pool Cover

Made by Intex, this Deluxe Round pool cover is very durable and is specifically made for 10 ft., 15 ft., and 18 ft. above ground pools.

It comes equipped with several straps so you can easily lock the cover down into each individual pole. This cover has several small holes, which prevents the water from accumulating.

This cover will fit snugly into the pool, although this is something that you should be careful about. If you’ll end up over-tightening the cover, it will put pressure on the fabric and the bungee hoop connector will end up ripped and torn.


  • Comes with drainage holes that prevent the accumulation of water on top
  • The straps align perfectly into the poles allowing for easy installation
  • Works with 18’ diameter pools


  • Proper reinforcing is needed to prevent tears when pulling the cover tight

7. Best Solar Cover: Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Cover

When it comes to the overall design and structure, the Sun2Solar rectangle pool cover is a great choice.

It has an attractive design and can make your swimming pool look appealing when covered. This pool cover has thousands of tiny bubbles that collect and trap heat during the cold winter season.

Using this pool cover helps to minimize the evaporation of water for up to 95 percent, which means that you would be able to save on water and chemicals. Using this pool cover is pretty straightforward. Installing and removing it is not too time-consuming.


  • Covered with manufacturer warranty
  • Made with a film that has thousands of tiny bubbles
  • This solar cover helps to prevent up to 95% of water evaporation


  • Materials and overall quality could be better

What to Look for in Above Ground Pool Covers

When looking for the best above ground winter pool cover to buy, there are several things you need to keep in mind to ensure that you’ll end up buying the right one.

Here’s a guide to help you with this.

  • Material

The overall durability of the above-ground safety pool cover will mainly depend on the materials that it’s made from.

So, before you make a purchase, find out what materials are used to manufacture it. Remember, that the pool cover will be for outdoor use so it should be made from materials that can withstand the harsh elements outdoor.

  • Sunlight Control

Since the pool cover is for outdoor use, you have to make sure that it’s capable of handling the UV rays. The harmful rays of the sun could make the pool to warp, crack, etc.

Therefore, you should choose those pool covers that are made with materials that have UV protection. This material also helps to prevent the growth of algae.

  • Size and Shape

Of course, you need to choose the pool cover that is suitable for the size and shape of your pool. It’s a good idea to measure your pool before you start shopping for pool covers.

Most above ground pools are circular and rectangular in shape, which also explains why most of the above ground pool covers are either oval or rectangle.

  • Overhang

In this list of the best above ground pool covers, most of the products that we featured come with overhang.

This is a very important aspect, which allows the cover to hang on the pool when installed. The overhang can also add more fit to the pool while keeping the sides secured.

  • Warranty

Some of the pool covers in the market will only last for a short time, which is a total waste of money. To get the most of your money, you should invest in a pool cover that’s covered with a warranty.

  • Price

You also need to consider the price that you’re willing to pay for your pool cover. If you have a limited budget, then you can focus your search on budget-friendly pool covers.

Best Way to Cover Above Ground Pool

Choose the above ground pool cover that features a combination of cable and winter cover clips.

This helps to ensure a snug fit, which gives you more peace of mind when it comes to keeping your pool protected. Furthermore, don’t ever use stones or bricks to secure the cover, as this will damage the liner.

During the entire winter season, keep a close eye on your pool cover and make sure it always stays dry.

It’s also a good idea to purchase a pool cover pump that can help to eradicate the excess water and ensure that your pool stays in good shape at all times.

Final Word

In this list of the best above ground pool covers, the Blue Wave Silver 24-ft Round Pool Cover stands out.

That’s because this product has the durability and strength to keep your pool fully protected from the harsh winter weather. It can be attached securely, thanks to its durable cable and tightener that’s anchored by metal grommets.

So, if you’re in need of a round-shaped pool covers that you truly can rely on, this model is highly recommended.

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